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Akwaugo – Episode 53

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We (the two boys from THE US) remained in the village after the burial so auntie Nneoma can come back with us. Amanze and his immediate elder brother returned to their stations. Amanze had to run his father’s business, his mother’s business and his at the same time.


Uncle Emma’s siblings didn’t go back to their base. There were private meetings between the uncle Emma’s family and his sons. They tried to divide the boys and it looked like they had succeeded. Amanze and his immediate elder brother who had left for their base were always absent. Their plan was to plant one of their uncles in the company to protect everyone’s interest. I wondered why they would be interested in what was happening in the company that didn’t belong to them. It looked like the first two sons were listening to them. I told auntie Nneoma not to say anything and instead intensify her prayers.


Our parish priest in Enugu called auntie Nneoma to find out how she was coping. She shared with him all she was going through. She poured out her heart to him. The boys were asking funny questions she couldn’t answer. They shared the false story of how their father started the business and how their mother turned him



against his family and refused him helping them. The sons abroad were the ones they were calling aside and telling these lies to. Those ones asked their mother questions she was not comfortable answering.


“This is manipulation. You need to pray against it. You have become weak. Your husband is dead but you are alive and now the head of the family. You decide what happens with your sons. You need to win them over. Call all of them and tell them honestly what happened. Then prayerfully give them a solution”


My auntie went on three days of dry fasting without food. She went to her husband’s grave crying and asking for him not to look away and the home he had built will get destroyed. I went to bring her in so it won’t create a scene.

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After she fasted, she sent for all her sons. She told them their father’s story and what he suffered in the hands of his eldest sister and her husband. She told them how they refused to settle him after his apprenticeship. She also let them know he took care of the man and even flew him abroad before the man died. After his death, their father housed his sister and children until she tried to get rid of them and let her children inherit her brother’s property.


She told them their father’s siblings would continue to scheme and their method would be to divide them. She told them she didn’t want that. Instead, she suggested they transfer the confusion to the camp of the enemy. According to the Corporate Affairs Commission documents of the company, she and her husband had equal shares of the company. Therefore, she was a major shareholder while her sons were to share their father’s shares. She had the final say. Still, she said she would be democratic. She mentioned, their father had many choice properties and lands. She suggested a property they could sell so they could start up a factory for their father’s siblings and their children. The recipients were not to handle the management and finance of the business but they could work and earn a salary if they wanted to be a part of it. Every quarter, they would receive part of the profits; it will be shared amongst all of them with a percentage of the profit retained in the business. At the end of every year, a percentage of the profit will be deducted and credited to Chief Emmanuel family trust fund. It was like payback for selling the property. It was a brilliant idea and could only have come from God’s wisdom.



The four boys held a meeting with their father’s family including elders of the family. Ifeatu spoke as the new head of the family. He told them of the plans the family had for them to own their own business and how it would be run. He told them they could not help them run their father’s company instead, they should bring their noble ideas to the new Managing directory, Financial Director, Lawyer and Accountant who will be employed to run the business successfully while they can work there; they will not occupy a management position and influence things around.


They were not happy about it. They preferred to sell the property and share the money. Auntie Nneoma expected this, so she advised her sons to let them know it was also an investment for themselves as the properties are legally theirs. The sons would not attend to any financial matters presented to them by any family member whether they accept or not as they have collected the N2,000,000 given to them by their brother. There was silence. I watched with auntie Nneoma from a safe distance.


An elder spoke up, he said to them, “It is clear our brother gave birth to wise children. I remember when we gathered together like this and he threatened to cut away from the family but God having mercy, he did not. If he had, who would be talking about owning a big factory now? My first question though, is your mother aware of this plan and is she in support?”


Ifeatu answered, “We informed her and she gave her blessings”


“She is a good woman with a kind heart. With that said, do what you want to do to secure the financial lives of your relatives whether they deserve it or not” there was murmuring from their relatives, “I am being honest. For Nneoma to release a building to be sold and used to help you all prosper shows she is not what you have always portrayed her to be. I have heard you call these children and try to turn them against each other and their mother. I prayed God will destroy the devices of the crafty. Now, go and manage your own business. They have said they wouldn’t give you access to the business treasury so don’t be deceived, you can be sacked even if you are part owners of the business”


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“Yes sir. We will open a trustee for them with the name late Chief Emmanuel Ejiofor Extended Family Trust Fund. The trust fund has only 40% of the business.



