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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Introduction

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Story written by Wilfred Bright
Story Description
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In a man’s world there is only power and brute force, always making us women feel worthless and useless, yeah that’s the world I grew up, a world where men ruled over women.
Men address as Lords and master l. Women treated as unimportant, invaluable.
A world where women had to have a man written permission before purchasing a certain goods or to hold employment outside the home. A world, women are not allowed to exercise control over properties.
I Cara Wilson disagree with it all, I refuse to believe women are to be treated as garbage. No! Women are to be treated like an egg. Just because we’re fragile,
“weaker vessels” the men would mock. That doesn’t mean we deserve to be thread upon. No!! It means we the women should be treated with care.
(Sigh) I’ve said it a thousand times, but nobody listens to me, they all feel it’s the way of the world, so the rules should remain that way. Not changing. My mum would always say *it’s the way of the world me and you, women, we are all here in this world to serve the men, attend to their every bidding* she would state and then dismiss the conversation. Not giving ground to such nonsensical stuff.
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I’ve decided to fight men. To change this goddamn rules. To free women from their shackles. I’m in a battle ground with the men as my opponent but my number one opponent is my manipulative husband Henry, son of President Williams.
My husband’s only desire is to own me, tame me. But what my husband doesn’t know is that I can’t be tamed. Oh did I said that, oops. Of course I can be tamed, I can be tamed by handsome chivalrous Jason. I didn’t need to be told the minute I saw those perfect brown eyes with a touch of gold, that I’ve been taken, taken by a man I barely know.

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