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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 23

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Nuella’s POV

“You’re charming, you have the best life I could ever think of, I’m just a nobody in your eyes, my parents disowned me and I feel less of a human. Sometimes I ask myself this question. ‘is it a crime to love’ but there’s no answer to that question, Raymond, I want you to know how much I love you and please get well soon”. I said and stood up.


Immediately I reached the door, I heard my name.. “Nuella”. Who called me? That voice is certainly Raymond’s…

Did he hear me?

“Nuella”. He called me again and I gasped. I looked back and saw he smiling at me, he was blushing. OMG, he heard me.


He stood up and walked up to me. “It’s ok”. He said and kissed me.

OMG! He kissed me.. I didn’t resist, I was supposed to resist him but his lips were forcing mine aosrt and I was already intoxicated by his lips.. Following my instincts, I kissed him back and it tasted so good, I could feel him pressing against me, he was undeniably male and seductive. It had been a long time since I had feel so comfortable with a man. Desire awoke in me, I gave another passionate kiss.

My insides were going soft and abnormally weird… I wanted to feel him connected to me. His eyes gleamed with a light as he tucked an arm beneath my knees. He carried me to the bed with a smile. He let me down gently on the bed. My heart was beating heavily, what if the door opened and Davis walked in. If we wanted to do this, we should do it right..

“The door”. I muttered and he rushed quickly to lock the door.

He removed his shirt first and my eyes lightened rapaciously as his hands touched me. I was so hungry for him that I couldn’t stop him, a fire roared inside me.


Raymond’s POV

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I miled as I laid down on the bed.

“Thanks Nuella, I haven’t done this in years”. I said and she just smiled. She was feeling guilty..

“Are you feeling…?

She cut in. “It’s ok”. She said wearing her clothes and left the room without a word. I jumped on the bed like a child laughing… “I’m just going to do you the same thing I did Jeanne, Davis should be expecting a younger brother”. I said and laid on the bed.

But damn no girl could resist me! Wonderful

Nuella, you’re going to regret this…

So the fool actually loved me… Nuella’s POV


Why did I do it? I asked myself as I checked on Davis, he was still sleeping.. I was really tired, I had a quick bath and wore a simple gown.. I heard a knock on the gate and I came outside and ran to the gate..

I opened the gate and a guy quickly came in and grabbed me… His hands were pressed against my mouth, I couldn’t breathe well. I couldn’t scream for help, I was slowly fainted… “Stop”. That was all I could say until I fainted.

Raymond’s POV One hour later…

The house was extremely quiet when I woke up… Davis opened the door and I looked at him, he looked worried.

“Where’s Nuella”. He asked

“She’s not here, isn’t she supposed to be with you?”. I asked. “Well, she isn’t with me”

“Maybe she’s in the kitchen”. I said and he shook his head negatively.

“She’s not in the kitchen, I’ve checked the house”. He said and my eyes widened. “What were you guys doing?”. He asked.

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“I and Nuella were praying, she was teaching me how to talk to God”. I lied and he nodded.

“Let’s look for her and dad why are you not wearing t-shirt?”. Davis asked noticing my hairy chest.

“My shirt was dirty so I decided to just pull it off”. I replied.

“Ok dad”. He said as I wore a shirt and followed him to the parlor..

“I can’t find her”. I said. Could she be angry and decide to run away? No! Nuella isn’t that daft.

“I think she’s kidnaped”. I added as I dragged Davis out of the house to my car. “Get into the car, let’s go to the cops”. I said as he entered.

End of Raymond’s POV Nuella’s POV

I woke up and found myself tied to a chair.

“Please help”. I said. The room was small with cobwebs around it.. “Somebody help me”. I shouted.

“And who’s gonna help Cinderella”. I heard a feminine voice behind me.

She came to the front and our eyes met each other.. “So I guess you’re Nuella”. She said and laughed.

“Nuella Bella”. She added and laughed again.

“So uhh you wanted to be Nuella Micoff, Raymond’s wife”. She said and pointed a gun at me..


“I don’t have any thing with Raymond”. I said and she nodded.

“I’m Jeanne, Davis’s mother, I’m sure you must know my son and how wouldn’t you know, you’re his nanny”. She said and laughed.

“You’re not Davis mother”. I said and her eyes darkened. “What do you mean?”. She asked angrily.

“Davis is not a wicked boy, he’s just four but his intelligence is nothing compared to yours”. I said and she slapped me.

“How dare you?”. She said and slapped me again…

“Hey, what are you doing?”. A guy ran inside and pushed her.

“Let me teach this prostitute a lesson”. She said as the guy pushed her to the bed. “Don’t ever abuse my sister again, do you hear me? She’s not a prostitute”. He shouted and my Heart beat slowly. Did I just hear sister? No, I’m actually confused right now… What did he mean by sister? And besides this is a Muslim guy, I’m a Christian, he must be joking…


To be continued

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