We, the children, will have 40% and the management will have 20%. They have to have a stake in the business to run it successfully. I think it is fair”


“My son, I worked in the bank for thirty-five years. I started as a clerk without education. I grew through the ranks. I have been retired for twenty-two years now and I am not afraid to speak the truth. They know me. What you have offered them, they would never have offered you in a billion years if they were in your shoes. Do it the way you want and they should take it or leave it. Don’t allow them to convince you otherwise. It is time they fight amongst themselves and expose their dirty linens in public. Emma is no longer here to cover them. We will be waiting”


Uncle Emma’s eldest sister replied, “Nothing is happening. Go and mind your business. We will not fight; we will work together to make it successful”


“You mean you will harass Ifeatu to put you as management? You have to pay for that position. Do you have money? Where are your children? You are a disgrace of a mother. You could not train your children well with all the help Emma rendered you. They were waiting for him to die so they inherit possessions that are not theirs. Emma’s children have shown face and they are men. They have proved they are men with wisdom like Emma and their mother” he turned to the boys and said, “as you leave here, change your phone numbers. Don’t agree to meet with any of them. That’s the best advice I can give you, I know them well”


“Are you trying to say we are witches or what?” she asked.


“Should I remind you of the past. The recording is still very available. Didn’t you call them bastards? They have proven not to be bastards but true sons of their father with wisdom. I will not argue with you. Within a short period, they will know the real you. If I were Nneoma, I will take my sons away from here where they will not be harmed”


There was an outburst after the elder finished speaking. All I saw was God at work. He used a spokesperson to reveal who the true enemies really were and also gave the boys sound warning. The man spoke without fear and they couldn’t attack him because he was comfortable and didn’t need to be bribed to take sides. A rich man with a conscience cannot be bought to oppress others.



The boys were the ones that begged auntie Nneoma to leave the village with them as they didn’t want to be motherless soon. God sent someone to give them a brain reset. They made her pack up and leave. Luckily, the family only had their Nigerian number as they had not gotten comfortable to get their foreign numbers. Amanze knew them and was ready for whoever called him to say one thing or the other.


After six months, the property was sold and the factory for the production of health care products was raised. The Managing Director just came back from Indonesia and partnered with them. He understood the structure and walked with it. None of uncle Emma’s nephews or nieces was willing to work in the factory. They were just waiting for when the sharing will commence. I laughed.


Amanze ran the businesses while auntie Nneoma mourned her beloved husband in peace. I stayed with them. Amanze asked auntie Nneoma to move to Abuja for some time to stay with her grandchildren but she insisted she will do that after she had removed her white cloth.


Exactly one year after his burial, auntie Nneoma went back to the village to remove her white clothes and burn them all her mourning clothes. They had a memorial service and reception for uncle Emma which attracted important personalities as Amanze had connected with them in business. Amanze had made his family proud. We stayed for five days in the village before returning to Enugu.


After we left the village, I began to have a sensation in my right leg. I didn’t know what it was but it affected me. Initially, it was like a sand fly bit me and then it got to the stage it was beyond that. The bite was very itchy and turned into a sore.


From there the sore began to expand. I showed the sore to my Medical director and he recommended drugs for treatment which I knew what their functions were but it worsened.


It turned into a big ulcer and refused to dry up. I was tested for diabetes and I didn’t have the disease. It was embarrassing and disgusting. I couldn’t go to work after some time. I went to the teaching hospital I graduated from. I did tests upon tests. I did scans and samples were taken from the sore but nothing was found.



The last Consultant I saw looked at me and said, “this is not a medical matter. You have offended someone who put poison and you stepped on it. I have seen it before. There are two ways to handle this; go native or go to church. I would advise native using herbs. It will go. I am talking from experience”


I went home heartbroken. I didn’t want to believe what he said to me. I cried for days asking God why he had forsaken me. I had put my trust in him, why did he forsake me? I had to leave for the village in search of a solution. As a Christian, I refused to visit the native doctors (dibia) but rather look out for trado-medical practitioners. My mother wept when she saw me. She couldn’t understand how this could have happened to me. My father went to work. He went in search of a solution. I could see it in his eyes, he wasn’t happy. Joy helped and supported me when she was off work while Chika and Obinna were regular visitors.


The first place we went to, I wasn’t comfortable with the man. He sounded like he was diabolic and I didn’t want anything to hinder my faith. He talked about performing sacrifice which didn’t go down well with me. We went to a few other places but I refused to be treated there as my spirit rejected the place.


The news of my illness had spread and people came to visit to either sympathise with us or confirm the story or make a mockery. The sad part was family members were the one that made the most mockery. My friends only came to see me once. Many thought that was my end. My cousin wanted to take some of my things believing I wouldn’t make it because the sore was getting worse. The parish priest visited often to pray with me.


Scholastica came to visit me in the village. She had heard what happened. She stayed with me overnight. At midnight, she woke me up.


