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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 9

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Chapter Ten
Theme: I love you.
Date: 03, March, 2029
Time: 3:52pm
Location: Hospital
Author Pov:
Warning 18+ read at your own risk.
Nurse Abigail walks through the corridors to get to her next patients ward, she got to room 25 and opens the door to meet her patient laid down on the bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling.
“Good morning Mr Patrick.” Nurse Abigail chirps walking into her room 25.
“Good morning nurse.” Mr Patrick grins obviously happy to see the nurse again.
“How are you feeling today.” She asks checking on his vitals.
“I feel better, nurse.”
“I see your body temperature is fine, your vitals looks good enough. From the look of things you might get discharged sooner than you expects.” She says checking his drip.
“But I don’t want to get discharged.” Mr Patrick says and pouts.
“And why is that.” She says smiling at him warmly.
“Well……., Because I won’t see your fine ass anymore.” Mr Patrick says then pinch
her ass. Abigail jumps from the contact, surprise by his boldness.
“What, what, was that. Don’t you do that again.” She stutters, her hands shaking.
“Come on don’t tell me you don’t want me as much as I do. You’re not even putting on panties.” He exclaims, putting a hand under her nurse uniform.
She let out a moan as his fingers rubs against her clitoris. “Som….som…..one,
might…..ahh.” She screams in pleasure, once he adds another finger and increase
his tempo.
“God stop, someone might see us.” She says, though inaudible for her patient to hear.
“Kneel.” He orders, paying no attention to whatever she tries to say. Though she tried to fight it but her legs gave way, and she kneels down, facing him as instructed.
He pulls if his briefs and stood in front of her raising up the hospital gown. His 9inches dick display in front of her face triumphantly.
“Suck it.” As if in a trance, she does what he asked of her. She takes all his dick in her mouth, she burbs as his pe.nis hit her throat, spit drool out of her mouth.
Slurpy noise could be heard in the room, as she sucks his dick like her life depends on it, twirling her tongue on the head of his dick. Mr Patrick growls, taking holds of her black curly hair he force her to look at him, as he bask in the pleasure she gives to him.
“Stand up, turn around, now bend a little bit.” She do as instructed, shooting her lovely round pink ass in front of him, without much hesitation or warning, Mr Patrick shoves his dick into her tight ass.
Nurse Abigail screams in pain from the sudden assault. She looks at the door wondering if anybody heard her.
“Take it, take it slave, yes take it all.” He buries more of his dick in her, until every inch of his dick is buried in her ass.
He thrust in and out of her, his thigh slaps her ass making it more red.
After a while, he feels his dick enlarging. Mr Patrick brings it out, and orders nurse Abigail to clean it up. She grimace remembering his dick was buried in her ass a little while ago.
“Clean it up, nurse Abigail. It was in your ass not mine. It’s your fu.cking waste.” He says dryly.
Nurse Abigail gulps, holding his tool in her hands, she close her eyes, and guides his dick into her mouth(gross). The taste of her own waste absorbed in her tongue.
What could be more humiliating than this. Her a nurse kneeling before her patient licking off her own waste product.
“Now that’s it, clean and nice.” Mr Derrick comments inspecting his dick.
“Stand, now bend a little over that table, I want your breast shooting out and your pussy on display.” Nurse Abigail carries out her patients order.
He tease her for a while, using the tip of his pe.nis to brush her pussy entrance. “Tell me nurse Abigail, do you want it, do you want my fat dick in your pussy.” He smirks at her, placing his dick in her pussy.
“Yes, godddddd yes.” She utters.
“Say it like you mean it.” He says shoving his dick deep into her pussy only to bring it out immediately.
“I want your big fat dick bury deep into my pussy.” Nurse Abigail yells.
“Are you sure, aren’t you worried, we might get caught.” He state, his eyes mocking.
Common sense told her she should be worried. what if any of her colleagues walks in here and see her in such an compromising state. That will be the end of her job. Seeing she couldn’t come to a decision he made it for her, pushing his dick into her again, this time he didn’t remove it.
How would she be able to to apply common sense, with a nine inches dick buried in her. “I want you to fu.ck me, Mr Patrick.” Her eyes glows, not giving a damn about anyone or anybody.
“And so be it.” He says, his balls made a slapping sound as it hit her ass.
“Fuck, you’re so sweet, nurse Abigail.” He growls, wiping away the bids of sweat forming on his forehead. She use her left hand to cover her mouth, afraid she won’t be able to hold the screams anymore. Her other hand held the hospital bed for support.
He felt it, his about to cum. He thrust in faster, wanting to cum. He needs to experience what it feels like to empty his seeds inside his hot nurse. Soon enough his semen pours inside of her.
He pulls out of her and orders her to kneel down. Then let out the remaining of his cum to spruts in her face, her breasts. Nurse Abigail smiles in delight using her tongue to lick it off, she used her hands to wipe where her tongue couldn’t reach. His natural ice cream shouldn’t go to waste.
Nurse Abigail stands up from the floor. Hurriedly put on her nurse uniform, and leaves without looking at her patients, for she’s clearly embarrass. Patrick was wrong, she didn’t put on panties because she feels uncomfortable in them.
Date: 03, March, 2029.
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Henry’s Mansion, Cara’s make-up room
Cara’s Pov:
I step out of the bathroom, using a towel to dry my hair. I got surprise to see Henry on my bed. This is my changing/costume room, and Henry had never stepped in here before, he wants to believe in the illusion that whatever drama we act is real.
His hands trails the white nurse gown, the gown owned by nurse Abigail.
“You know if you don’t want to this anymore, you can tell me and I’ll put a stop to it.” He says, hint of sadness in his voice.
“I don’t want to stop.” I answer biting my lip.
“Are you sure, it seems to me like you distaste it.” Yeah I do, I hate it with passion.
Which sane person would like to lick his/her own waste product.
“No I don’t. You’re my husband and it’s my duty to serve you in whatever way you want.” I said using my mother in words.
“So you’re admitting you hate it.” He ask standing up from the bed.
“No I don’t, I love it.” I said managing to flash him one of my coolest smile.
“If you don’t hate it, then tell me why you have never had an orgasm.” He counter attack staring at me deeply, daring me to lie again to his face.
“Fine, you’re right I hate it.” I say twisting my finger nervously.
“And why didn’t you let me know.” Is he crazy or high on drugs.
“Because, because,(I let out a deep sigh, fine of he wants to know, then I’ll tell him) you’re my master and I’m your slave. You said it yourself slaves don’t complain. How was I supposed to tell you that I don’t like the way we make love, or the way you treat me as an animal. Henry I don’t think anyone loves to eat food from the floor.” I let it all out, all my frustrations/anger in me..
“See I really don’t understand what’s going on with you. Why are you suddenly like this. Why are you caring and compassionate, thinking about what I want.” I couldn’t help but ask him.
“Because I love you.” The towel drops from my hand. My eyes wide in horror.
“What, wh….what.” I stutter, afraid my ears must have heard wrongly.
“I love you.” He said simply, too simply. My eyes stare at him as he walks over to
me casually, hands in pocket. “Maybe I should repeat what I said. I…… Love……
You…… Cara……. Williams.”
This can’t be true. Hiccup.
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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