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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 27

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Raymond’s POV

“Are you thinking of Nuella?”. I asked and sat near him. “I don’t know”. He replied.

“We need to forget about her, I’ll get you a new nanny tomorrow, the cops said they would continue searching for her but for the main time, a new nanny wouldbe here tomorrow”. I said and he went out of hisroom.

“Davis, come back here, I’m not done talking”. I called out but he didn’t even answer me. I sighed dejectedly.

The Next Day

“Davis”. I called out and he came out of his room.

“Meet your new nanny”. I said and he looked at the young lady who smiled to him. I looked at his expression, he didn’t even smile.

“I’m Angela”. She said and paused. “And you are?” She asked. Davis hissed. “Ask my father”. He retorted and went to his room.

“He’s just paranoid, I’m sure he’ll get over with his troubles”. I apologized for Davis behavior and she nodded.

“The other nanny was his favourite but I’m sure he’ll get over her, you should know kids and their troubles”. I said and she nodded again.

“Thank you sir for the opportunity”. She replied and I smiled.

“Just make sure you take care of Davis, he’s an intelligent kid and you’ll find him quite interactive very soon”. I said and she nodded.

“I’ll take care of him”. She replied.

“Good, I’m going to the office to see if I can query some staffs, they’ve not been doing their duties, I’ll just sack the impish ones and leave the rest”. I said and took my car key from the table.

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Angela’s POV.

I watched him drive out of the compound and I smiled to myself. “Where’s that little brat?”. I asked and ran to Davis room.

As I entered, I saw him trying to hide something as soon as he noticed my presence. “You insolent bastard”. I cursed.

“I really don’t have your time”. He said and I slapped him. He fell the floor groaning in pain.


“Davis, I’m Angela and I’m not Nuella, I won’t tolerate trash from you”. I said. “The reason I’m in this house is to make money not worship you and besides who gave you the right to be rude”. I asked and slapped him.

“I’ll tell my dad when he comes back”. He said and I pushed him to the bed. “I’ll tell my dad when he comes back”. I mimicked mocking him. “I’m a devil Davis, you don’t know what I’m capable of doing, so keep quiet”. I said and he shivered. “Ohh the proud dwarf is afraid, don’t be sweetheart, just keep in mind

that I can never be Nuella and certainly not as kind as her”. I added and went out of the room jamming the door angrily.

“Good riddance to rubbish”. I muttered and went to Raymond’s room… He’s such a neat man, there’s nothing dirty here. I said to myself.

“He forgot his phone” I said to myself as I picked it up and started playing games. I downloaded a new game titled “Choose your episodes” from his play store and started playing. I was so obsessed with the game that I didn’t know I had spent one hour and I had almost exhausted his data. He doesn’t even keep enough data on his phone and he calls himself a billionaire.

I dropped the phone and went to his bathroom. “His pants”. I would certainly steal that and give it to my boyfriend. I quickly took two of his pants and ran back to the parlor. I peeped and Davis was sleeping comfortably in his room.

I went to the room he gave me, it would be nuella’s room cause I found some feminine clothes there. “He’s generous, he bought new expensive clothes for her”. I said and wore them. “Perhaps, I would look like Nuella, I might even end up marrying him, I’ve read stories how some maids marry their billionaire boss”. I said tomyself.

Nuella’s POV

I felt someone tap me and I opened my eyes to see Almet smiling at me. “Nuella, it’s morning already”. He said and I climbed down from the bed.

“I’m really sorry I woke up late”. I replied.

“I understand, I just want to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me”. He said and I smiled.

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“I love you brother”. I replied and walked into the bathroom.

My plan would work, No doubt but Jeanne might be of a little obstacle to my plan. It’s better I clear her out of the way. For the main time, I’ll pretend to like her and I’ll be closer to her even if she hates me.

“Nuella”. Almet called out. “Aren’t you done in there?”. He asked and I chuckled. “I’m done”. I said and came out of the bathroom.

“What would you like to eat?”. He asked.


“Anything you have”. I replied.

“Will you eat broccoli corn beans?”. He asked. “Anything”. I replied and he smiled.

“Ok, I’ll tell Jeanne to cook it”. He said. “I’ll join her in the kitchen”. I said.

“Are you afraid of being poisoned?”. Jeanne asked coming from the door.

I looked at her and she eyed me. “Not at all, I can’t be threatened by you”. I replied and shot her a look.

“I don’t understand”. She said confused

Almet cleared his throat. “let me uh take my phone”. He said and and went to the parlor.

“I don’t think I spoke Spanish or french and if you don’t understand English I’m sorry for you”. I replied.

“This wrench”. She said and wanted to slap me when I held her hand.

“I wouldn’t be too quick to slap, your days in this house are numbered, Miss Jeanne”. I said and released my grip on her hand.

“Are you threatening me?”. She asked.

“Of course not, I’m just telling you”. I replied and went out of the room.


To be continued

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