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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 17

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Raymond’s POV

“Yes Dad, I love dogs”. He replied and I smiled.

“I wanted to ask for your forgiveness”. I said and he hugged me immediately… I hugged him back…

“I was never angry with you, the truth is bitter but one has to accept it anyway”. He said and tears dropped from my eyes…

End of Raymond’s POV Sarah’s POV

“Davis, it’s time for us to go, the driver’s waiting for us”. I said and he came hugging me already prepared.

Thanks Granny, dad said he’ll get me a dog too”. He said and I smiled. “Good for you”. I muttered as he entered the car and we drove off…

“You know, sometimes there’s a disadvantage of being rich, you have to go out in cars, you can’t walk on the street like normal people”. I said and he nodded.

“It’s risky, I know”. He said and I kissed him on the cheek.

“I told Raymond I would love to see nuella’s parents when we go back home”. I said and he nodded smiling.

End of Sarah’s POV Raymond’s POV

Now that wrench is going to suffer!. I ran to my room and dragged her from the bed… “I’m Raymond Micoff and I’m not friendly”. I said as she winced in pain… “Please, I’m sorry”. She pleaded but I wasn’t in my right sense of thinking…

I pushed her to the floor and took a new belt from my wardrobe…

“I’m not someone you should mess with and if you’re forgetting something, don’t forget you’re nothing but a maid”. He said and hit me hard with the bed.

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I winced and cried in pain… “Please”. She begged and I laughed.

“You’re saying please, do you even use your brains before you open your mouth, I own you nuella, I own every part of your life and if you even want to leave this house, you won’t be able to not because of Davis but because of me… My men are monitoring you”. I said and she shivered..

I pushed her to the bed and she hit her head on the floor and passed out… “Stop pretending”. I said but she didn’t move ….

“Ohh Nuella, stop pretending”. I said again but she still didn’t move…


I moved closer to her and saw blood… I almost screamed..

Is she dead? I asked myself… She had just fainted… I sighed with relief.. What should I do?

I wasn’t even thinking straight again..

I carried her on my hands to my car scared… End of Raymond’s POV

Davis’s POV

I was starting to have this bad feeling, I was beginning to feel a bad sign.. “Granny, I think we should go back home”. I said and she chuckled.

“We just got here, let’s have more fun”. Granny said throwing the ball up and kicking it towards me…

I controlled the ball with my leg and frowned.

“Granny, I want to go home”. I said as she came to meet me. “Why dear?”. She asked.

“I’m having a feeling something had has happened at home”. I said and she nodded.

“Ok sweetheart”. She replied and I smiled. End of Davis’s POV

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Raymond’s POV

“Nurse, Nurse”. I screamed entering the office… “My Girlfriend is injured badly and I need you to take her on a stretcher”. I added as they rushed to me and we went to my car and put her on a stretcher…

“Please sir, calm down”. The nurse said as I wanted to follow them…

I couldn’t see down, I was praying for nuella not to die for my selfish reasons, if nuella dies, I would be called a murderer.Extraordinary everyday from


I was scared…

End of Raymond’s POV Davis’s POV

The car pulled to a stop after we drove into the compound, the gateman came running to us. “Mr Raymond said I should inform you that Nuella fainted so he took her to the hospital”. He said and my heart beat.

“You’re joking right?”. I asked and he shook his head negatively. “Which hospital?”. Granny asked.


End of Davis’s POV


Raymond’s POV

2 Hours Later………..

“Dad”. I heard Davis voice and I looked up..

He was facing me with a sad face and teary eyes. “Davis, what happened?”. He asked.

“She fainted”. I replied and he smiled.

“Fainted?”. He asked. “Dad, I know your temper, you could have beaten her up”. He said and I slapped him.

“How dare you challenge me?”. I asked.

“I’m sorry”. He apologized with a face which showed no expression. “Where’s your grandma?”. I asked him.

“She’s in the car”. He replied and I smiled.

Good! It’s better she sit in that damn car until thisisover She could put my lifein

danger if they find out I have connections with her..

Some group of people with uniforms came in and sat near me.

“Davis, come here and sit on my lap, nuella will be alright”. I said and he nodded…

“She will”. He muttered.

“And that reminds me, you are supposed to be having fun with mom right now because she told me that you guys won’t be coming home soon”. I said and he frowned.

“Nothing”. He replied and I nodded.

The doctor came in at once and took us tonuella’sward. Davis lookedshocked

on seeing Nuella.. Her face was pale and she just looked at me with no expression. “Mr Raymond, what happened to her?”. The doctor asked me.

“She fell from the stairs”. I answered and Davis looked at me with shock in his eyes.

Suddenly, the same group of people entered the ward and I was scared.. “Thanks doctor for allowing us”. The female leader said and the doctor nodded. I was confused.

“We’re from the HAWC”. The leader said and my heart beat. HUMAN ABUSE WAR COMPANY!

“We help women like you, we help girls, ladies whose rights are being abused…

We’re here to render any assistance we can to you”. Another woman said and Nuella nodded.

“So Miss Nuella, we want to know if someone brutally beat you, injured you or you fell from the stairs”. The leader asked again and I looked at Nuella’s eyes scared.



To be continued

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