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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 57

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Chapter Fifty Seven


Theme: Reunion












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3 years later.


“Do you think they’ll make it.” I ask Jason, worriedly.


“Of course they will, oh look a car just came in, what did I tell you.” Jason says and pecks me on the forehead. The car drives into the compound and parks at the space Jason and I provided. Henry comes out of it grinning, and so did his wife Jane, with their one year old child Maxwell.


“I’m so glad you two could make it.”I said hugging Henry.


“Yeah like as if I woul miss any opportunity to rub it in your face that I married your husband just like I said I would.” Jane says smugly. Yeah you guessed right Henry ended up with his mistress and they have a son, which by the way Henry loves so much. I’m glad I didn’t end up with Henry, because he hasn’t changed one bit when it comes to love making, he is still the sadist, I know him to be and well Jane loves every bit of it, like I still don’t get why a woman would love being called a slave and whipped on her ass.


“You’re still getting the story wrong, sis.” I said hugging Jane.


“Get your bulging stomach off me.” She grumbles and I hugged her more tighter.


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Jane are you trying to steal my best friend From me.” A beautiful Cheryl in a beautiful white evening dress, walks in complaining.


“I don’t think I want to have a whale as a best friend, here Cara, I brought this for you.” Jane says handing me a bottle of wine, and I take it from her and gives it to



Mark to take it inside the house, yeah mark is still my bodyguard, Henry was kind enough to let me employ mark as my bodyguard.


“Ouch that hurt.” I said faking a sad face.


“Don’t be hurt bestie, I’ll always love you even if you look like an elephant.” Cherly says sweetly and pecks me on my cheek.


“Are you saying i look like an elephant.” I said frowning, stomping my foot on the ground.


“Ignore them honey, they are just jealous that tonight you’re the most beautiful woman here.” Jason says and wraps his hand below my bulging stomach and pecks me on the curve of my neck.



“Wow, way to make a woman feel old, Jason.” Mrs Helen says walking over to us gracefully.


“Mrs Helen you came, I didn’t see you come out of the car.” I exclaim excitedly and run into her arms, quick update Mrs Helen is no longer working for Henry, she’s now more like a mother to him.


“I thought she would be this happy to see me, I’m hurt.” My mum dramatic voice comes from behind Mrs Helen.


“Mum, Dad you came.” I exclaim and hugged the both of them, another quick update Mr George did not only got married to my mum but also became the President of America.


“And what makes you think we will miss spending christmas with our favorite daughter and grandchild.” Mr George says and got down on his knee and says hi to the baby in my stomach.


“Well you did said you won’t make it.” I accused.



“We said that because we wanted to surprise you, and it worked.” My mum says grinning.


“Aunt Cara.” I hear a small voice calls, tugging at the hem of my gown, I look down to see little Stephanie, Cheryl daughter, yeah she named her child after Stephanie and I can say we are really close. She sometimes spend an entire week in my house and sometimes Cheryl has to literally drag her out of my house.


“Stephanie you’ve grown so big and beautiful since the last time I saw you.” I said taking her in my arm.


“You just saw her yesterday, and she’s that big cause she is eating every food in the house.” A four year old Sam says bored.


“Just because you hate food Sam doesn’t mean your sister should also hate it and also food is good for the growth of your body, you look really skinny.” I retort and Stephanie giggles and gives me an high five, giggling. Sam rolls his eyes and makes a poker face.


“There they are, I’ve been looking all over for you guys, oh hi Cara.” Steve says and picks Sam up. After the whole new law stuff, I kind of found out that Steve isn’t the man in his marriage, Cheryl literally is the man, she’s the one with the steering wheel and Steve love it. He said he loves it when a woman is in charge.


“Everybody Evan is in the house, NOW LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!.” Evan yells jumping down from his car, he takes a turn and helps his wife down, yeah I know right I still can’t believe Evan is married, like he is the unsure one and to add to the list of surprise he got married to one of the women we rescued from my father brothel.


Ethan’s car pull up behind Evan’s, he steps out of the car. Ethan is the only one here unmarried, still not over Caroline yet, I just hoped he would get over it one day.


“Well the whole gang is here, please people let’s take this party to the garden.” I said leading everyone to the garden, the only person I that’s not here today, it’s miss Juliet, she’s kind of touring the world.



I take my sit at the head of the long table right beside my husband. “Attention everyone!!.” I yelled and everyone stops chatting and had their eyes on me.


“Well first of all, I want to say thank you to all of you for being here today, two years ago I never thought that I would actually be here having a Christmas dinner with all of you and if I haven’t said this a lot, I want you all to know that I love you.” I said my eyes glistering with tears.


“Aww, we love you too sis.” Ethan says in a high pitched voice and I roll my eyes at him.


“Well let’s eat people this turkey isn’t gonna, ahhh.” I screamed out in pain as I felt some weird pain between my leg. I look at my leg and saw water running down.


“What’s the problem love.” Jason asks concerned.


“Jason the baby it’s coming, my water just broke.” I said breathlessly, clutching unto the table cloth. Jason looks at me terrified and hurriedly walks out if the garden, probably to go get his car keys.


“Okay NOBODY PANIC, DEEP BREATH CARA, DEEP BREATH. DON’T PANIC.” Evan yells holding my shoulder.


“Are you trying to calm me down or yourself.” I questioned glaring at him.


“Okay you’re right, I’M FREAKING OUT!!.” Evan yells, Ethan and Henry had to take him out of the garden.


“Okay babe I’ve got the keys let go, to the hospital.” Jason says and wraps one of his hand on my waist and gently leads me to the car all the while whispering words to my ear, reassuring me everything would be fine.


“Nurse please help me, my wife is about to give birth.” Jason shouts as he leads me into the hospital, two nurse quickly brought a stretcher and placed me on top of it.



“Ahhhhh.” I screamed in pain as i push, sweat trickles down my face as I tried to push the god-damned baby out of me.


“Baby you’re doing good.” Jason encourages me, giving me a kiss on my forehead.


“Shut the hell up Jason, we are NEVER HAVING SEX EVER AGAIN, you hear me NEVER.” I yelled out my fingers digging deep into the bed.


“I’ll let that pass because that’s what women say when giving birth.” Jason replies and the doctor let’s out a laugh.


“JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.” I yelled at him and pushed again. Then a baby cries fill the room.


“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kenneth it’s a baby boy.” The doctor announced, he hands over the baby to a nurse and the nurse wraps the baby in a white cloth and then hands it over to me. I take the baby in my hands, I take a look at the fragile little thing on my hand with so much love and adoration.


“He has your eyes.” I whispered to Jason.


“Yeah he does but he looks a lot like you.” Jason whispers back.


I stare at my baby and then my husband and I smile, I have the most wonderful husband and now I have a son with the most beautiful eyes ever, what more could I ask for. (Happy sigh).






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