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Blood Doctors – Episode 12

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Nicole pov


“Why should I forgive you”.


I ask.


“Cause am a silly bitch, a disrespectful girl who want a second chance).


She replied.


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What have really gotten into her?.


Why is she apologizing and why is she insulting herself.


This is new.


“If I forgive you, what will i gain? “.


I asked.


“Hmmmm, I will change, I will be respectful. You will gain my respect”.


She replied.


“Really? “.


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She nodded her head.


“Ok, have forgiven you. “.




“Really?”. She asked.


“Yeap, or should I change my mind”. I ask.


“No, no sir”. She replied.


She smiled, turned and left.


Really a strange girl.


Rebecca pov.


I went back to seat down.


Am really happy now that Dr. Nicole have forgiven me.


I then remembered what happened to me when I saw Dr. Marcus.


Do I know him from my past?.


But how will that be possible?.


Why did I have that flashback?.


How can Dr. Marcus be in my past?.


It can’t be possible.


It can’t be him.


Maybe am mistaken.


It can’t be him.


No, it can’t be.


I close my eyes and signed.


Focus Rebecca, focus on work.


I said and brought out a book to study.


Sophia pov


I looked at my laptop stirring at the screen.


No way.


The Internet said that Lucius is eighty years old.


But he is still the owner of a hundred year old hospital.


Or is his father name Lucius.


I tried browsing that, but no result is coming out.


Is Lucius the owner of the hospital or is it his father.


Gosh am really confused.


I really need to find out about their secret, but now its seems like am wasting my time.


I will just have to stop.


I will just take it that the owner of Granduwella hospital is Lucius father.


I signed.




Marcus pov.


I asked paul about the intern who came to my office early, and I was told that she is an intern working under Nicole.


I walked to his office but stopped at the door which was a little bit opened.


I stirred at her.


She was really busy reading a book.


She really look like Emedin.


Or could she be her daughter, Emedia? .


I need to find out about this intern.


I need to know more about her.


I went back to my office.


I close my eyes as I remembered what happened hundred and fifty years ago.




I rode my horse happily.


Am going to meet my wife, Vanessa.


Something caught my attention so I stopped the horse.


It was a lady looking lost, she did not see me.


I wanted to go, but stopped.


“A black blood vampire”.


I said.


She really look beautiful but I could sense that she wasn’t there for some thing good.


I came down from my horse with a knife.


The only knife that can kill a vampire, the only knife that can make them vanish forever.


I walked slowly towards her.


Wow she really look beautiful.


I stopped for a while.


What if I cause an accident? .


What if I make her lose her memory? .


I walked back to my horse and brought out my bow and arrow.


The arrow is a poisonous one.


I walked back to where she was and hide behind a huge tree.


I heard that immediately black bloods comes to earth, they must drink a human blood to make them strong, if not they will be weak. She was standing close to cliff.


It will be easy making her to lose her memory if she falls down.


I shot her with my arrow.


And it hit her at her back.


I came out from where I was.


She looked at me before she fell down the cliff.


I went close to it and look down.


She was on the floor unconscious, she must have hit her head while falling.


I smiled to my self.


It won’t be bad making her my concubine.


I went down the cliff.



And I must say, she was badly injured coupled with the fact that she haven’t taken any blood.


I remove the arrow which went deep. The end came out of her stomach, while the


other end was at her back.


I carried her and climb up.


I took her on my horse to my best friend house.


His a soldier, and his name Davis.


“Sup man”.


He asked when he saw me carrying the lady.


“Another fresh dinner”.


He asked.


He is the only one that knows that am a vampire.


“Davis, I want you to take good care of her. Treat her well, I promise to pay you.


Just make sure she’s alright. And don’t let any of my family member to know”.


I said.


“Is she a vampire”.


He asked looking at her wounds.


“No she is not. She nearly die but I use my blood to bring her back”.


I lied.


I can’t tell him that she is a vampire.


“What’s her name”.


He asked.




I said and left.


A month later, I went back for her but I found out that, she and Davis have left the city.


I could not take the betrayal.


How could could Davis leave with her.


I went him with the aim of searching for her.


Flashback ends.


I opened my eyes.




Could it be her or her daughter?.


Jack pov.


Its night already.


The real Jack family where gathered together eating.


They look happy, but they should enjoy it while it last cause they will all die soon.


“Big bro”.


Celine(real jack sister) called.


I looked at her.


“Let’s eat together”.


She said holding my hand.


I remove my hand from hers.


“Go away”.


I said harshly.


She left sadly.




Someone called.


I turned to see the real Jack fathers.


“What is wrong with you. Ever since you came back, you totally change. What’s


your problem”.


He asked.




I replied rudely.


“Jack, this is not how you where. What is going on”.


He asked.


“Leave me alone old man”.


I said and left.


Stupid old man.


Stupid family.


You all will soon die.


But what if they die now.


I looked at them and smiled.


I walked up to them.


“Ok jack”.


The real Jack mother called.


I went close to her.


“Take eat this”.


She said giving my a piece of meat.


I collected it from her and threw it on the floor.


“Jack….. “.


Before she could complete what she was about to say, I dug my fangs into her neck, sucking out the life out of her.


The family all began to panicked but I killed them all sucking their blood.


I laughed feeling satisfied, strong and awesome.


Time for the Granduwella’s.


I laughed evily.












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