“Sister Akwaugo, this thing is not ordinary. It will not go with the way you are handling it. In the morning I will take you somewhere. We will not go with anyone, just two of us. Do not look at anyone’s face. Just follow me and trust me. You will get your healing”


“Where are you taking me to alone? I can’t leave here without telling my parents where I am going”



“Your brother will come with us but, he will remain in the car. She won’t attend to us if we are more than two. She is very strict”


“Who is this person we are going to see?”


“You will know soon”


The next morning, as early as 5am, she helped me get ready. My mother was surprised when we were dressed and out in the sitting room for morning prayers. After the prayers, I asked Ikenna if he could take us out that morning and use that opportunity to drop his wife at work. I told my folks I was going to get some drugs and go to the church. They didn’t ask further questions.


We got to the church at exactly, 7am. Scholastica walked into the building and after five minutes came out for me. Ikenna wasn’t comfortable allowing me to go in alone but I assured him I had some form of peace in the environment.


As we drove in, we met a building which looked like a hall. Behind it, was a magnificent story building. It was big and well designed. It shared the same compound. There were flowers around the compound. They were well-tended. Whoever paid attention to such details was worth listening to.


We walked into the church building which looked like a hall and then came out into another opening. That opening led to the magnificent building. As we went into the house, we were greeted by two men who welcomed us very well and led us into the sitting room. Sitting in a chair in the room was the woman of God. I greeted her and she welcomed me with smiles. She offered me a seat and I sat down.


I had worn a very long gown and bandaged the sore so it would not stain the car or be offensive to whom we were going to see. She kept looking at that leg as she talked to her people. I whispered and asked Scholastica if she told her about the leg but she said no, she told her I was under spiritual attack and she asked her to bring me. We waited patiently until she was ready to talk to me. She smiled at me again and it infectious, I returned the smile.


“You are a Catholic?”



“Yes, I am”


“I can see your chaplet. Where is your husband?”


“I don’t have any ma”


“You have. He is coming but not as you expect. But, you will realise when he comes because he will put first”


“Ok ma” I was wondering what marriage had to do with the sore on my leg which was increasing in size.


“Your auntie escaped and then they set it for you. You haven’t told her, have you?”


“I haven’t told her. She is in Abuja; I don’t want her to worry”


“You are a good daughter. She is a good mother. If this thing had caught her, she would have joined her husband by now. It caught you instead. Do you know why?”


“I don’t ma”


“Because God knows you will be able to bear it and give him a testimony. What I am thinking here is if to return to the sender or just kill the person for this wickedness”


“Kill? Please no, biko. I don’t believe in killing”


“Then I will return it. Do you know why I am helping you?”


“Why ma?”


“You are a good person. You have been good to many people. You were very good to Scholastica. Your failed relationships were because you forgot about yourself and lived to please others. That is not who you were created to be. You were created to touch lives with your hands and words. Go and further your education in psychiatry. Do not leave your profession. Your husband will see your gifts and



would not want to be departed from you. Mark today, it will happen. When he comes, he will want to push you to achieve more. You will be richer and more famous than him but he will not envy you rather he will help attain even greater heights. Don’t expect him to be rich or very handsome; he will not come in that package. Accept him when he comes. Allow people to make mockery but they will celebrate you in a matter of years”


This was not what brought me here. I had listened to what she said attentively thinking she would give me a solution for my sore but she hadn’t mentioned it. I watched Scholastica holding her phone closer to the woman. Was she recording what she was saying? I did not believe in soothsayers, diviners and vision seers. I avoided them like a plague. But there was something different about this woman fondly called prophetess. There was something attractive about her. I couldn’t dislike her and the way she spoke was without the effort of trying to convince me.


“The plan was for this wound to take your life. The plan was for money to be spent on your health for months without solution and then they would have brought you home and left you to die a miserable death. You didn’t give them that pleasure. How many months has this been?”


“Almost three months”


“You will marry and have two children, a boy and a girl. They will look like you and have your brain. Pray against sorrow of any type. Pray you don’t lose anyone. Someone dear to you. If you pray against it, it won’t happy once you believe” she looked at me keenly and asked, “where is your auntie?”


“I said she is in Abuja”


“Call her now. Tell her to meet you at Enugu today. Call her as we speak. Let me talk to her”


I was sceptical about calling her but Scholastica kept urging me to call. I decided to call her so as not to appear disobedient. Auntie Nneoma picked up and we exchanged pleasantries. I told her someone wanted to speak with her. I handed over the phone to her.



“Good morning ma. Akwaugo said you are in Abuja. If you want her to remain alive, come back to Enugu and take her to your husband’s village”


“Why? What happened?”


“You will know when you get back”


“Please give the phone back to Akwaugo” she gave me back the phone. “What is happening?”


“Auntie, it is a long story. Remember that sore I had mentioned to you, it turned to something that refused to heal. My friend brought me somewhere she wanted to speak with you”


“It refused to heal and you kept quiet? I am coming down now. Let’s meet at the airport” and hung up.


