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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 51

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Chapter Fifty One



Theme: So this is it??











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Date: 28, September, 2029


Time: 10:12pm


Location: Foret d’obernai France.


Cara’s Pov


I jumped out of the way of the bullet but I wasn’t so fast cause the bullet hit me on my shoulder, and it’s really really painful. My opponent walks over to me stealthily and tries to pull the trigger on me a second time and i quickly threw my gun at her



knocking the gun out of her hand. I stand up from the floor holding unto my shoulder and make a fighting stance.


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“Well it looks like I’ll take you up on that dance offer after all.” The lady says smirking and I huff, she charges at me angrily and I side stepped out of the way, while she runs into a table.


“Rule number 2, don’t be to eager to start a fight.” I said grinning at her firm on the floor, she stands up and looks at me angrily.


“Cara are you there.” Jason voice comes through my earpiece and I reply with a yes.


“Cara how do I do this.” He asks, I can sense him frowning.


“Do what.” I ask exchanging blows with my opponent.


“Cara there’s about five girls surrounding me right now and I can’t possibly beat them.” Jason complains, and I got kicked on my face by my opponent.


“Are you saying you can’t beat up five girls.” I asked surprised, my opponent throws a punch on my mouth and I grunt in pain spitting out blood. Thanks Jason.


“Of course I can, it’s just that I’ve never fought with a woman before Cara, I can’t possibly fight them.”


“oh for the love of God Jason, just imagine them as men then.” I groan in pain, right now I’m currently lying flat on my stomach with my opponent sitting on top of me all thanks to Jason, like I can’t seriously fight while talking, Tamara did not teach me that. I did a little struggle and pushed her off me while trying to regulate my breathing.


“I can’t possibly do that.” Jason whines and right now I wish I’m a magician cause I would love to strike him down with lightning.


“How about you take them down and I’ll give you a very big wet sensual kiss when this is all over.” I said breathing so hard as I rain punches on my opponent face.



“I’m on it.” Jason replies with much ethusiam and I chuckle. Now I can finally beat the hell out of this idiot.


The idiot raise up her legs and pushed me off her, I groan in pain as my wounded shoulder hit the floor hard, I stand up slowly holding unto my shoulder. My opponent stands up and dust herself then charges at me angrily. “Henry throw me the fu.cking gun now.” I yelled still on the floor and Henry throws me his gun and in a swift move I catch it and pull the trigger, the darts flies and hit her on her stomach. She pulls out the dart and grins at me thinking it had no effect on her but soon enough she falls to the floor in a loud thud. Good riddance.


“Well it looks like that’s all of them. Jason how are you doing over there.” I asked my finger on my earpiece.


“Let’s just say you owe me a very big wet sensual kiss. I’m really looking forward to it.” Jason replies, and for some reason I know his grinning.


“Cara! Cara!” Steve shrieks his voice full of panic.


“Yes. I’m right here you know, you don’t have to shout.”


“Cara the Presidents.” Steve yells pointing at them, and oh boy all 195 Presidents are all on the floor, saliva coming out of thier mouths, shit it’s the poison.


“Steve quick the antidote.” I yelled almost in panic mode myself.


“What you can’t do that, they would not sign the law if you give them the antidote.” Henry says.


“They wouldn’t be able to sign if their dead, Henry.” I replied back and Henry sighs, he takes some of the antidote so did Mr George. All four of us quickly inject every president in the conference room with the antidote.


“well that’s all of them.” I say and let out a tired breath.


“Yeah.” Henry says.


“Well since you are all okay now, I say you all sign the new law.” I said.


“And what makes you think we will sign it, clearly you’re not going to kill us and you also don’t have any of those poison left.” President Borey (President of Cambodia) says, ugh I really hate this man.


“I just save your life.” I said trying to be calm.


“You were the one who put our lives in danger.” He retorts smiling smugly.


“Yeah his right and I’m not signing any document about any law, you better take your cohorts with you or I’ll be forced to call security.” President Gaspard (president of France) says.


My shoulder slumps in defeat, is this it?, After everything I’ve gone through, I lost my sister, I almost lost brother, I got betrayed and treated like an animal and after everything not even a tiny victory. In the end I couldn’t give the women the freedom they deserve.



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