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Billionaire’s Bride – Episode 19

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Finn and Wanda were both meditating for three days


With their eyes shut closed and their ears deaf to the noise coming from other rooms of the hotel


Wanda opened her eyes slowly and sighed peacefully



She stood up and came out to see Finn still on the bed meditating , she tried using her telekinesis power to lift the cup on the table beside finn


The cup was lifted and she smiled, her attention shifted and the cup fell which made Finn jolt out of his meditation


what was that? ‘ he asked angrily, Wanda flinched in fear


I’m sorry, I didn’t…’

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just shut up, we are going home today. ‘ he said and jumped out of the bed Wanda rolled her eyes as Finn went into the bathroom


‘ stupid ‘ Wanda said in her mind ‘ I heard that ‘ Finn shouted from the bathroom


how the… How were you able to fathom what I was thinking? Are you suddenly telepathic? ‘ Wanda asked packing her clothes and other necessary things she needs to pack


I was right when I said you’re dumb ‘ he said with his voice that already turned horrific from the sound of his toothbrush that was mixing with his voice


I have my powers now, so reading your mind is part of it ‘ he said, ‘ whatever ‘ Wanda muttered.


Finn was done with his bath and Wanda went to take her bath too, soon they were set to leave for their home


They dropped the key and board the next flight.



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Davina’s Pov



I can’t believe this, I don’t care but I will have to act now. How could they have gotten their powers back so soon?


This is the only chance I have before they get stronger than me



I picked up my phone and called Roland, ‘ hey, ‘ i said to him and I didn’t waste time before I explained to him


How I teleport to the hotel where Finn and Wanda checked in, I saw how Wanda tries to use telekinesis and even Finn was able to read Wanda’s mind with telepathy (Join Group) More stories @ ‘ i have a plan ‘ he said to me and whispered the plan to me


I smirked, i think this is the most perfect plan. Roland is not so bad after all.



Wanda’s Pov


I got into the house and everywhere was silent, no traces of mom and dad around.


I had told Finn earlier that I wanted to see my parents


This silence feels awkward, our mansion has never been as silent as this. I trailed up the stairs and went into mom and dad’s room


And I met a welcoming terrible surprise, my parents were laying lifelessly on the bed


No tears came out from my eyes, I just fell on the floor and looked at them. Who could have done something so terrible to me?


who did this to me? ‘ i shouted and a droplet of tear rolled down my eyes, I heard strange laughs in the room and turned back to see…


Roland? ‘ i said and he covered my nose with an handkerchief till I passed out.



Finn’s Pov



I was undressing in my room when I saw a shadow of a woman walking around my room.


I looked around and saw Davina sitting on the only sofa in my room. I tried hard not to show my anger towards her



hi Finn ‘ she smiled devilishly and I was irritated with her smiles so much I want to hit her hard on the face


But I can’t , even if I do hit her, she won’t feel the pain but the real Davina will be the one suffering from the pains


how did you get in here? ‘ I asked slowly and she smiled so hard


is that necessary? She asked, I didn’t reply her , she came to me and grabbed my neck


I tried getting her hands off my neck but she is too strong me to handle


you’ve found out about me, so quit pretending. Enough of the chit chats, I’m here to take your powers away so you won’t be able to get rid of our clan ‘ she said and her voice changed


Her voice was so loud I almost went deaf, she is just a seductive witch.


you won’t be able to do that ‘ I said trying to summon courage , she laughed and flung me away , I hit my head on the wall.


She teleport towards me, ‘ you can’t stop me. ‘ she said


I remembered high priestess rina Immediately , I yelled her name but I didn’t see her


she won’t be able to save you because I already tied her down. No one can save you ‘ she laughed again


And all hopes of me surviving was lost, I just have to accept that fact.



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