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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 53

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Chapter Fifty Three



Theme: will you marry me.











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Date: 04, October, 2029.


Time: 11:25pm


Location: Hospital.


Cara’s Pov


I groan in pain as I try to adjust to the light shinning on my eyes, once I was able to adjust to the brightness, I take a look at my surrounding and all I see is white wall and I began to think i was in my room in Jason’s Hideout, but my room wasn’t as small as this, neither is the bed these uncomfortable.


I groan in pain again as I felt pain in my left shoulder. I take a look at my shoulder and see it’s wrapped in a white bandage, then the memories of the last few hours comes running through my head, a wide smile grace my lip as I remember the



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women folks are finally free. I try to sit up only to be awarded with another jolt of pains.


“Oh my God Cara, you’re awake.” Cheryl shouts walking into the room, her eyes wide open.


“Che…ryl Cheryl.” My voice come out rough that intended as I stare at Cheryl, I try to sit up again only to be stopped by Cheryl. ” Shut up Cara and stop trying to get up.” She says shooting daggers at me with her eyes.


“Water, I need water.” I whisper into her ear.


“Oh okay, there’s a water dispenser in the room here, so I’ll just get you some water from there.” Cheryl says and walks over to the dispenser at the corner of the room and fetched me a cup of water. She walks back to me and hand the cup of water to me. “Thanks.” I said taking it from her.


“How long I’ve I been here.” I asked her handing back the cup to her.


“5 days.” She says simply and drops the cup on the dispenser.


“How it’s that possible.” I asked bewildered.


“Well it is possible, if you got shot on your shoulder and still use it to fight, tell me what where you thinking fighting with an injured shoulder, you should have left it to the boys to handle. I was so freaking worried, I thought I had lost you.” Cheryl breaks down in tears and I open my arms wide for her, she gladly hugs me all the while still crying.


“Hey it’s okay, I’m here now. Tamara bitches aren’t enough to bring me down.” I whisper into ear patting her back. Once she was calm, she stands up and gives me a small smile.


“So where’s everybody.” I ask noticing she has been the only one in the room and knowing the kind of family and friends I have, I expected the whole room to be full.


“Well mum is out on a walk with Mr George and Mrs Helen……”


“Wait my mum is out on a walk with Mr George.” I asked surprise.


“Yeah she’s been holed up in here with you, since the day you were brought here, so Mr George practically dragged her out of here to get some fresh air.” Cheryl explains not knowing the tides turning in my head.


“Now back to your question, Mrs Helen, Mrs Juliet and Henry went back to get some clothes, while Evan, Jason and my husband went to get food.” And just as Cheryl finished with her speech a grinning Evan walks into the room, followed by an handsome Jason and Steve.


“Sis you’re up and alive.” Evan exclaims and stands next to my bed.


And from the corner of my eyes I saw Ethan, Mrs Helen and miss Juliet walked in.


“Yeah unfortunately i have to see your ugly face again.” I said with sarcasm.


“Oh please you wish you have a face as beautiful as mine.” Evan retorts and I chuckle.


“You gave us quite the scare sis.” Ethan says standing next to Evan smiling down at me.


“When I heard you collapse my heart stopped moving, I thought I had lost you and I’m really relieved to see you’re alive.” Jason says and kissed me and I return the kiss.


“Well you’re not getting rid of me too soon, Jason.” I said smiling at him once we separated.


“Cara, I would love to say something to you.” Jason says nervously.


“Well go ahead.” I said and Jason drops to his knee right besides my bed and I look at him in surprise, my eyes wide open.



“Cara, I know this is too soon but I love you so much Cara, and when I heard you fainted, I knew right then, that my life would be incomplete without you. Cara please will you marry me?.” Jason says taking out a ring from his pocket. I look at Jason as tears streams down my eyes, my heart, body and soul screams yes, but all that changed the minute my eyes landed on a sad Henry leaning against the wall next to the door, his eyes finds mine and he gave me a weak, sorrowful smile.


Now I’m confuse, my inner self is raging war, I don’t know what to do. I want to say yes to Jason and at the same time looking at a dejected Henry makes me want to say no to Jason. Oh man what should I do now. **












I don’t know about you guys but I’m on team Jason all the way.







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