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Annabel's Little Secret – Episode 6

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Episode 6
Vanessa’s Pov:
We all turned and looked at each other in shock.
“You…need your own separate room?” Mum asked.
“Yes mum. Please” she pleaded.
“But why, Anna? I mean, we’ve shared the same room since we were sisters. Why the sudden changes?” Esther asked, confused.
“Anna, is there something wrong?” I also asked.
“Please guys; don’t take it the wrong way. I’m fine, okay? I…I just need some space” she said tiredly.
“Some space away from us?” Renee asked.
“What’s wrong?”
“Girls!” Mum cut in and we all turned to look at her.
“I think we should all give her a break. Maybe, she-she has her personal reasons. And perhaps, in time, she’ll come back to you guys. But for now, let’s just give her a break”.
It was stunning and neither of us could say any other thing to each other – not immediately.
“Fine! If that’s what she wants” Renee rolled her eyes and sat on her bed.
“Come with me, Annabel. I’ll show you to your new room” mum said to her and she smiled and stood up immediately.
“Thank you, mom” she replied and left the room with mum.
“What the heck was that? Is Annabel trying to avoid us or something?” Esther asked angrily.
“I also don’t get what’s wrong. We’ve been sharing rooms since we were kids” Renee also faciled.
“Well…I guess there’s a first time for everything” I replied with a shrug.
I knocked softly on the door for quite sometime before getting a reply.
“Come in ” her dizzy voice replied and I pushed the door open and found her lying on the bed, curled up in the blankets.
“I can’t believe you’re still asleep, Annabel” I chuckled as I went to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Well, dearie. I’m so tired”. She yawned and rolled on the bed.
“Well, wake up, sleepy head. You can’t be sleeping at this time”.
“Of course!” She suddenly said and sat up.
“I don’t need anyone to tell me that. Today’s a great day for me” she said excitedly and smiled.
“A great day?” I repeated, surprised.
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“Do you have any plans?”
She laughed and yawned again.
“No darling. I’m just talking about school”. She replied and I scoffed.
“School has always been boring for you. So, how come it’s now a great day for you?” I asked with a playful grin and she laughed again.
“Anyway, breakfast is ready. So, come on; let’s go downstairs”.
“Of course!” She replied happily and jumped down from the bed.
I paused and shut her a stare. Since when has shy Annabel become this playful? I chuckled and shook my head and we left the room together.
We walked downstairs to the dining and met everyone there, already eating.
“Hi, mum. Good morning dad” she greeted buoyantly and gave them a peck.
“Good morning, baby” daddy replied.
“Awwn. My angel is looking all healthy today” mum stated and returned the peck.
She giggled and took a seat next to Esther while I also took mine.
“How was your night, Annabel?” Renee asked, forking a plantain.
“Ah! It was the best” She replied cheerfully.
“So, what are we having for breakfast?” She asked and looked down at the foods on the table.
She took a plate and spoon and started dishing out what she wanted.
She put in some noodles, plantains and vegetables.
We watched in surprise as she settled comfortably and began eating from her plate, attacking the noodles first.
“Annabel?” I called in surprise and she looked at me, mouthful.
“You…now eat vegetables?” I asked and she scoffed.
“What are you talking about? They’ve always been my favorites” she replied and took in more of it.
“Your favorites?” Esther pondered.
“When on earth has vegetables been your favorites? You’ve always detested them”.
“Really? Are you kidding me?” She stopped eating and asked.
“Well, the truth is,I’ve always been pretending. Vegetables have always been my favorites” she replied and continued eating.
My sisters and I looked at each other and scoffed.
This girl never seizes to amaze us.
After a while, we were done with breakfast and all hurried upstairs to get ready to leave.
Since Annabel was now having her own room, she had to dress up separately while the rest of my sisters and I dressed up in our room.
“Has anyone noticed a little change in Annabel?” Renee asked as we applied make up to our faces.
I was almost done with mine.
“Yeah – actually.” Esther replied.
“She’s now a little-less shy” Renee said and I laughed.
“Well, its a good thing, right? We’ve always wanted her to be bold” I chipped in and they shrugged.
“Come on, girls. We’re running late. Lets go” I stood up with my bag and said and in a short time, they were all through with their make ups and we left the room together.
Annabel’s room was on the same line with ours. So, when we got outside, we checked to see if we’d see her coming out from her room.
And when we checked, we did see someone coming out of her room. But the question was – Is that Annabel?
Our mouths dropped open in shock as we stared at the lady who cat walked towards us.
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She was putting on a crazy jeans nicker and a crop top which had her tummy exposed.
She parked her hair into two – different from the way she normally did. Unlike her who hated Make up, she was putting on a heavy make up this time around.
She looked totally – different.
Was that Annabel?
“Anna…Annabel?” Esther stuttered her name as she got to where we were.
“Oh, girls! I really need to go for shopping. You wouldn’t believe how many hours it took me to find this one suitable dress” she grouse, not minding the astonished looks on our faces.
“Annabel, you…” Renee tried talking but couldn’t.
“Hold on; why are you girls staring at me like that?” She scoffed, placing her hand on her waist.
We still kept mute.
“Anyway, it’s getting late. So, let’s go. Today’s a special day for me” she smiled and clumped down the stairs, leaving us gobsmacked as we watched her like a movie.
What the hell?
“Now, I ask again,” Renee said, still looking down at the stairs.
“Has anyone noticed a little difference in Annabel?”

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