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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Prologue

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Date: 11, March, 2029
Time: 10:pm
Location: Conference Room.
Author’s Pov:
Article xxiv
Section 1: The nineteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the united States is hereby replaced.
Section 2: This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission. (Declared in force March, 11, 1404).
Article xxiv
Section 1: No female citizen in the united States shall be allowed to serve in any elected or appointed office, to hold employment outside the home without a responsible male related by blood or appointed her guardian by law, or to exercise control over money or other property or asset’s without a written permission from a Male relative.
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Section 2: All citizen of the united States female gender shall be deemed legally minors, regardless of their chronological age, except that they shall be tried as adults in courts of law if they are eighteen years of age or older.
Section 3: The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
The president with all smiles, reads. every other Congress man in the room smiled to themselves nodding, saying it’s for the best and for the future.
**************★***************★****************★**************** *★****************★***********************
Date: 11, January, 2029.
Time: 10:00pm
Location: Frederick’s Mansion
Cara Pov:
I sat on my bed and stare out the window, staring over the city. Have got to admit, it those looks beautiful at night, but I still hate it no matter how beautiful it looks, maybe I don’t hate the city or the building, maybe I hate the people living in it, mostly the men species.
I just couldn’t understand why things were the way they are, why women had to be the weaker vessels. isn’t that what they call us, we the women.
I don’t understand why women had to obey every fu.cking command of a man, why we the women species were treated as trash. The only usefulness in us women is to pleasure the men, and give birth. But the men are wrong, we could be more than just that, the women were not just created to be fu.cked, when the men feels like it You know when I was little my mum told me, i could be anything I want, that I could dream, how can I dream when the men species are really good at crushing dreams.
“Forgive me my lord.” I flinched on hearing my mum screams, this wasn’t new to me, though I can’t say I’m use to it, how I can I be use to a man hitting a woman.
I try to tell my mum this is not right, the way of the world shouldn’t be like this, a woman is not supposed to be treated as slaves, unimportant. We are suppose to be appreciated. But mums only reply is “it’s a man world, we are here to serve the men me and you, it’s the way the world has always been, nothing can change that.” I will.
One thing I know is that anyone can change it if they try, but we don’t, we just bend to the rule of the men. Like common it’s only a blind man that can see that a man does need a woman, it’s not all about strength, they need us for their daily meal, to support the family with the money we earn, some women even work harder than a man.
“Sis can I come in.” I heard my little sister’s voice behind my room door. I asked her to come in, the minute she came in she rushed inside and hugged me tightly. This wasn’t new to me either, whenever my dad is at it again, my sis would always come to me for comfort.
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Looking at her cute face, I realized I wouldn’t want her going through the pains of having a Husband. what if she doesn’t find a good husband, like my friend Cheryl, what if her husband is as bad as my dad. No I don’t want that for my sis.
With a new found courage, I decided that I Cara Wilson would change the damn fu.cking laws, I don’t know how am going to go about it but I will, no matter what.
I Cara Wilson will change this man’s world to a woman’s world

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