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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 49

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Chapter Forty Nine



Theme: Don’t call me Tam











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Date: 28, September, 2029.


Time: 5:56pm.


Location: Forte d’obernai France.



Cara’s Pov


“Don’t you know who I am.” Henry asks angrily.

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“Why do we need to know who you are.” The guard asks confuse, still pointing his gun at us.


“He is president Williams son, the president of America and I assure you he won’t take it likely once he finds out you pointed a gun at his son.” I said causally chewing on my bottom lip.


The guard looks at us unsure of what to do, so I take my phone out of my bag and asked him to search for president William’s son, he did as told and then looks at Henry in surprise.


“But we had orders from President Gaspard(President of France)not to let anyone in.” He says.


“Well you won’t be having anymore orders from him if you don’t let me in.” Henry threatens and the guards eyes him cautiously and then steps aside not without saying, “I can only allow you in, the rest have to stay.”


Henry looks at me and I nod. Henry walks a few feet only to turn and shoot the guard, the other four guards got distracted a little by Henry’s sudden move and I use that opportunity and strikes, kicking the gun out of the guard in front me, I didn’t give the guard a chance to react as I shot him in his back and I breath out in relief and look around, the other three guards were already on the floor, unconscious.


“Great, let’s go.” I said and walk through the hallway with Henry leading the way. After a while he makes a signal for us to stop and I look at him confuse. He whispers to me to look ahead, i did as told and I saw two guards positioned right in front of the door that leads to the conference room.


“Well luckily for us they haven’t seen us yet, so I’ll take the one on the right.” Henry says and shoots at the bodyguard at the right and I also take the one on the



left. Once the guards falls to the floor, we all walked hurriedly to them and drag their body aside.


“Okay you go first Henry.” I said and Henry walks in.


“Who are you.” A voice ask.


“Henry what are you doing here.” A voice I recognized to be president Williams asked in surprise.


“I came to do this.” Henry says and i hear a gunshot goes off four times.


“Okay guys it’s clear, you can come in.” Henry informs through the earpiece.


“Great let’s go.” I said and I opened the door and walked into a very big conference room, occupied by 195 presidents from all over the world. Four guards are sprawled on the floor, probably sleeping.


“Let’s get this over with, the food and the wine you all just digested has Terodotoxin (TTX) in it, after an hour or two your lips with start to burn, your mouth will erupt will thick saliva, you’re all gonna get sweaty, you won’t be able to speak or swallow even your own spittle, seizure will begin, to cut the long story short, you all have less than six hours here on planet Earth.” I said smiling sheepishly and they all whispers amongst themselves nervously.


“What’s the meaning of this Henry.” Mr Williams yells.


“It is what it is father.” Henry replies bored, placing his hands in his trouser.


“Henry are you siding with her on her madness.”Mr Williams asked shocked.


“Great you get it.” Henry says, his voice lace with sarcasm.


“I am your father Henry, I trained you into the man you are today and you will not talk to me in such manner.” Frederick yells getting pissed off.



“If you mean training me to be a monster then yes you did a good job of it.” Henry shouts back at his father.


“I trained you be a man, you should be grateful to me.” Mr Williams says his face red looking so monstrous.


“Don’t you get it, a real man wouldn’t kill his own wives!!, A real man is suppose to take care of his wife and treat her well.” Henry eyes meets mine and I smile a little at him.


“You’re just like your filthy mother, so stupid and weak. I should have killed you along with her filthy self.”


“Shut up!!! Shut up, I said fu.cking shut up.” Henry yells at his father but Mr Williams didn’t stop. “You’re weakling just like your mother, you’re disgrace to us men, why don’t you want me talking about your mum, you should have seen the way she pleaded for her life begging me not to kill her, your…. Ahhh.” Mr


Williams has a look of shock as he holds his neck blood gushing out. I turn to Henry who’s still holding unto the gun looking at his father shocked. “Please tell me that’s not a real gun. Henry.” I whisper.


“I didn’t meant to shoot him Cara, I told him to shut up but he wouldn’t listen. All I wanted to do is to shut him up, I didn’t mean to kill him.” Henry says getting hysterical.


“Hey, hey look at me, it’s okay, everything is fine, why don’t you sit down a little and gather your thoughts okay.” I said and leads Henry to a chair and he sits down still staring at his dead father.


“Well I say good riddance.” Tamara says and I shake my head at her.


“Mr George please could you take Mr Williams body out, Henry is distracted by it.” I said and Mr George nods.


“Come on son help me with this.” Mr George says to Steve and I resist the urge to laugh.



“No not me I can’t stand blood.” Steve says covering his mouth and Mr George looks at Tamara, she shrugs and help him.


“Okay let’s get back to business people, like I said before the food and wine you all just ate has tetrodotoxin in it and I happen to have the antidote here and I’m only going to give you all that is if you destroy the law you just signed on and then will can talk about the next move, before you get the antidote.” I said, and from the corner of my eyes I saw Tamara comes in but I couldn’t see Mr George. I give her a confused look and asks. “Tamara, where’s Mr George.” I ask.


“I don’t know I left him behind, he might be on his way.” Tamara answers and I could tell she was hiding something from me but I decided not to push the matter forward.


“Okay are you guys destroying the law or should I grab my antidote and leave.” I asked.


“How do we know you aren’t lying.” Mr Borey, President of Cambodia asks and I roll my eyes at him.


“How did I know you ate chicken enchiladas soup.” I retort, Mr Borey got scared and tears apart the document in front of him and the rest follows.


“Well that wasn’t so hard now was it.” I said smirking.


“Next step, please Steve share the document around, Tamara please can you assist him.”


“And who told you I take orders from you Cara.” Tamara says bitterly and points her gun at me and should I say it’s a freaking real gun.


“What’s wrong with you Tam.” I asked.


“Don’t call me Tam, girls.” She calls out and ten ladies walks in holding guns and at that minute I knew she didn’t just leave Mr George outside.



“One wrong move Cara, and you die don’t be mad but I think it’s time for the tables to turn.” She says having her signature grin on. Damn.







So any of you still doubting Henry??






A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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