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Angela – Episode 10

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Angela quickly rushed back home and cried out,

she was lost in her own and really don’t know

what else to do, she can’t understand why her

friends could be this dangerous, where did they

even got that drugs? she was lost in her thought.

The next day Angela was in her room throughout,

to give herself more time to think, when she

heard a knock on the door. She thought of Chris

as she went to opened it but was surprise to see


”what did you need? she asked trying to close

the door.

”Angela, we need to talk,” Suzan walked in and

sat down.

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”we gat nothing to talk about, just leave,”.

”Calm down Ange, don’t try to be a good girl,

because we were also like you so stubborn but

when things get tougher we actually gave in,”

said Suzan.

”so what did you mean by that? Angela asked.

”you can’t back off, okay then if you insist not to

do that fine, we won’t bother you again,”

”and they drugs, where did you get that from?

She asked.

”don’t question me too much, am sure you know

me so well. Suzan has her own way to get

things, Suzan smile as she stood up to leave.

”am not one of you again, am out already please

you can leave,” Angela cut in.

”okay, but the same Angela i know will run back

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to us to ask for help but that might be too late,”

Suzan winked at her then left slamming the door.

Angela sighed as she stared at the door.

”this girls are just up to something,” she thought.


The rest of the holiday was just so bored for

Angela, no more parties or club since she left her

friends she felt so bad but has decided not to go

back to them, she could only go out and played

with the children at the park or riverside. She

was also glad when Elsa came to visit her, she

told her all that happen.

”I’ve warn you Angela, they are not the kind of

friends you should keep, it a good thing you’ve

not stick to their idea,”

”but.. am so worried..’

”worried? Angela you need to stay away from

them for your good. I know you can! i sometimes

wonder where you get good morals, despite the

fact you have no one to advise you,”

”come Elsa am not a kid, their so much to be

done in this life, i really don’t know if my destiny

is blocked through this ways,” said Angela so


”no Angela, but you also need to change your

ways, try to be yourself, i’ll always gat your back.

You don’t need to stick to those bad girls,”

”thank you so much Elsa, it better to have one

good friend than have a lot who don’t value you,”

Angela hugged her passionately.


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Angela woke up feeling so sad. She thought

of resuming back to school, she’s already

attached to staying alone at home and wasn’t

happy to go to school but was glad because she

will gonna meet Chris, She quickly got dressed

and went her way to school.

Angela was still in the class when she saw Fiona

and her friends walked in she was welcomed by

lots of students.

Angela stood up to leave the class but Fiona

walked up to her.

”hello Angela, long time well am back very much

well and looking fresh more than you right?” she


”sure, i can see that boldly written all over your

face,” Angela replied.

”well, am actually back and back for you to put

you in your right position,”

”really? Fiona don’t cross your limit cos am

always ready to take you back,” Angela finally

said and left the class.

”that Angela never change, she always sound so

boldly,” said Lisa.

”hmm.. i have better plans for her,” Fiona smiled

as she fold her arms.


Throughout the whole day, Angela hasn’t seen

Chris in the school and was so worried, but

asked about him from Leam.

”what about Chris, isn’t he resuming today? she


”i really don’t know, but he seems to be sick, i

guess he might come tomorrow,”

”sick? what happen? she asked looking so


”are you that worried? you should be asking of

Greg not Chris,” said Leam.

”well i was only concerned i need to go,” she

smile, then left.


Angela was at school the following day hoping to

see Chris.

”Angela, guess what? Elsa walked towards her

she seems to be so happy.

”whatsup? Angela asked

”you’ll gonna contest for Miss Royal Academy,”

she smiled.

”Really! ..but am not even sure if am gonna win

this, Elsa i know Fiona will also gonna contest

for this just to compete with me and i don’t want


come on Angela don’t be discourage i will always

be right by your side believe me am gonna help

you out so don’t worry that much,” Elsa



Fiona and her friend were at the park discussing

on how to eliminate Angela because they knew

for sure she will gonna win.

”i guess Angela has a hand in what that girls did

to us, not only that Angela is already leading as

the Face of Royal Academy, but we can’t let

that happen, Fiona you’re the beauty queen of

this noble school you can’t let that happen you

know,”said Julie.

”Angela will gonna regret ever knowing me and

ever coming to this school i will make sure

everyone knows and sees for himself, coz

something is gonna unfold soon,” She smiled.


Angela and Elsa walked to the hall and was

surprise to see Chris she felt so happy seeing


”Chris what actually took you about three days to

come to school? She asked.

it nothing Angela, he said then walked away.

”i guess Chris is actually not doing fine this the

first time he’s ignoring you just like this,” said


”i don’t know my of offense this time, well Elsa i

just realise that i was just building up castle in

the air, been in love with Chris is just like that.

After all who will ever want to have such a bad

person like me, even now that Fiona has return, i

just have to take off my mind from Chris, we can

never be together.”

”and what makes you think that? Elsa asked.

”we’re not of the same type, Chris is from a very

wealthy family and for sure his parents will

always want the best for him, no one want to

accept a poor orphan like me, i should just go for

someone of my type,” she said in low tone.

”Angela you can’t say that, i thought you’ve

always dream big my dear?

”yes Elsa but not in this i have always know

having Chris will gonna be that difficult,” she


”but from the look of things he likes you,” said


”whatever Elsa! i guess Chris and i can never be

together, he deserves someone much better and

responsible than me,” Angela said almost in


”hey girls! Greg walked towards them as Angela

quickly wipe the tears in her eyes and fake a


”i miss you so much Angela,” he smiled.

”well Angela i have to go now, see you later,”

Elsa left them their.

”ummh Greg, so how was the holiday i’ve not

heard from you,” she put on a beautiful smile.

‘i so much miss the one i love most and that’s

you,” he smile as he held her hand.

”huh..well i have to go now,” she stammered.

”please Angela don’t avoid me like that, i thought

we are still friends? He asked.

”sure”, she nodded as they walk hand in hand to

the garden.

”i sometimes can’t imagine the world without

you, Angela i just hope you’ll give me chance to

be part of your life, please Angela you need to

think over this

again, can’t you just understand me, can’t you

understand my feelings even without my words.

Angela please i need you close to me all the

time that always make me feel better..

”umm.. Greg please let not talk about this my

answer still remain the same,”

”really, you still can’t consider me because of

someone you said you love. Are you that

heartless Angela, you don’t even care if am really

hurt by that, tell me what kind of person are

you,” he yelled and quickly left before she could

say anything. Angela breathe through her mouth

and sat down on the bench, this time she was so

confused and thought of accepting Greg..


Angela lye on her bed as she glance at her wrist

watch which was already 10pm, she can’t

believe she was unable to sleep until this time,

she thought about her dancing team and wonder

why she haven’t heard from them for the past

one week.

” they just suddenly ignore me like that,” She

thought and became so worried, She thought of

Chris which seems he don’t want her even as

her friend again and that makes tears drop from

her eyes.


Fiona was seated on her bed excepting a call

from someone, fortunately for her, her phone just

rang and it was the caller she was waiting for all


”please am gonna pay you any amount, ” she

said in low tone.

”so when? the caller asked.

”am gonna meet you tomorrow, she goes to party

every night but am not sure of now, well that

should happen on Saturday night, i will try to get

that information from her through a friend, i just

want you to make her drunk, rape her then

snapped your pictures together,” she


”okay then make sure we meet tomorrow,” the

caller assured.

Fiona smiled to herself. ”am gonna make sure

Angela is expelled from this school and will

forever regret this,” she laugh..





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