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Akwaugo – Episode 48

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Dubie wanted a date for the wedding, both traditional and white wedding. I asked for permission from work for it but was not going to be given enough time off for the wedding until I had worked for some months. We decided to get married in August; both traditional and white wedding on the same day. Father agreed on a date and it was settled.


I was receiving anonymous messages from a strange number calling me names. The messages were short such as “Bitch” “Leave here before I eliminate you” “You can’t reap where you didn’t sow” “It will end in tears for you”. It was coming on a daily basis and soon it began to come several times a day. I completely ignored them and didn’t tell anyone about them thinking it was a wrong number they were sending it to.


One day, a message came in but it was different this time. It was on a Sunday evening and I was on duty that afternoon. The message was clear, “I am with your husband-to-be at Ogudu. Meet us at this address”. I became suspicious. Husband-to-be was the red flag there.


I picked my phone and called Dubie. “Where are you?”


“I am at home. I have some friends over”


“You are at home?”


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“Yes, I am”



I decided to ignore the message. Then another message came in, “You just called him and he said he was at home. Go to the house and check if he is there. He is here with me”. She sent a picture of him on a bed that wasn’t his”


“Who is this?” I replied.


“Come and see where he is”


“I don’t care where he is. Let him stay there”


But I was troubled. Immediately after my shift, I went to the house. I peeped in, Dubie’s car wasn’t there. I didn’t want to raise suspicion by entering inside so I left for the address she gave me. When I got there, Dubie’s car was parked outside the house. The person was right after all. I stayed inside the taxi and called him. He didn’t pick for some time but he eventually picked up.


“Where were you and why did it take you so long to pick up?”


“I was in the toilet”

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“You are still in the house?”


“Yes, I am”


“Then come outside and pay for my taxi, I don’t have cash”


Dubie dropped the call without asking me any questions. I came down from the taxi and hid in the shadows to wait for him to come out. He came out with Isioma right behind him. As he tried to open the door, I stepped out from the shadows for him to see me.


“This is home, right?” I asked him.


“Akwaugo! Why did you do this? Why did you set me up? To what end?”


“Are you turning it against me? Really, I am to blame for this? You cheat on me and I am to blame for snooping? It is still Isioma that can handle you that you came



to? I get it; I can never be good enough for you. Even when we were fornicating, I can bet my last dime you were still seeing Isioma. Marry her because you can never marry me”


I turned and walked to the taxi and asked him to drive off. I went back to my apartment but I knew he would come there so I went to my colleague’s room to stay. I was hurt and heartbroken. Why would he do this to me? Why wasn’t I enough for him? Why wasn’t our love enough for him?


He called me a thousand times but I didn’t pick up. Uju called too but I didn’t respond too. I just put the phone on silent and relaxed there. I spent the night in my colleague’s room as she was on night duty with her boyfriend and she could sense I was avoiding going back to my room.


The next morning, I went back to my room to get ready for my duty. I had my bath and was getting ready when I heard knocks on my door. I ignored it and got ready. As I opened the door to leave, Dubie was there.


“Do whatever you want to do but please don’t ignore me” I didn’t say I word to


him. I tried to walk away but he chose then to create a scene. He went on his knees,


held on to my legs and announced, “I messed up. I did wrong. I have been


unfaithful. But I love you and don’t want to be with anyone else. Please Akwaugo,


forgive me. I swear to you on my father’s grave, it will never happen again. I


promise you; I will do anything to make it up to you”


The scene attracted attention and people came out of the room to see what was going on. Dubie knew how much I hated being the centre of attraction and he decided to play it this way. I kicked his leg away and walked away. He came after me trying to stop me but I refused to stop or give him attention. I came downstairs, took a bike and took off. I was in the hospital before he could get there.


When I came out to close for the day, I saw him out there with Uju. Uju asked me to calm down and give him an opportunity to explain himself. I declined to listen to his explanation and I made it clear to him I couldn’t marry him. I told him there was nothing anyone in this world would tell me for me to marry him. I apologized to Uju for not listening to her and appealed to her to keep out of our situation.



Dubie was in my apartment every day for two weeks but I refused to see him. I had my mind made up. I called my mother and told her what happened. I told her I had decided not to go ahead with the marriage. She was worried about what people would say. She asked that we pray about it and ask that if it was the will of God for us to go our separate ways, we would.


I took up other people’s duties so I could have a full weekend to myself. Immediately I got it, I went to Uju’s house. Her husband was around. I was calmer now and for the first time, I told her what transpired.


