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Billionaire’s Bride – Episode 16

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Reed and Katrina were both laid on the same bed, still unconscious. The king sat beside their bed waiting for them to wake up


The priestess came in with two palace maids behind her


‘ your majesty ‘ she bowed



what are you doing here? I thought you have done everything necessary? ‘ he asked


your majesty will have to excuse us, I want to cast a binding spell on them


To make their bond stronger and I have to place a barrier around them so no one would be able to disturb the spell


It will take seven days before the barrier could be broken ‘ the priestess explained to king Reid

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I understand, don’t you think the fallen fairies clan will be taking some steps on attacking us now? They probably have found out about Katrina and reed so they won’t let this slide, they might be planning something ‘ the king said with worry


don’t worry, send a message to mount fire to quickly protect their fortress


They will attack the fortress first since the fallen fairies know that Katrina is not in the kingdom to protect them ‘


I will do as you have said, please take care of them ‘ the king left the two young lads in care of the priestess


The priestess knelt down and started her spell, a magical fence started forming around them as they laid unconsciously on the bed


The priestess finished her binding spell and barrierat the same time, it still looked as normal as when there was no barrier around.


But no one can try to touch them without getting hurt, a palace maid ran in panting


what’s wrong? ‘ the priestess asked.

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high priestess, please you need to see something urgently ‘ she said


lead the way ‘ the maid ran out and the priestess followed her outside and saw the servants and guards gathering all around



Stop she said and they all raised their heads, they cleared the road for her and the palace maid showed her what she came to call her for


here it is ‘ there were four dead crows on the ground


dead crows? In the palace? ‘ the priestess thought


this is either an auspicious omen or a bad omen ‘ the priestess said slowly and told them to all leave


or could it be…’






King Seth’s POV


So mount light thinks they are strong because they found the key to destroying us


No one can ever destroy fallen fairies clan when I’m still alive, no one.


Jay ‘ I called out to my most trusted bodyguard


your majesty ‘ He said as a way of announcing his presence


gather all our men, how many are they? ‘


three thousand and six hundred men are available sire ‘ he said, they are enough to conquer mount fire’s fortress


Once their most important fortress is conquered, mount light will lose trust in Mount light because they kept the princess in their kingdom only to have her powers for themselves


Then the two mounts will fight and then I will use this opportunity to destroy both mounts, what a wise plan


‘ they are enough ‘



gather all of them and head for mount fire’s fortress in the east and make it crumble


But don’t raid the kingdom yet, I bet we will catch them unaware and this war will be in our favor since they didn’t prepare for it ‘ he smiled at my devilish plan


What a wise king I am, ‘ I will go now sire ‘ he said and placed his sword on his chest


go now, and make me proud. Call all the fou.r regional generals and head to the east ‘


yes sire ‘ he said and left. Lei and Reid will never escape from my plans


I will destroy their kingdom once even before their savior wakes up



mount light



High Priestess rina’s POV



These dead crows have a great meaning, it’s not really suspicious but instead it’s a really bad omen.


But I can’t even see what is going to happen in the future at least to prevent it from happening


What could this crows mean? Dead crows have never meant good things as I have seen and heard


Will something happen to Katrina and reed? , please allow to foresee this


I tried foreseeing what would happen but it seems my vision was blocked. I could foresee what would happen to the king


But I couldn’t foresee reed and Katrina’s future, not even the future of mount light.



What’s happening? Does this mean something bad will happen to Reed and Katrina?


I have to inform the king, we have to be extra careful now that I can’t tell what would happen later on.








Now the priestess can’t foresee the future of her kingdom What do you think will be their fate?

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