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Billionaire's Bride – Episode 7

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Wanda and Finn had gotten to the house by now, the maids quickly rushed out and carried the luggage that were loaded in the car..
With gifts and other things, Wanda looked at the house looking mesmerised by the gigantic house she is staring at
this is my new home? ” she thought, she didn’t know when a smile had escaped her lips
are you that dumbfounded because of the exterior looks of the house? ” Finn asked rudely
Wanda only managed to roll her eyes and go in leaving Finn behind.
She entered the house and now she actually felt like fainting, the interior is much more attractive
Everywhere painted blue , a maid came to her and tapped her shoulder lightly
ma’am please follow me ” the maid said and Wanda nodded, she followed the maid upstairs to a room
She opened it for her and she entered ” this your room ” she said and left
Wanda looked at the room quite surprised, she saw finn’s picture hung on the wall
The door to the room opened and she turned to see Finn with an expressionless face entering the room
He looked at her for quite some time, ” you aren’t sleeping in my room okay?” he barked
what? ” she was surprised and taken aback but then she remembers that she was not even married to him because she love him
But she was forced to marry him, there was no need for her to fire back at him.
did you hear what I said at all? ” he said again, Wanda said nothing but just carried her boxes and went out of the room.
She saw a girl around her age entering another room then she went to meet her
can you show me where the guest room is? ” she asked her
yes ma’am ” she said and collected Wanda’s box, she went forward while Wanda followed her closely behind
She was shown the guest room, and it also looked beautiful ” I guess i don’t need to stress myself, this room is more than comfortable ” she thought
I will leave now ” the maid said
wait, what is your name? ” Wanda asked politely
I’m Hillary. I will take my leave now, if you need anything please call me ” she said and left
Wanda took off her shoes and her gown, then started arranging everything in her room and it looked more beautiful, she smiled at it and went to the bathroom to take a shower
I took off my blue suit and sat down on my bed with a bottle of wine in my right hand
I don’t understand what I’m feeling but I’m sure there’s something wrong with me and Wanda.
Earlier in the church, when Wanda had touched me, it felt like something ran into my veins and It looked like I got more energy than I had before
That’s not a normal feeling, it’s awkward and I saw Wanda looking uncomfortable like something hit her.
I can see it, I have a feeling that something is wrong but I just can’t place it. I think I have to go and meet Wanda, I have to try and touch her again
I want to see the expression on her face if it’s actually the effects she had on me is the one I have on her.
I stood up and went out of my room, she can only be in the guest room so that’s where I should go, I got closer to the door and it wasn’t locked
Why won’t she lock her door? I just went in and saw her hair wet
She just finished taking her bath and I can’t doubt the fact that she looks beautiful with her hair wet
Her body is so flawless, ” Finn!!! ” she shouted and I suddenly stopped my reverie.
What was I thinking when I looked at her like that, oh my God she looked so tempting
please get out, get out ” she shouted and I just quickly left the room. I think I was really wrong with this
I should have knocked even though the room wasn’t locked, now I have to beg her.
And I couldn’t even do what I went there for, gosh. I just went back to my room and slept with a thousand Thoughts on my mind.

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