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Billionaire Needs A Nany (Season 2) – Episode 16

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Davis’s POV

“Mr Raymond, I’ve conducted the test and the results are out”. The doctor said with an excited look.

How can he be happy when Nuella is unconscious? “What happened to her?”. Dad asked worried.

“She’s pregnant, Mr Raymond, she’s pregnant”. The doctor said and dad jumped up in excitement.

Great news I guess, I’ll be expecting a brother or should I say sister. I was excited and joyous but I didn’t want to express it.

Betty’s POV

Was this girl insane?

Fighting Amazon! The head of bullies.

One hard kick from Jeanne sent Amazon crawling and coughing on the floor. The remaining prisoners ran to Jeanne and carried her up.

“Hurray, we have our new head now, Jeanne has defeated Amazon”. They shouted and I chuckled and she winked at me.

Amazon had never been so embarrassed, she ran out of the cell and everyone returned back to normal. I sat on the chair and jeanne came over and joined me. “That was a tough battle”. I said and she chuckled.

“It wasn’t tough, I didn’t even sweat, it was like a lion fighting a dog, I destroyed her in no time” she said and an idea popped into my mind.

“Amazon has some connections to make some prisoners escape, she’s helped a lot of prisoners escape but some of them were caught and killed, others managed to escape”. I said and Jeanne looked at me.

“So what are you trying to say?”.. She asked.

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“What I’m trying to say is that you can finally kill that Nuella”. I said and she grinned evily.

“You’re right, I’ll get rid of her on her wedding day, I’ll make sure she dies on her wedding day with Raymond”. She said and began laughing.


“That’s a good plan and I’m sure it will work”. I said but she frowned. “What’s wrong?”.

“I don’t think Amazon might help me after the humiliation I gave her”. She said and I chuckled.

“You’ve instilled fear already in her so she will help you”. I assured. “Are you sure?”. She asked.

“You can even work with her to kill Nuella”. I suggested and Jeanne nodded. “You’re right, you’re such a evil person and I like you for that”.


Raymond’s POV

I was already feeling better if not for the slight headache I was having.

Davis was sleeping on my laps and I didn’t want to wake me, we were still at the hospital. Nuella was still unconscious, the doctor had said she would be alright. “Mr Raymond, the doctor said I should inform you that Nuella is already conscious now”. The nurse said with a bright smile as she entered.

“Seriously?”.. I asked.

“Yes sir”. She replied and went out.

I slowly placed Davis head on the bed and went out of the room to nuella’s ward. “Doctor, how is she doing?”. I asked and he smiled.

“Perfectly great”. He replied and I chuckled and went to sit on the chair near her as the doctor left.

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“Raymond, you look happy”. She observed and I smiled. “I’m excited”. I replied

“But why?, I fainted and you’re excited”. She said with a frown. “Haven’t the doctor told you the good news yet?”. I asked surprised. “What good news, he didn’t tell me anything”. She said

“You’re pregnant for me”. I said and she beamed with joy.

“Oh my God, it’s my first time being pregnant, I’m really nervous, I don’t know what to do”. She said and I laughed.

“You might not believe me but I don’t even know what to do also, maybe you should go for a massage, what to eat… Jeanne wasn’t with me so I didn’t know how


she took care of herself when she was pregnant, she was only bent on abortion”. I said and she laughed.

“I guess the doctor will be the one to educate us”. She said and I nodded

“I’m so excited Nuella, I’m going to be the father of two boys”. I said and she frowned.

“Two boys? How are you sure it’s a boy?”. She asked.

“Well, it’s my mind that’s telling me”. I answered and she laughed. “Unfortunately, your mind deceived you cause I want a female child, I don’t want competitions”. She said and I laughed.

“And if it’s a female, we’ll call her Anna, if it’s a male, we’ll call him Richard”. I suggested and she nodded.

“You have a taste of name”. She said and frowned. “Why are you frowning?”. I asked.

“I felt we rushed ourselves, we are not married and I’m already pregnant for you, it’s a sin and it’s not right”. She said and I nodded.

“As soon as you’re discharged tomorrow, I’ll prepare for our wedding, mom sends her greetings”. I said and she nodded.


“What I don’t understand is how your mom didn’t help you when she knew you were in the prison”. She said and I smiled.

“It’s more dangerous, if the prisoners find out that I’m the son of the richest woman here, they’ll kill me”. I said and she nodded.

“Wow, you’re right”. She replied.

“Do you think Jeanne will accept her fate and stay in the cell?”. I asked. “I’m not sure, she might want to kill us”. She replied.

“That’s exactly what I’m scared of, I’m scared she might want to take revenge on us especially if she finds out you’re pregnant for me”. I said


To be continued

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