“When she comes back and you get to the village, let her wash your leg in front of the entrance of the door and the sore will return to the sender. She should just wash it with water she has prayed into and that is all”


“That’s all? That simple. I have gone to many places for this to heal and it couldn’t”


“After washing it, go back to the hospital. Try it and see”


I was angry now. She wasted my time telling me tales for how long only to ask me to wash my leg in front of auntie Nneoma’s village house. As I stood up to leave, she stopped me by saying, “Akwaugo, stop dwelling on the past and the mistakes you made. Concentrate on the future and all that will come with it. You will get better. Don’t come back to thank me, I did what I was instructed to do. Don’t come back ever. God bless you child”


I pondered on her last words as we went back to the vehicle. I was distracted from my thoughts by auntie Nneoma’s call to say she got a flight that was leaving in 45 minutes. We drove to Enugu airport to pick her up. When she saw me she wept.


“Why did you tell me? Why didn’t you say anything?” she repeated on our way to



her village. I was more concerned about what we would do when we get to the village. Scholastica asked us to stop and she bought a bag of pure water. We continued to the village.


When we got there, we drove into the compound. Scholastica asked auntie Nneoma to pray over the bag of pure water and use it. We did as instructed. The sore was very big and deep. Auntie Nneoma in tears washed the leg. I endured the pain as she washed it thoroughly. She asked me not to bandage again until we get to the hospital. We left the village for the hospital. I went to the teaching hospital to meet the Consultant who recommended I try trado-medical. He was glad to see me. I asked him I needed treatment now for my leg. He surprisingly didn’t ask any questions. He placed me on medication and some to be used on the leg. I stayed back in Enugu with Scholastica and auntie Nneoma while Ikenna went back to Abakaliki.


Scholastica and I had time to talk that evening. She told me she was introduced to the woman by her aunt who was seeking the fruit of the womb. The woman told her she was not with her husband, her husband will come. The man with her had had two children with another woman and was deceiving her. She didn’t believe. One day, her sister-in-law took her to a woman’s house. There she saw her husband’s picture on the wall. She couldn’t believe until her husband came out from inside the house. A child came out too and called his daddy. That was when she realized this man she had been supporting, taking care of, who pretended to be a good and faithful husband was a not her true husband. Her family returned the dowry. Immediately she was free, she met the man she is currently married to and had three children with him. She is happy.


“When I met her, she told me to fight for you the best way I could and I would be rewarded. I was rewarded. I was sent to the university, served, got a job and have my own place. That was God’s plan. When I heard what happened to you, I rushed to see you. Some people claimed it was what you did but I knew it wasn’t. I know you to be a good person. That’s why I decided to help you. I recorded everything she said. Listen to it again and understand all she was saying. Take note, they will all happen”


“That woman looks educated and enlightened. What is she doing there when she can go to bigger cities if she is that good”



“Sister Akwaugo, that woman worked with FAAN for twenty years. She was the accountant at the Enugu airport before God asked her to leave. She never collects a dime from anyone to pray or see a vision for them. The house she is living in with her workers was built by a brother instructed to build. Immediately after building the house, he became even richer than before but he didn’t live long. But, he left an inheritance for his children the wife of the man still takes care of her. You have to be instructed to give before you do so. She asked you not to come back, you have to listen to her”


“I will believe all this when my leg heals” Scholastica stayed for two more days before leaving.


A week after the washing of the leg, I noticed the sore was drying up. I called the consultant and went to see him. He was also surprised it was drying. He prescribed some injections and drugs to aid the healing process. By two weeks, the sore was almost gone. I asked auntie Nneoma to go back to Abuja while I returned to Umuoji. I could take it from there.


I was fully healed a month after my encounter with the prophetess. In two months, there was no sign on my skin such happened to me. I couldn’t believe it. What she said happened. I became scared. She said so many things I didn’t take note of. I began to pray even more. I took Ikenna to help me trace the place; they didn’t allow me in without an appointment. I called Scholastica to ask how I could see her. She reminded me, “she said you shouldn’t come back to thank her. She doesn’t want to see you again as she has fulfilled her purpose in your life. She won’t see you again. I have sent you the voice recording of all she said; listen to it”


That was my saving grace. I listened to it daily for one week and then I channelled my prayer point right. I prayed for me to recognize my husband when he shows. I prayed that I will not lose anyone. I prayed that I will be successful in all I do.


Because of her, I applied to specialize in Psychiatry as she had mentioned. I left work and faced it full time while using my makeup business to sustain myself. I made far more money from makeup than from practising Medicine. I could fend for myself and even meet up with contributions for my home. AKWAUGO

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