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Billionaire's Bride – Episode 21

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The preparation for the war has started and the whole of mount light and mount fire have been joined together
They have produced the largest army of seventy thousand soldiers
The fallen fairies clan are all prepared for the grand war that was going to begin in few days
The barrier in Mount light and mount fire are getting weaker day by day as it is getting close to it’s day of destruction.
Leyla had explained what happened to her sister Kayla to her mother and the whole clan were angry at the outrageous decision of the princess
They are all prepared to destroy both mounts as they apply force to their dark magic and made their soldiers more stronge.
Reed and Katrina (Finn and Wanda) stood side by side in golden armor with the heavenly sword of wrath in their hands
They both hit the sword together and it gave them immense powers that made them much more stronger than they had been.
The day came and all soldiers stood upright, waiting to March to the fortress for the war to begin
Reed and Katrina sat on their horses at the front with the dukes and the priestess by their sides
Leading an army of seventy thousand is a great task that has been entrusted to them and this is the only chance they have to protect both mounts
The king prayed for them and the priestess did the same by pleading to the heavens on their behalf
let’s go ‘ Reed shouted at the top of his voice. They all marched forward chanting songs of praises to the heavens
Katrina looked while Reed was determined to slay all fallen fairies soldiers that comes his way. They all got to the fortress and took positions
Some soldiers went to lay an ambush on the way for the fallen fairies army
Reed sat on a chair looking all confident and comfortable, Katrina stood beside the
pole that was right beside Reed.
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All the soldiers were at alert and all ready for the war.
The fallen fairies are on the way to their first doom where the ambush has been laid for them, the queen, Leyla and reila led the army and marched through the narrow path with thick bushes
After taking few steps, they walked in the trap that has been set up for them.
it’s an ambush ‘ Leyla shouted but it was too late because the mount light soldiers already began slaying them
The large army decreased and this enraged the Queen
mother let’s retreat, if we don’t, we will lose our army ‘ reila said to her mother but she got off her horse and began fighting with them
All the mount light’s soldiers were killed by the queen but they have lost half of their soldiers
‘ mother, how are we going to win now. We already lost almost all our soldiers ‘ Leyla said
what do we have black magic for? ‘ her mother asked, reila and Leyla smiled wickedly
let’s go ‘ the queen said and they all started the journey to the fortress..,
….reed saw as they were showing up slowly, he stood up and was ready for any
He was surprised as they didn’t make any move, The Queen smirked on her horse
She started chanting spells and the soldiers started choking and falling down dead
Tears welled up in reed and Katrina’s eyes, seeing their soldiers dying like chickens disheartened them
….reed jumped down from the fortress and stood in front of the queen..
do you want to fight me? ‘ the queen asked in a mocking tone
I will kill you and your evil daughters ‘ reed shouted with pain and hatred.
He targeted his sword toward the queen, she tried chanting her spell but it didn’t affect reed. He plunged the sword into her heart
mother… ‘ Reila shouted
mother ‘ Leyla also did the same, Leyla then took her sword and threw it at reed and it hits his stomach directly
‘reed ‘ a surprised Katrina shouted and fell as she couldn’t believe what she saw
Reed and the queen both fell down dead.
Katrina went straight to reed and placed his head on her legs
‘ reed please wake up, you have to be by my side. I can’t take them down all alone ‘ she held his hands and cried out loud
Katrina, I’m sorry but I have to leave. Try your best to defeat them. I lov…’ he couldn’t complete his sentence before he became lifeless
His hands dropped from her hands. A tear rolled down her cheek and she cleaned it, picked up her sword and stood up
I will kill you all ‘ Katrina said. Tbc

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