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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 54

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Chapter Fifty Four


Date: 09, October, 2029.


Time: 6:36pm


Location: Jason’s penthouse.


Cara’s Pov:


I stand on Jason’s house balcony and watch the stars, I take a huge gulp from my glass of wine as i take in the evening view, everything feels so peaceful and calm.



Things has been great so far, the women are happy, I got an award for my heroic bravery, hey don’t look at me that’s what the presenter said when giving me the award, yeah so definitely everything is fine atleast now when I know what happened to Tamara, well Evan returned her back from where we originally took her from. I know right, Evan is really devious. Well aside from all this stuff I listed, today Jason is throwing a party in my honor. Okay scratch that is my engagement party, yeah I said yes to Jason, why won’t i, Jason is my one true love and I will be dumb to lose him all bescause of the pity I feel for Henry.

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I stare at my engagement ring in amazement and I just can’t believe I’ll be getting married in two weeks time, yeah Jason can’t really wait to get married to me, if he had his way he could have gotten married to me right there in the hospital.




“Hey.” I heard Henry voice right behind me and I let out a deep breath and faced him. After Jason asked me to marry me and I said yes, Henry just kind of disappeared and I’m really surprised to see him here.


“Hi.” I reply back, giving him a weak smile.


“Can we talk.” He says nervously.


“Yeah why not?.” I replied back equally a little nervous.


“So you’re really getting married to him.” Henry State, more like questioning and I know his referring to no other person but Jason.


“Yeah. I’m really sorry Henry.” I utter staring at him intently.

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“No, no, don’t apologise it’s my fault I lost a rare gem like you. (He stays silent for a minute than says a really surprising thing next) Cara can I hug you.” He asked unsure of what my reply would be, against thinking, I nod my head for him to go ahead. He smiles a little and then hugs me.


“Well I better go get the divorce papers ready.” He says, smiling a little and my heart ache at his statement. I was to cut up in my happiness, I didn’t realize I was still married to Henry.



“I’m really sorry Henry, I totally forgot we were still married, I feel so selfish right now.” I utter.


“Hey I told you not to apologise, it’s alright for you to be happy, you deserve it. Come on why don’t you go back inside and enjoy your party.” Henry says smiling broadly, I smiled back and stepped back inside the house. For some reason I feel light, it’s like a big load was just lifted off me.


“And here’s the lady of the hour.” Jason says strolling towards me, his face glows with a big smile. He kiss me on the lips and then touch my face looking at me with so much adoration.


“I’ve been looking everywhere for you, where have you been.” Jason asks.


“I was out on the balcony with Henry (Jason smiles disappear and turns into a frown) hey don’t you dare frown, it’s not what you’re thinking, we just had a talk.” I said and went on to explain what transpired between me and Henry on the balcony.


“Oh I never thought he would do that, well I’m glad I don’t have to punch him on the face.” Jason utters grinning and I hit him at the back of his head.


“Well that’s painful, but I’ll let it go. So who’s ready to plan our marriage.” Jason says grinning.


“Nope that’s not happening until i find Frederick, I’m not about to let him go.” I said, after I got out of hospital, I found out that Frederick is nowhere to be found, his been on the run, but I won’t let him run forever cause I plan to catch him.


“Ugh If it’s takes catching your father to get married to you then consider him caught.” Jason says with enthusiasm and i chuckle.




Location: Rikers island


Author’s Pov



Tamara eyes flutters open and she immediately recognise the inner walls of her prison cell, she looks around her and noticed her fighters she took along for cara mission are right in the prison cell with her.


“So great of you to finally wake up Tamara.” One of the girls says with malice, still regretting why she joined the freedom fighters, she should be out there with the other women in the world enjoying their new found freedom.


“What do you mean.” Tamara asks confuse, wincing at the pain she felt on her back.


“Well you’ve been sleeping for a week and three days now, whatever sleeping medicine that lady put in your drink must be pretty strong.” Another lady with red head speaks up.


“Well now you’re awake can you figure out a way for us to get out of here.” The girl with the malicious attitude says.


“That is not possible, we are stuck here for life.” Tamara utters and wished she could strangle Cara to death but that can’t happen since she’s in prison and she’s never getting out.


“But you got out once, why can’t you do that now.” The girl asks.


“That’s because Cara and her team brought me out of here, and her husband Henry, asked the police to let us escape, so yeah there’s no way out of here so you better get used to it.” Tamara says and rest her head on the wall, killing Cara over and over again in her mind.




Location: France:


Mr Frederick climbs into his private jet located at France and goes straight to his room. He takes off his suit jacket and lies down on the soft mattress. He rubs a hand on his tired face. He had spent the last few days running from country to country and covering his tracks, there’s no way he would let his daughter catch him, he can’t let that happen, for the daughter he knows is not a forgiven person.



“Sir we’re are we going to, today.” The pilot voice comes through the speaker in Frederick’s room, and Henry pressed the button on the speaker and replies, “Italy.”


“Okay sir, setting course for Italy.” A smirking Jason dress as a pilot replies and sets off for America.






A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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