A Week With Her Boss – Episode 2

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my heart made a “tick-tock”sound as I made my way into me lamant office. I paused before entering.


i’m walking into the lion’s den now. I could be coming out in two ways….. either


with tears on my face and my sack letter held in hand or…. I tried not to think of


the other way knowing mr lamant doesn’t givev second chances.


I entered. the way he’s leaning up against His desk can be considered hot. his legs are spread showing the muscles on his tight. someone who is desperate for a job would consider him more than the job.


“you just lost me an extremely important client” his voice husky,full of resentment. “i’m sorry mr lamant….. I’ve try to make new copies


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…I can add well contact the client…..”


“no!” he interrupts.


“do you think they’ll wait. they are multi-billionaire who came to me because they knows I’m the best and they won’t give a shit for fu.ckups” he roars. every bit of word echoes the room.


my heart sink in my chest as I heard him talk.


“I need you to do one little thing….. just a little thing Cara….a little thing” he sighs


before going around his desk.


now the worst is about to happen.I know he’s getting ready to fire me, no! I can’t let that happen.


i need this job my father does, my brother too…. in short all my life depends on the


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salary in getting from this job.


no company would pay as much as Mr lamant does.


“please don’t fire me….. I need this job” I blink back the tears that have start to


gather in my eyes.


he laughed.almost a wicked one.


“you have a poor way of showing how much you need this job, others in your site would have perform without mistake”


he can get any number of person to replace me without thinking that I need the money to pay medical bills….my brothers tuition also. if I lose this job, i’m the only one that suffers.


“please Richie” I starts hoping that using his first name would soften him. something, I don’t know, maybe the tone of my voice breaks the icy walls between us. his glare that was full of resentment is now thoughtful.


when I started working, i had dirty fantasies about him. but my boss had never been anything but professional and cold towards me. to him i’m the w personal assistant who can’t seem to make anything right.


“i need this job”i repeated.


“I’ll do anything to keep it please” I’ll go any length if it means to keep my job. “please Richie”


he turn toward me.


“you should think before you make he this offer Cara” there’s a warning in his


voice and I don’t know what it means.


“i’m serious. I’ll do anything”I said slowly.


“people better than you have begged more elegantly” Richie said smirking “what….” I stops myself before I can utter the word. gosh!! my boss is actually flirting with me.


I think all over his words…. he wants me to do it elegantly


so he means begging…..


I can sense there’s something growing between us.


going around his desk, I drop down on my knee beside his chair. i’m grateful he’s not facing me cause my FACE is already burning red. “please mr lamant i’m begging you… let me keep this job”


he didn’t utter a word and his silence is driving me crazy.


“i’m ready to do whatever you need me to do. please just this once” I begged. my hands fumble with the hem of my clothes as I come up with what to say. he leans forward. i’m sure he’s enjoying every bit of it.




his hands is hot as it cups my chin and I’m held captive by the light touch.


“you have one chance Cara”he smirks as he speaks knowing he has an effect on me.



“you’re going to come to my house tomorrow. you just have A WEEK to prove that you can listen and obey your boss. of you succeed you stay. if you fail……” he trails off


“if you fail, you’re automatically fired. so tomorrrow Cara make sure you desk and tidied up”


i’m still kneeling when he gets up and leaves. it takes me 10 good minutes before I could stand up.


did that just happen???


am I actually going to go through whatever he has planned for me??










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