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Billionaire's Bride – Episode 9

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Roland walked in with his timberland boots making some funny sounds, Davina sat on a chair sipping her pineapple juice
She had a dark shade on, Roland walked up to her and smiled
hi Vina, long time no see ” He said and sat in front of her
Roland, what did you call me for? I am Davina, you can’t call me to such an open space and meet with me like that
I just had to come because of our old time relationship ” Davina frowned and rolled her eyes maliciously
” come on Leyla, we both know you possessed the real Davina
And I’m sure she is already dead in her own body, don’t tell me shit ” he yelled and Davina shrieked
” fine, fine, okay now what? ”
” I just want us to strike a deal ”
a deal? On what? ” Davina adjusted on her seat and stretched forward interestingly
Roland shook his head and twitched his mouth in a funny way, ” you will never change Leyla ” he said and Davina smirked
does it involve money ” she asked
it involves money, a whooping amount of money. It’s about Finn and Wanda ” Davina arched her brow in a confused manner
” how is the deal about them? ”
I took a loan of 21 million dollars from the vax, He is a drug baron and he threatened to kill my family if I don’t pay off the debt in six months
I really don’t know how I spent the money, I already placed my thoughts on Wanda, if I marry her I will be able to get half of her properties ” Roland explained to her and Davina was the one shaking her head this time
how does that link to me? Huh? ” she half yelled
Vina, I know you want something from Finn. Why else will you want to date him? Why else would you possess the real Davina who is a childhood friend of Finn?
You know I saw you when you possessed her and I recorded everything, I don’t care whether you are a spirit or a fairy ” Roland blurted with all seriousness
Davina laughed hard and sipped her juice again, she said some incoherent words and a camera bounced on her hand
you recorded it on this? ” she raised it up and roland’s eyes widened
don’t be surprised, Roland dear, I can kill you right now without anybody noticing and don’t think you can blackmail me
I won’t hurt you right now because you once saved my life, don’t dare try it next time ” Davina stood up and held his hand firmly
I will help you out because we want the same thing, we want them to divorce. And don’t ever call me Leyla in public places like this ” Davina left
Roland just sat gummed to his seat ” she is more devilish than devil himself ” he said and faced his cup
Dexter HOTEL
TIME: 6:40pm
Finn sat on the king sized bed with his phone on his hand, he just frowned like he is really angry at someone
Wanda laid on the sofa with zillions of thoughts running through her mind, when she had hit finn’s neck she felt a sharp pain in her stomach
And she saw finn’s eyes turn to another color entirely, she doesn’t know which color it could be called
It looked so strange ” what’s happening? ” she said out loud
you even talk to yourself? What other weird things do you do? ” Finn asked, Wanda only turned sideways
idiot ” he dropped his phone and laid back on the bed
Wanda ” he called slowly
now what? Another round of insult?” Wanda adjusted on the sofa sarcastically
shut up, fool. Just listen to what I have to say ” he calmly said but with an angry look
I’m all ears ”
do you feel anything strange about you when you touch me or when I touch you?
Wanda looked surprised as Finn asked her
‘ does this mean it’s not only me? ‘ Wanda thought
yes, do you also have same feelings? ” Wanda asked, Finn nodded
this is odd, first, our parents got us married with force
Now there is a connection when we touch ourselves, what does this mean? ”
you are just too dumb, can’t you see there’s a reason behind why we got married? We just have to ask them ” Finn Said and Wanda nodded in agreement
why nodding like a lizard? ” he raised his brows
must you always add suffixes to your statements
Fool, idiot, dumb, now lizard. You are so unbelievable ” Wanda turned and saw him looking at her
” what? Take your eyes off me, dumbass ”
so you are taking revenge on me now? Fish brain ‘ Wanda laughed at what he said, then she stops immediately
why am I even laughing ‘ she straightened her face and left the room, Finn who also laughing stopped
” why am I also laughing, hun ” he took his phone again

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