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Akwaugo – Epilogue

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I am two years older than my husband but he acts as though he is my father. I learnt about submission from my parents’ relationship. It is very easy to submit when your partner treats you right. From day one, Samuel treated me with love, care and respect. He saw both of us together and he decided we would be. He loved me more than I loved him initially until I caught the love bug. Even auntie Nneoma couldn’t understand why he chose to care for me this much. Her only conclusion was that God reserved the best for last.





My brothers had wonderful relationships with their wives. They shared the same vision and the women allowed their husbands to lead. My father led. He was filled




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with wisdom that we just followed. My brothers are inculcating the same in their families. The choice of a spouse determines the outcome of your relationship.





Our marriage had been a role model for many marriages. People gossip saying things like, “It is because she has the money he is worshipping her”, what they failed to understand is that he had been worshipping me from the day he first met me. It was easy to give him my all. My opinion in any situation mattered. He brags about me and my intelligence. He pushes me to make it. He wants me to rise to heights unimaginable while he takes care of the home front. He wants us to have PhDs. He has a passion for what he does and I can see how much he loves teaching and cooking.





Samuel travelled to Nigeria to do some work at home. He stayed there for three months and came back. The Christmas of that year, he suggested we visited Nigeria together. I was excited about the trip. I was even more excited when my siblings agreed to come home too. All of us with our families would be under one roof. We decided to have a memorial for our father and also thanksgiving for what God has done for us thus far.


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We came home. We landed in Abuja. My mother-in-law took the next flight to Calabar. Samuel and I with the children stayed with Amanze and family. It was such an interesting reunion. Amanze had refused to relocate. He wanted to keep his father’s legacy. He took care of everything. His immediate elder brother had joined the seminary to become a priest. He was focused on his calling and hardly came home. Chiamaka didn’t trust Amanze and so she refused to relocate without him. They were both doing very well. I had missed Nigeria.





We went to Calabar. We were glad to be there. The driver Samuel hired drove us to a different part of town. It was a new estate. I was surprised. We drove into the estate down the road and then turned to the right. There stood a big white building. We drove into the house; it was a twin duplex. One half belonged to us while the other half was on rent. Samuel had built a lovely home for us in Calabar and I loved it. I stepped into our house and I was filled with joy. I wondered how he did it. He has refused to say anything.





His mother joined us and was filled with joy. Samuel asked her to stay with us in the house but she declined. She had missed her house and her family who had








gathered in her home to receive her. I was pleased. I knew it would be a memorable holiday. We stayed in Calabar for a week before we travelled to my village to visit. My mother took the children to stay with her while I moved to my room with my husband. It brought back so many memories.





Uju contacted me on WhatsApp. We were still close but work and life issues drew us apart. She asked me where I was and I told her. I had mentioned to her we would be back for the Christmas holiday.





“Emeka lost his dad. The burial is tomorrow. I think you should attend. He has been asking after you”





“What of Jacinta? What of Adanne? I don’t want to have any issues with anyone”





“Jacinta is a shadow of herself. She lives with regret. She will not be a challenge for you. Nobody listens to her. Attend to honour the man that still had your name on his lips before he died. Emeka is divorced. He caught his girl cheating. He had to sell off all he had and move the money to someone else before confronting her otherwise he would have been penniless. She moved out immediately he found out. She moved in with her new lover and their two children. The guy is very rich. She is driving a Ferrari now. All those posting of sexy pictures paid off for her. She has a daughter with the new man now. Emeka will do anything to have you back. I hope you are still hot”





“That’s not what I came for. I will ask Samuel if we can attend the burial ceremony tomorrow. I would like to come with him so Emeka doesn’t have ideas”





“If you want to. Emeka will still want to talk to you. They guy is tired of life and the mistakes he has made. He has to start from the beginning”





“It is so unfortunate for him”





I asked Samuel if we should attend the burial. He agreed on the condition that all of us would attend; my brothers and I would attend with our spouses.





We attended the burial. I was happy we went as a family. I had matured a lot but I still looked good with great skin courtesy of Samuel and his diets. I wore a native








auntie Nneoma made for me. I stood out from the villagers in the church. Samuel understood I would be meeting with my ex and gave me the space.





