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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 7

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Chapter Seven



Theme: Party











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Date: 26, January, 2029.


Time: 4:30pm


Location: Henry’s Mansion


Cara’s Pov:


“How dare you hit my wife, Jane.” An angry Henry says coldly still holding the classy lady hand. Oh I mean Jane, yeah that’s the bitch name. Jane eyes popped out , I think they might fall off.


“Henry…ry, he…nry.” Jane stutters.


I don’t know how it happened, one minute Jane is shaking like I leaf and the next she’s flying high. Her body comes in contact with the floor so hard. I winced. The servants gasps.

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Henry walks over to cherry in dominant strides and towers over her like a freaking Demi god. “The next time you forget your place and insult my wife or try to hit her, you won’t live to tell the story, now get up and go get my wife ready for the party.” He orders her, his voice frightening.



“Yes, yes. Mrs Williams, this way.” She scrambled from the floor, still shaken with fear and leads me out of the sitting room.


“Everyone back to work. What happened shouldn’t go beyond the Williams mansion.”I heard Mrs Helen voice behind me.






Jane kept on addressing me as Mrs Williams, obedient as ever. I would’ve love to mock her , but it will be a waste of my spit. She’s just a silly woman.


“Ma, take a look.” I turned to the mirror, and oh my I can’t recognise myself anymore. Who the hell is this.


“I have to say Jane, you do have magic fingers.” I compliments. She ignored.


“Well I better get dressed.” I said and Jane walks over to the bed and pick up my dress. A beautiful wine red bodycan open back gown. It’s really beautiful. Jane hands it over to me, only to pull it back.


“You know I still hate you. The only reason I’m doing this is because of Henry.” She sneers.


“I think you meant to say ‘my husband’.” I said smiling sweetly at her.


“Just watch and see, as I take Henry away from you. Besides I’m more experience than you, when it comes to serving him efficiently.” God yes please take him away and I’ll pay you homage for the rest of my life. That’s what I would had love to say, but instead I went for this. “You were not able to be Mrs Williams when he was single. How do you intend to that now. I feel so sorry for you. Side dog.” I said smirking on seeing her shock expression.


With a tight-lipped smile i snatch the dress from her and ask her to leave.


I put on the dress and face the mirror. OMG, it fits my tiny slender body so well. I look so alluring and sexy. As I was busy admiring my self on the mirror a knock got registered on my door. “Come in.” I told whoever was behind the door



“Ma, it’s time to make an appearance at the party.” A young maid informs me and I nod and dismiss her.


“Well Cara. Go show Jane how ugly she looks standing next to a beauty queen, like you.” I said smugly and straightened my dress and made my way downstairs, climbing down the stairs slowly.


“And here comes my beautiful wife.” Henry annouce, walking over to me. I smiled softly at him.


“You look so alluring, I could make love to you right here.” He whispers in my ear.


I don’t think any of the guest would want to see that.


The party went in full swing with Henry introducing me to virtually strangers. Some faces looks familiar, might have seen them on TV or with my father or maybe Henry.


“Mum.” I exclaimed on seeing my mum. She looks at father for permission. He nods his head and she quickly left his side and rushed over to me, kissing both my cheeks.


“How’re you my daughter.” She asks staring at me warmly. I miss her.


“I’m fine mum.” I return her




“Good evening Henry. Forgive my wife for not paying her respect first.” Father said stretching his hand forth for a handshake. Henry gladly accept it.


“It’s okay sir Wilson, you know women tend to be so dramatic.” Henry says and they both laugh at the miserable attempt of a joke.


“Please accept my apologies. Mr Williams.” My mum apologize keenly.


“It’s okay Mrs Wilson.” Henry said calmly.



“I must confess Henry, you do know how to throw a good party. How about giving me the contacts of such great event planner. Would love to throw a party as great as this once I win the election.” You haven’t won yet bastard.


Soon enough they both start discussing about politics, not wanting to disturb them, mum and i took father’s and Henry’s permission and left.


“I hope you’re not causing any trouble Cara.” Mum asked staring at me intently.


“No mum.”


“Good, Henry is not a forgiving a man.” My Mum warned and stare at me warmly.


“So how’re you doing.” Mum asked.


And that’s how we got talking into the night, not paying any of those strangers called guest any attention.


The night felt so good, being here with my mum, talking to her, it felt so nice and comforting.






“You look so sexy tonight.” Henry whispers breathing in the scent of my hair, inhailing it deeply.


He takes the gown off me, kissing me so sensually. Soon enough his hands find it’s way to my private part, he puts in a finger, then adds another. It felt so good, I moaned. Unbelievable


He trails wet sloppy kiss down my neck to my breast, taking it in his mouth. He bits my nipple causing desires to erupt within me. What’s going on.


I began to enjoy his touch, it feels so good, that I’m already wet. Then suddenly he push me to the bed and jumps on top of me having his usual monstorious face. He’s back. The sadistic bastard is back.



A Man’s World/A Woman’s World


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