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Billionaire Sisters – Episode 41

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Chapter 41

Dylan POV


“You know that won’t happen Diane ” I spat.




I won’t force you baby am just gonna have my boys take turns with Elle and eventually they gonna kill her ” she said and trailed her hands on my hard chest.


Please Diane it doesn’t have to be this way please we can sort things out leave Elle alone ” I said in a faustrated tone.


Do you know what I went through because of Elle? Do you even know how it feels for something that is precious to you be taken away?” Growled at me.



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Look I know you are hurt but please don’t harm Elle .fine it’s me you want not her just let her go”


God what have I gotten myself into?.


“Oh yeah you the one I want but oopies I can’t do that wanna be sure you’re mine first” she said and tie a towel around her chest.


Just don’t hurt her or am gonna kill you myself” I roared and entered the bathroom.


I punched the bathroom wall angrily.


I should have known it’s just her crazy trap to get me .gosh I can’t believe she fooled me.



Just need to think of how to get Elle from her custody I just wish I know where she’s holding her hostage.


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I signed in faustration and turned on the shower letting the cold water beat my skin thinking of the possible places she might be or what she’s going through at the moment.


I came out shortly in a bathrobe , thankfully she’s not in the room I quickly wore my clothes and slumped to the couch in the room.


A maid walked in with a tray of breakfast.


“Madam asked me to bring it to you ” she said politely .


I groaned and toss the food away.


Do I look like am hungry to you? Get the outta my face” I spat as she scrawled away in fear.


What do I do what do I do ?


I just need to think fast , I don’t find myself screwing someone like her but it seems like it’s the only option for me now I really want my elle in one peace.


The devil herself catwalked in fully Dressed up in a red dress looking so much like Elle but Elle is dammn pretty than this blood sucking demon.


“I was told you trashed your food why ?” She asked calmly.


“Because am not hungry”


I bowed slightly with my two hands on my head.


I think am gonna go crazy soon.



Listen here Dylan you have no choice than to do it or else my men are waiting on the other side to give them the order to take her down” she said proudly and raised my head as we locked eyes.




She smirked evilly and pecked me on the lips .


“Trust me Dylan am doing this for us , I love you much I can’t stand you with someone else” she said and kissed me but I didn’t bother returning the kiss.


“More like obsessed” I said in between clenched teeth.


I can’t think straight at the moment I just need to come up with something fast .


Maybe I should just try and play along for the main time till am able to find where he kept Elle.


“First thing first baby I want you to break up with Elle infront of me tell her you never loved her but me if not this is gonna happen” she said and showed me another video recording .


A bomb have been strapped under her chair.


Goodness God this girl is Truly evil for doing this to her flesh and blood.




“Fine I will do it but don’t hurt her please” i said in between clenched teeth.




“Shh baby come I wanna take you somewhere” she said and stretch out my hand .


I didn’t bother taking it I stood up myself.


I wish she take me to Elle.


We got to the living room but strangely someone hit me hard on the head as my vision became blurry .


A paper bag as placed over my head and my hand tied behind me .


“Careful with him boys ” I heard Diane voice.


They pushed me into the car and drove to God knows where.




Turns out Elle is a pretty smart lady , I need to be careful with her.


Oh Elle I hope you are okay.




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