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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 13

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Nuella’s POV

The people began leaving one by one until they all left leaving the new gateman, the cleaners and the driver.


“I’m on my way to bring her”. Raymond said and left. I was confused.

Davis came into my room and saw me crying…

“What’s wrong?”. He asked and sat on my bed with a sad face.

“How can you ask what’s obvious?” I asked him. “Your father has replaced me, he wants to send me off, he doesn’t want me to be your nanny again”. I added as he cleaned my tears.

“Don’t cry”. He said… “Or you’ll make me cry and you know what that means”. He said and I stopped crying immediately. I didn’t want Raymond coming back with someone and find Davis crying.

“Well, the reason being all this is because of Granny”. Davis said and I looked at him dumbfounded.

“I don’t understand”. I said. “Who’s Granny?”. I asked.

“The Most Richest woman in America”. He said with a sad face. “What does that have to do with me?”. I asked.

“Because she’s my father’s mom”. Davis said and I turned and looked at him. “Sandra Keller”. I said and he nodded. “You’re joking right, the surnames are different”. I said and he nodded again.

“My dad wanted it like that, if people knows she’s his mother, our lives would be in danger”. He said.

“Ok, I understand but she’s rude, you know that”. I said and he nodded “And that’s the reason why you were chosentobe ” He suddenlypaused.

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“What’s wrong?”. I asked noticing his reaction.

“I don’t know if this is an examination to test you but his mother is spending one month here and you’re going to be pretend to be his girlfriend”. He said and my eyes popped out.

“My Grandma is a rude woman who wants to select the woman for my dad to marry”. He added.

“How do you know all this?”. I asked. “Because I’m always curious”. He replied. “I’m not interested”. I said and stood up.


“Well, that means you would have to leave and I don’t want you to leave, I know Granny’s always bossy, rude, arrogant and anything you could call her but she’s good”. He said.

“What I’m trying to say is that your father didn’t tell me and I’m not interested, my job is to be his nanny not someone who will pretend to be someone she’s not”. I replied.

“I know my dad’s doesn’t care about people’s feeling”. Davis started. “But that’s how he does, you can change it”. He added.

“I was even starting to be happy then your father spoilt my mood, I came here to be a nanny, I got a nanny and a maid job, I agreed to do both and now I’m also going to pretend to be his girlfriend”. I said almost in tears.

“Please agree to it”. He begged.

“I’m not agreeing to any thing”. I replied trying to pack my things. “Next time, tell your dad to ask for permission before trying something stupid”. I said and packed my things into a bag.

“I’m leaving, I’m not a slave”. I said angrily. “I’m not a maid, I know I’m not educated but I shouldn’t be treated like a pauper even though I am… Your father isn’t the only billionaire, I can find other places to work”. I continued angrily still packing my things in my bag…

End of Nuella’s POV Almet’s POV

I slowly climbed the bed to meet Jeanne who was giggling and waiting for me… I kissed her forehead, then her cheek, then to her lips.. then my phone rang… “Honey, I have to take this call”. I said bringing out my phone from my pocket. It was my Spanish bodyguard.. I had to hire guys from different countries so no one would be able to track my misdeeds. No one would know the person behind everything…

“”Hola” (Hello). He said

“Necesito que descubras donde Raymond estoy” (I need you to find where Raymond’s living). I said

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“Si S” (Yes sir) He replied.

“Si te encuentras con èl (If you find him, call me) I said.

“Si S, qué debemos hacer con èl?” (What should we do about the man?) He asked. “Asejure as de que no escape porque lo usaremos en el futuro” (Make sure he doesn’t escape because we would need him in the future) I said.

“Si S”. He replied.

“Bueno”. (Good) I said and cut the line.


“You’re really amazing, you understand almost all the languages, you just have a lot of friends”. Jeanne said and i smiled.

“Exactly, it’s good for my business, you know that transporting flowers would make you love to learn all language”. He said.

“What’s ‘I love you’ in Chinese?”. She asked.

“我会杀了你的前夫” (I’ll kill your former husband) I replied and she giggled. “Thanks, you just said you love me”. She said and I laughed…

“Fool, I said I’ll kill your ex-husband in Chinese”. I cursed in my mind. “What’s you’re my idol?”. She asked.

“你是我的偶像”. I replied and she kissed me.

“You’re certainly gonna teach me all the languages you’ve learned”. She said. End of Almet’s POV

Nuella’s POV

“I’m tired of this sh*t”. I said as I held my small bag with some clothes… “Your daddy treats me like trash”. I said taking my toothbrush and toothpaste from the bathroom, then I threw them into my bag…

Then I closed my bag and took it to the corridor, I was about leaving when I heard a car horn coming from the gate…

Davis quickly ran outside and took my bag inside leaving me speechless as the gate opened and Raymond drove in with his car.


To be continued

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