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Annabel’s Little Secret – Episode 9

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Episode 9




Vanessa’s Pov:


I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply.


“Um…thank you, Yvonne. I’ll…I’ll look into it” I said dazily on the phone and dropped the call immediately.


I sighed and fell back on my seat.


What’s going on?

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Annabel has been absent from school for two days now. Yet, she leaves home every morning and returns late at night. So, where has she been going? *


I decided not to tell any of my sisters anything about it – at least, till we got home.


I was so curious and couldn’t wait to talk to Annabel.


Surprisingly, she wasn’t home by the time we returned. My sisters and I actually bath and ate, but she still didn’t return.


“Where the hell is Annabel?” Esther asked as we all sat in the dining.



Just then, the door to the sitting room opened and I figured she was the one coming in.


I stood up immediately and rushed out to the sitting room and as expected, she was the one.


“Hey sis…”

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“Where are you coming from?” I cut her off.


She paused and scoffed, probably at my cold welcome.


“Hello? Is there a problem?” She asked and sat on the couch.


“Well, there is, Annabel. Because I can’t seem to understand where you’ve been the whole time and just decided to return home now” I snapped.


“What do you mean by that? I’ve been in school, of course…”


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“Really?” I cut in and huffed.


“Well then, you might wanna explain to me why Yvonne called me earlier today and complained about you not being in school for two days now.”


A short silence stepped in as she was overly shocked.


“Hold on; what…what are you talking about? What do you mean Yvonne called you? Of course, I’ve been in school”. She said defensively.


“So, are you trying to say she lied against you?”


Esther and Renee were already in the sitting room as well.


“Well., perhaps. Because I don’t know what she’s talking about”.



“Since you’re so confident, I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem when I tell mum and dad about it so they could check your attendance in school” I said and she stood on her feet immediately.


“Hold on; are you trying to threaten me or what?” She scoffed.


“I’m just trying to make sure, but if you wanna see it that way, then fine. Go on”. I replied.


“Why do I even have to explain my activities to you, huh? Its my life! And I’m not a kid anymore!”


“Well,no matter how big you grow, you’ll still remain my kid sister!”


“Hey! What’s going on here?” Esther came in, startled.


“What’s wrong?”


“I think Annabel is in the right position to answer that question. Maybe you’d want to ask her where she spends her day each time she leaves for school” I replied angrily and walked away.


I slammed the door hard behind me as I got into the room.


What the hell is wrong with Annabel? What has gotten into her?






Esther’s Pov:


Renee and I were stunned at the argument that had ensued between Vanessa and Annabel a while ago. I couldn’t remember the last time we had such arguments.


I decided to check upon Annabel in her room and talk to her. Renee had decided to talk to Vanessa.


I knocked on the door but got no reply



I knocked for the second time but still got no reply. And slowly, I pushed the door open and went in.


“Annabel?” I called, looking around the room.


“Annabel?” I called again and heard her reply.


“Hey; hold on. I’ll be out shortly”, she replied from the bathroom.


I went ahead to sit on the bed and wait for her.


I really hope we get to resolve this issue. But I wonder if what Vanessa said was true – about Annabel skipping school.


So, where does she go every morning and return late at night?

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I looked around and noticed her diary on the bed close to me.




It was closed and had a pen hooked in the middle of it. That only meant she was writing on it not long ago.


I smiled and drew the diary to myself. I wonder what she’s been doing of recent.


Anyway, I’m sure she won’t have a problem with it. Besides, Reading our diaries is something we’ve been doing for a long time now.


I took out the pen and opened the diary to read…



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