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Blood Doctors – Episode 14

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Richard POV


“Thank you”.


She said looking at the floor.


I smiled at her.


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“No need to thank me. Those guys deserve to be taught a lesson for trying to harm


lady”. I said.

She smiled.


“No really. Thank you”.


She said smiling.


A guy ran into the restaurant.


“Senorita. The car is ready”.


He said with an Italian intonation.


“Grazie(thank you) “.

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She said.


She stood up and looked at me.


“Thank very much. I will be leaving now, will you like me to drop you off? “.


She asked.


“No thank you, I came with my car”.


I replied.


She nodded and left.


I was about to go towards the opposite direction when something caught my attention.


The man who just came in have the same tattoo with those guys who tried to tape her.


And that means one thing.


She is in trouble.


I ran after them.




I called when I was almost close to her.


She turned and look at me.


“I lost my car key so I was wondering if I should go with you”.


said. “Hmm ok”.

She said smiling.


“And besides I owe you a lot”. She said.


I looked at the man who came to call her. He wasn’t happy at all.


“Let’s go”. She said.



The driver lead the way while I was behind her.


We got outside an it was still raining heavily.


She quickly entered the car, and the man who I find out was a designated driver, drove off.


Ivy pov


Its raining heavily.


Me and Sandra went to the boutique restaurant.


We ordered for a cup of tea.


“This tea is really good”.


She said taking a sip from the cup.


“So Sandra how have things be”.






“What bout your brother, Ethan”. I asked.


She looked at me.


“Well his is in Spain now, font really know how he is cause its been month I haven’t heard from him”.


she said.


“He was really heartbroken after your last encounter with him, what really happened that day”.


She asked. “Nothing”. I replied.


“Nothing, but he was so heartbroken”.


“Please Sandra let’s not talk about it”.


I said.


I took a sip from my tea.


Sandra signed.


“The both of you are really keeping me in the dark”.


She said in a whispered but I heard her clearly cause elf my vampire eating sense.


Ethan is Sandra elder brother.


We met in the hospital, the day he came to visit his sister.


We became close. So close that I was scared we will fall in love.


And my fear came true when he fell for me.


I had to break his heart for him to hate me, cause he can’t fall for me, cause I won’t fall in love with him.


Am a vampire, and its a big disaster to fall in love with a human.


Rebecca POV


“Thank you. Its delicious”.


Dr. Nicole said when he was done drinking the tea.


I collected the cup and dropped it in the kitchen.


“The rain don’t look like it will stop anytime soon”.


He said.


I looked at the clock and was almost midnight.


Why won’t this rain stop calling now, am uncomfortable with a guy close to me.


And my boss for that matter.


He stretch his hand and took a book on my table.


“How to be a successful doctor”.


He said reading the title.


He began to flip through the book.


A picture fell down.


He took it from the floor.


“Wow is this your great grandpa”.


-e asked.


I looked at the picture and it was a photo of my dad.


But I can’t tell this good for nothing boss that he is my dad, if not he will suspect ne.


But wait NY dad is looking young in this picture, how do he know that it is an old picture.


“Why did you ask if it was my great grandpa, he is young in the picture, he can be


my father”.


I asked.


“Well from the picture quality. It looks like the old version”.


He replied.


That is true.


Nicole POV


Thank God I thought of that immediately.

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“But sir how did you know about the picture quality”.


She asked.


Seriously this intern.


“Well I read a lot of books, I know a lot of our histories”.


I replied.


“A lot of books? “.


She Asked.


“Yes. Why do you think am so young as a doctor. They where all shocked at my


smartness, so I graduated early”.


I said boost fully.


She laughed.


The rain stopped falling.




I said.


I then stood up.


“Guess I will be going now”.


I said.


“Ok sir. Take care”.


She said.


I smiled and left.


Richard pov


The driver stopped the car at a lonely road.


“What happened”.


The lady asked.


“Its seems like the car is faulty”.


He said coming out.


I smiled cause I know what was going on.


“Hmm ma’am, I need to get some gas. Its not far from here”.


He said and left.


“So what’s your name Mr”.


She asked.






“Wow. Well am Jane, from italy”. She said.


“Here on a business trip”. I asked.




She replied.


A car drove and pulled over in front of the car.


Six men came out armed.


“What’s going on”.


Jane asked.


“Jane am sorry”.


I said and hit her head really hard making her to become unconscious .


“Am sorry but I can’t let you watch this”.


I said and came out of the car.


Three men ran to me.


The remaining three ran towards the car.


They have the same tattoo on their wrist.


Its seems like they are a group.


“You guys made the wrong decision by coming here”.


I said.


The three guys holding me laughed.


“I don’t think I will spare you all, am kinda hungry”.


I said and with a very fast speed, I broke their neck sucking out the blood in them.


I used my hand to wipe the blood stain on mouth.


“I can’t leave them here, cause if the cops find out, then it will be a serious problem”.


I looked round me and sensed a river close by.


I smiled.


I will just have to burn them and throw their ashes into the water.


I fetch out a little gas from the car.


I brought the dead bodies together and poured the fuel on them.


I took out the matches in my pocket and light the bodies.


I watched as they all got burnt.


After that I threw their ashes into the river.


Miss Jane is still unconscious.


I was about to leave when a phone rang.


It was on the floor.


I carried the phone and look at the caller ID.















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