“That’s not what he told me. He said he was home and then she called him asking for a favour and he went to her place to help her only for you to call saying you were outside the house. He said he lied he was home that was why you were upset”


I showed her the messages from Isioma prior to the incident. Then I showed her the message and the picture. She was dumbfounded. “He lied from the beginning. He was wearing the same outfit. She wants him and I think they deserve each other”


“How are you sure they did anything?”


“Look at my call log. I called him ten times and he didn’t pick claiming to be in the toilet. Someone that goes to the toilet with his phone left it in the room for that long”


“So, they were doing something?”


‘Definitely. He will never pick a call if he is in the middle of that”


“What’s the way forward? Men misbehave, there are no guarantees with them”


“He is not the man I want. If he cannot abstain for me then he cannot be with me. I can never give my body to any man who is not my husband. Dubie I loved with my whole heart has paid me back with evil. He is a forgotten case; we can never be together. I have given up on men”



“Given up on men? That’s funny. I have guys who I can introduce you to. I can matchmake you with some of my friends and my husband’s friends”


“I want to be a reverend sister. I don’t want to be a toy in the hands of men anymore”


“How many men have you known that you have given up? Do you know how many men I dated before my husband? I was wife material 100 yards. I cooked and cleaned for some. Others I gave my money to help them find their foot so they would marry me. Did they? Look at you, the two men you dated will do anything to have you back but it wasn’t the same with me. I had given up hope of getting married when my husband showed up. I dated him for fun believing he would not marry me but would go for a younger girl. When he proposed, I was shocked. I was too shocked to even say yes. I still didn’t believe until after the traditional wedding. Will he cheat on me? I don’t know but I have made up my mind not to pry. As long as he shows me love and respects, whatever he does outside doesn’t concern me. With the little one on its way, he is as excited as I am”


“You are pregnant? Congratulations!”


“Thank you. We are keeping it a secret until we can’t anymore. I had to tell you though”


“Thanks for telling me; I feel so honoured”


“Dubie is a man. My only issue is him going back to the same lady. Even the lady in question has self-esteem issues; why hold on to a man that wants someone else?”


“I will wait for the man God has destined for me to come. Dubie isn’t that man and I am not ready to compromise my values to keep a man”


“Do whatever you feel is best for you. Should I arrange dates for you?”


“No thank you. I am not in a hurry to get a new man; I will take my time”



Dubie refused to let go. He went to Enugu to see auntie Nneoma. He told her the same story. She asked me to come during my off days so we could discuss the issue. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t say No to her. I went to see her. I was surprised to see Dubie there with her. She asked me what happened and for the first time Dubie was hearing what truly transpired and he was speechless.


I told auntie Nneoma HOW Isioma barged into his office while we were still just friends and made some nasty comments about me. Then I caught them in his bedroom with her wearing just his singlet. I forgave him and he promised it wouldn’t happen again. I showed her the several messages and threats I received and ignored them until I got that message and the picture. I showed her when I received the message and when Dubie claimed to be at home. I called him while he was in her house and he still lied he was at home until I said he should come out that was when he rushed out of her house.


“Chidubem, you told me she sent someone to follow you. You told me she set you up. So, you had been in the lady’s house all day? What were you doing there? If the lady is who you desire, why are you coming for our innocent Akwaugo? Go and marry her” then she turned to me and said, “and you Akwaugo, you took a risk. Why didn’t you investigate the threats? What if she had killed you? Can’t you see the girl is obsessed with him? Don’t try it o. She even sent her house address so you will catch him redhanded”


Dubie composed himself and said, “I love Akwaugo, I got carried away by the flesh. I have repented and I have cut off from her. In the light of this new information, going back to her is completely ruled out. I am ashamed of all I did. I never knew how much it would hurt you. Please forgive me”


“You are remorseful because you got caught. If you didn’t, you would have continued after marriage. I will not advise my enemy to marry someone who has a lover who is obsessed with him talk more of my daughter. Akwaugo cannot be struggling with another woman for your love and attention. I would prefer she goes back to Emeka than marry you”


“Auntie Nneoma, I am not going back to Emeka. Both men are bad news. Maybe I am not meant to marry. How can I marry at eighteen and attempt again at twenty-five still without success? I might just join the convent”



Dubie added, “Akwaugo, ours isn’t over. If you can just believe I am a changed man and forgive me; you will be amazed at what I will do for you”


“I have heard, give me time to pray over it” AKWAUGO


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