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Annabel's Little Secret – Episode 8

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Episode 8
Vanessa’s Pov:
“Come on, Annabel. Where’s your diary?” I asked again, since she remained quiet.
“Its…in my room” she replied sluggishky.
“Well, go get it” Esther said.
“Why?” She asked and I scoffed.
“What do you mean why? Its time to read yours”. “You…want to read my diary as well?” “Annabel! What’s wrong with you?”
“Hm. What are you hiding from us huh? Go get it”.
Immediately, the door opened and mum walked in.
“Mum!” Annabel called and stood up, sounding relieved.
“Hey baby” mum beamed and welcomed her in her arms.
“How’re you baby?” She asked.
“I’m fine, mum. I missed you” she replied as she pouted her lips like a baby. Really?
“Welcome, mum” I and the rest of my sisters greeted.
“Oh, my pretty angels. How’ve you been?” Mum asked as she sat on the couch, while sat on the edge of the chair close to her.
Renee and Esther replied while i just chuckled.
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“Okay. Um…I got a little something for you” she paused and dipped her hand into her bag, coming out with a fashionable box.
“Here. Take one and pass to your sisters” she continued and handed the box to me which I collected and opened curiously.
They were necklaces! Pretty dazzling necklaces! Four different colours.
Oh my God!
“Thank you mum” I said excitedly and took out the pink color.
Then, I passed it to Renee.
“Oh, my God! Mum; its so beautiful! Thank you so much” she exclaimed happily and took out the red color.
Esther was the next to chose. And she chose the purple color. While Annabelle had to take the last color which was blue.
“I can’t believe I had to make the last chose” she rolled her eyes and said.
“Thank you so much, mum” Esther beamed.
“You’re welcome angels.”
“From now on, we’ll always put it’s going to be our symbols as sisters!” Renee noted and we laughed.
“Okay, okay. Let’s put it on then” I said and we all wore it round our necks. “Goodnight mum. I’m feeling really dizzy already” Annabel said as she stood up. “Huh? But…”
“Goodnight” she cut in dizzily and headed for the stairs.
“Alright. Goodnight darling” mum replied as she finally took the stairs. Hold on; we didn’t get to read her diary! #Next_morning.
Annabel was the last to come down for breakfast as we were already eating before she arrived.
Well, that’s what happens when she chooses to stay in a different room.
“Good morning, mum.
Good morning dad” she greeted with a frail smile as she took a seat.
“Good morning dear” replied dad.
“Good morning baby. You’re late for breakfast” mum said and she just smiled.
“How was your night, Anna?” Esther asked.
“Oh! It was fabulous”.
“Will you be going to school today?” Renee asked.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t she?” I chipped in and she chuckled.
Immediately, a call came into dad’s phone and we all kept mute so he could answer it.
“What?!” He suddenly shrieked on the phone.
“How the hell did it happen?”
He sighed despondently and dropped the call.
“What’s wrong?” Mum asked immediately.
“Is there a problem dad?” I also asked..
“Just got a call from a close associate”. He said and paused.
“Senator Sigmund and his family were killed yesterday” he added and we all gasped.
“What?” Mum shrieked.
Oh, my God!
“How did it happen?” Esther quivered.
“It seems to be an assassination. They were all found lying dead in their apartment”.
“Oh, God!” Renee yelped and ran upstairs to puke.
Surprisingly, Annabel didn’t even flinch, but just continued eating.
“Aren’t you touched, Anna?” I asked, surprised.
“Yeah. Christian…had a crush on you, right?” Esther asked sullenly.
“Oh! Of course, I’m touched. I just…” She paused and gulped down some water.
“I just feel bad for them. And…I don’t even know what to say. How on earth did it happen?” She asked and rubbed the back of her nape.
The demise of the Senator and his family really hit dad so bad that he couldn’t continue with breakfast that morning.
Afterwards, my sisters and I quietly prepared and left for the office. While Annabel left for school.
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I was sitting alone in my office when a call came into my phone and I checked and discovered it was Yvonne – Annabel’s friend in school. Why’s she calling me? I can’t remember the last time she did.
“Hey” I said feebly on the phone, rubbing my forehead.
“Hi Vanessa. It’s…”
“I know – Yvonne”I cut in.
“Oh! Okay. Thank goodness you know me. Um…sorry to disturb, but I just wanted to ask ; is everything okay with Annabel?” She asked.
“Annabel? Of course. She’s fine” I replied, being .confused a little.
“Okay. I’m actually asking because she hasn’t shown up in school since yesterday.
And she isn’t picking my calls either” she said and I flinched.
Hold on;
“I…I don’t get you” I floundered.
“Are you trying to say Annabel hasn’t been in school for two days now?”
“Yes, Vanessa. And that’s the reason I’m worried and wanted to be sure she’s fine”.
I scoffed and stood up.
What the hell is this?
If Annabel hasn’t been in school, then where has she been going all these while?

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