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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 2

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Episode 2

Raymond’s POV

“Who are you and what are you doing in front of my house, didn’t you read the sign that this house was a wealthy house”. I said annoyed… After what Jeanne did, I hated all women.. she seemed entirely shocked..

“I was looking for a job”. She replied. “What job?”. I asked.


“Like a housewife”. She muttered and I blinked… She said it mistakenly so she quickly corrected herself… “I meant a house maid”. She replied.

“Can you be a nanny?”. Davis asked and she nodded. Davis went to hug her immediately…

“Davis, what’s wrong with you?”. I asked annoyed and dragged him to my side. “How many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t go near strangers, they’re evil”. I added and Davis smiled.

“Dad, I want her to be the nanny”. Little Davis cried out


“Fine but not now, come back tomorrow where they’re be an interview for the best nanny”. I said.

“Best Nanny”. Davis asked. “No dad, I want her”. He cried out again and I became confused.

“Please sir, I don’t have anywhere to go”. She said. “And how’s that my concern?”. I asked her. “Dad!”. Davis screamed at me and I felt guilty….

“The whole world knows you have all the rooms to give, please ma’am, may I know your name?”. Davis asked and I just looked in confusion.

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“I’m Nuella”. She said.

BeautifulName. I mutteredsilently

“You have such a cute name, I’m Davis”. He said and she chuckled. “You also have a fine name”. She replied

“Dad, please. let her stay here”. He begged and I directed her into the compound

and locked the gate…

End of Raymond’s POV


Davis’s POV

I brought out my diary which had beenkepthidden. Even dad never knew ofthis

diary because it contained all my sadness which I couldn’t expressed.

I flipped through the pages and scribbled something “Nanny”.

Then I began writing….

“Dear Diary

I know this might sound crazy But I like Nuella for my dad She’s calm, humble and gentle Ever since Mom left


Dad has been the one taking care of me And he’s hated all women

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Dear Diary, can you help me?

Oh God, please let my father fall in love with Nuella”. I wrote as I cried… Immediately I heard a knock on the door.. I threw the diary under my bed and the door opened with my dad walking inside with Nuella. .

End of Davis’s POV Nuella’s POV

“Hi there”. I said to Davis who blushed and smiled back at me.

“Here’s a list of your roles as a nanny”. Raymond said and began listing it on the white board in Davis room with a marker…

“Make sure Davis doesn’t cry”. He wrote and I chuckled inside me.

Hey jerk, I’m pretending to be gentle because of Davis, I would have poked my hand into your face right from the gate. Is Davis supposed to cry?

“Always pick Davis from school, his school’s vacation is starting the day after tomorrow so you would be free from this rule”. He wrote and I nodded. “Make sure Davis is well-fed”. He said.

Ohhh come off it!

Is Davis is a day old baby?

If he isn’t well fed, he should sit and learn to be I wasn’t well-fed either.

He turned and faced me.

“That is because some nannies would decide to eat their boss children food”. He said and I nodded…

Fool!.. why would I eat cornflakes or that disgusting thing called Golden Morn… “Yes sir”. I replied as he wrote again.

“Never leave the house for any reason”. Wait!.. was I a prisoner?

How much is he going to even pay me…

He left the right hand side of the board and went to the left side… Then he drew a line in the middle and started writing again…


“House Maid”. He wrote and I was chuckled. “But sir, I’m just a nanny” I managed to say.

“I’ll pay you well”. He replied without even apologizing… “Dad, isn’t it too. ”

“Will you keep shut?”. He shouted at him and Davis kept quiet immediately.


“Make sure all the toilets are washed”. He added


“Make sure all the equipments In the house are cleaned”. “Make sure you keep the kitchen clean when cooking”. “Make sure you don’t leave the gas on while ………


End of nuella’s POV Raymond’s POV

Now with all this, I’m sure she won’t take the job again…

I laughed to myself…

I’m so brilliant

Davis won’t blame me for driving her out…

I needed an old woman for a nanny not a seductive young lady…

She won’t accept the proposal with that50rules I’msure

Anyway. I was going to pay her a huge sum of money. “100,000dollars”.

I laughed again as I heard a knock on the door. “Come in”. I said smiling

“I’m here to tell you what I’ve decided”. She said and I smiled. “Go on”. I said.

“I’m willing to take the two offers both the nanny and housemaid job”. She said and I gasped.



To be continued

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