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A Week With Her Boss – Episode 9

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I’ve always loved cooking, but my home has a tiny kitchen and the little money I have for food budgeting does not include the best cut of meat. our meal plan for the next two days cost more than what I usually spend on myself in two weeks.


this is definitely an inconvenient vacation but who am I to turn down the opportunity to eat healthy and delicious meal, even if I’m the one who’s cooking. “something smells good” Richie pops into the kitchen and looks into the pan. “I thought I said steak”


“you did sir but you didn’t say how you wanted it, so I opted to make my mom’s swiss steak sir”


“I normally put it on the grill”


“well you told me to cook dinner and I’ve made swiss steak. it’s good I promise. do you want to taste the sause?” I offer him the spoon, cupping my hand beneath it to avoid spilling tomato sauce onto the white tiled floor.


I didn’t know that a man licking a spoon could be so erotic but it is. the way his tongue drags across it……. it drives me crazy.


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Richie takes his time tasting, winking at me as he closes his lip over the spoon bowl.


“if all your dishes are this good, maybe I’ll keep you here longer than a week” I cleared my throat and look around the kitchen.


“could you please show me where you keep the plates and glasses for dinner?” “i think they are in the dining room. I’ll go check” vulnerably he went.


he doesn’t return from his search, but he is waiting for me in the dining room when I entered with our meal and a bottle of red wine.


“I found where the dishes are stored. I don’t cook” he said in some sort of explanation.


“when I do, not here”


“at your girlfriend house?” I asked pointedly while serving our foods.


“no. I don’t think I’ve had any of those since high school. wait there’s this girl in


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college but that was just like two night”


noticing my shock Richie shrugs one shoulder


“I don’t have time for serious dating. nothing real” he paused then continue


when my dad was ready to hand over the company, I had to prove myself to the shareholders. if I ever had to really date someone, she would have to be someone they approve of” the sarcasm sounds like a new word to my ears. in my time as his employee I’ve never heard anything but professional pass his lips.


“sir?” I questioned.


“to answer what you’re really trying to get. I don’t have a girl friend nor wife or ex wife so nobody will come here and question why you’re here”


that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to know but it’s reassuring though. “what about your parents?” I ask


“mother is bed ridden. she had been ill for a number of years” riches takes a large bite and chew it thoughtfully.


we wat quietly for five minutes or so until Richie cleared his plate.


“can I get you more sir?” he nods giving me a tense smile as his thanks when I sit down again.


“more wine?” he ask


“just a little, I don’t drink much” I waits until he pours for both of us, then I asked what has been bugging me all day.


“with how busy you are, how busy we both are at the office how could you mange to stay at home for a week without being there?”


the smirk I’ve grown to love over the years comes back with a playful wink “i’m the boss. I can do anything”


standing up he says”I’ll see you 6:30 for breakfast” then sweeps out of the room we’re actually talking. I was getting to know more about him, then he just shut down as if I pushed the wrong button. being closed out like that makes me want to leave this dirty dishes and walk out. but I can’t.


I awake to pounding and I pull my pillow over my head. the neighbors must have started the work on their new garage


“go the fu.ck to sleep” i mutters before the sound register in my Brain. I don’t have to be at the hospital until later so all I have to do is sleep in all day—- the noise came again. harder than before.


it’s not construction but someone pounding on a door.


in a burst of terror, I sprung up remembering where I am. oh no…. I over slept





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