Emeka’s family was shocked to see me. They knew I had gotten married and relocated but seeing me looking so beautiful and having a doting husband was a blow to their faces. Emeka hugged me when he saw me and so did his brothers and Ugonna. Adanne just stared at me with a hand across her core while the other balanced on it with the hand on her chin while she looked shocked. I introduced my husband to all of them after the interment. Until I left, I didn’t see Jacinta. I paid my last respects to a man who showed me love when his hands were tied. I appreciated all he did for me.





Emeka asked me when I was going back. I told him I would leave on Monday as we would be having my father’s memorial on Sunday. He promised to attend. Samuel didn’t bat an eyelid seeing us talk. I was afraid he would be upset but he wasn’t. I asked him if he was comfortable with our (Emeka and I’s) friendship and he admitted he was. He had no doubts where I was concerned.





Emeka visited the next day and relaxed with us. We all talked and made jest. All the while we were talking, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I was proud of myself. I would have missed the good time I was having if I had remained with Emeka and I knew it. When he was ready to go, I observed everyone stayed back and allowed me to see him off. We walked out together.





“It is nice to see you again. I missed you. I mean, I miss talking to you and sharing with you. I have made mistakes I regret in life. One of them is the way I treated you. We would have had children in high school by now. I messed up big time and I regret all my actions and inactions. I like your husband. You got a man who deserves you. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I’m sorry for all the hurt. I am sorry for not standing by you. Forgive me for everything. You loved me and I loved you too but I was coward. My wife left me and took my two boys. I only see them when it is convenient for her. I don’t want to get married again but I have to. My father made me promise I would. At my age, I am still searching for a wife. Do you understand my dilemma? If you were single, I would have come on my knees to you. Forgive me”








“Forgive you for what? You were not my destiny. All that happened was for a purpose. I want you to understand that. I am with the person ordained for me by God. You need to relax and let God lead you. Ask him to give you your missing rib and once you find her I hope you won’t let her go”





“How do I find her? I think you were the one and I let you God”





“He is a God of second chances. Trust in him”





“I was told your husband was much younger than you but you both look very young. He seems a good man. I hope you are genuinely happy”





“I couldn’t have asked for a better man. I am very happy”





“Pray for me. I have many problems; pray for me”





“Pray for you. Pray for yourself by yourself. You will be amazed the way God answers prayers”





“I still love you. I want you to know that”





“I appreciate it but I love my husband”





“I am proud of you. You have kept a young man tied to your apron strings. A Calabar man for that matter. Anyway, you should be able to keep him busy. I remember how I used to rush back just to be with you. You drove me mad those days”





“This is why you can’t find a genuine woman. You are living in the past. You should concentrate on the future. I have to go back in; I can’t take advantage of my husband’s silence to be disrespectful. It was nice seeing you again”





“Can I have your number so we can talk?”





“I don’t think it is a good idea” I ended it there. I excused myself and back into our home. Emeka’s ship had sailed a very long time ago. I had no feeling when I was








with him except for the gratitude that I escaped. Whether he finds a wife or he doesn’t is no concern of mine. I was focused on y beautiful family”





I remembered how our relatives looked at us with envy. They could not believe we would amount to anything and now the three of us are in Canada. We became many families’ goals. I was glad to be a role model and someone people would want to emulate.





I am happy with my life. I have all I ever wanted. Even though it tarried with mistakes on my part, it came to past. I love Samuel and he loves me too. I have an open mind about infidelity although Samuel has never given me an opportunity to be suspicious. He once told me I was very special that was why my exes wanted me back. I don’t feel that special. I am just a well-brought girl who agreed to follow her loved ones’ instructions and made a positive life out of it. It is never too late to retrace your steps.





Akwaugo signing out.





My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and their livelihood during this period. May the good Lord comfort you and make ways for you.





Akwaugo has come to an end. Like I said, a new authour will take over for now until I am back. I need the break to pursue my career.




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  1. Wow!I read this Akwaugo story,I know God is really good to us if only we wait patiently for HIS answer to our prayer.
    To believe God can do wonders to us.
    Have faith in yourself inspite of the problems and challenges that comes out ways.
    To also know that age is just a number, and marriage is sacred not minding your tribe.
    It is good to have respect for elders, youths, and those around you.
    Thank you for this great story but great message.

  2. Beautiful story of patience humility and the utmost, Trust in God. I love the story. It kept me glued for days now. I enjoy stories such as these. Thank you

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