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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 47

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Chapter Forty Seven
Theme: I forgive you.
Date: 28, September, 2029.
Time: 11:25pm.
Location: Henry’s Mansion.
Cara’s Pov:
I groan in discomfort as I woke up, my eyes opens slowly and I take in my surrounding, I realize I was still in Henry’s basement but the only difference is that I’m chained to the wall. I crank my head to watch for Mrs Helen but she wasn’t there anymore.
“I already sent my men to dig a hole and bury her.” Henry state casually.
“You bloody bastard she deserves a proper burial.” I yelled at him in angry. Mrs Helen worked for him for years and the only thing he ever did for her was to kill her and then toss her body into the earth, right now I really want to bury a dagger deep into his heart.
“Feisty aren’t we, ooh Cara you shouldn’t raise your voice at me. You’re in no position to do that.” Henry taunts, having a cheesy smile on his face.
“And why shouldn’t I do that, so you can feel all powerful and mighty, ooh please we both know that this whole manipulative wicked front you’re putting on is nothing but a lie. That isn’t you, just like me you’re also looking for love, you yearn for it!!!!” I yell at the top of my voice.
“Shut the fu.ck up!!!!” Henry growls kicking me on my body but that didn’t stop me from telling him what he doesn’t want to know, they say the truth hurt after all.
“You want someone to hold you and love you, someone to love you unconditionally but you can’t get it can you, nobody will ever love a manipulative beast, so that’s why you tuture women to worship you, to treat you like a king, call you master and bow at you feet and you trick your self into believing that they all do that because they love you. I will tell you now WAKE UP. They don’t love you they are afraid of you. No one will ever love a sadistic bastard, NO ONE!!!.” I shout out making an angry Henry more angry.
“Shut up, they love me, they adore me, you’re lying.” Henry yells out and crumbles to the floor and right in front of me he cried and I felt pity for him.
“I’m not lying Henry, you know I’m not, so stop decieving yourself and face the truth. You killed all your wives because you didn’t want a child to cause them to waver, you knew they would love that child more then you.”
He didn’t reply me this time around he just sits on the floor and cried, this time I also didn’t say anything.
“I didn’t mean to kill them, I just got angry and by the time I got a hold of myself I already kill them and my dad would always say I did the right thing, (chuckle) he said I’m a man. He taught me how to incite fear in women, he killed my mother right in front of my eyes, i was just 10 years old then.” He says his eyes held sorrow, it felt like he was reliving the past again.
“At first I detest it but he would flog and whip me, then order me to do the same to a random girl he brings home, sometimes I stood my ground and other times I did what he asked and I’m ashamed to say after a while I learned to love the feeling of it, women crying were like music to my ear, I loved that feeling. You know he told me that women are weak and worthless but you changed my thinking Cara, you’re strong, smart, even after what I did, your still got up on your feet.” He chuckles to himself and then looks at me before saying. “I didn’t kill her.”
I looked at him in shocked and he smiles a little. “You mean Mrs Helen is alive.” I whispered.
“Yeah, I drugged her, the drugs makes a person looks dead for about an hour.” He informs me.
“Why didn’t you kill her.” I asked confused by his confession.
“I couldn’t, Mrs Helen has been a big part of my life even when a lot of my workers disappeared she still remained, she took care of me and never once complained. I kind of see her as a motherly figure.” He smiles warmly as he talks.
“Let me get you out of that.” He says and stands up, he walks over to me and release me from the chains.
“Thank you.” I said massaging my sore hands.
“You don’t have to thank me, Cara.”
“Can I see her.” I asked
“Yeah why not.” He says and leads me out of the room to Mrs Helen’s. I walked into her room and see her laying on the bed looking so pale.
I bend down next to her bed and stare at her, I check her pulse and this time the result is different.
“Cara, is that you.” Mrs Helen whispers trying to open her eyes.
“Yeah it’s me, no no don’t get up, you have to rest, Mrs Helen.” I said smiling warmly at her, she smiles back and slept back. I stood up from the bed and gave Henry a weak smile.
“Cara can you ever forgive me.” Henry says pleadingly.
“Henry I forgive you.” I said simply and his eyes widen in shock.
“No you can’t just forgive me so easily, have done a lot of things to you.” Henry says still shocked.
“Yeah I know that, but really I thought I hated you but I don’t right now all I feel is sympathy towards you, I’ll be on my way now.” I said and walked over to the door,
my hands touched the doorknob but I couldn’t bring myself to open the door, with a sigh I turned towards Henry and said something I never believe I would ever say.
“Henry.” I called out, unsure of the step I’m about to take.
“Yeah.” He answers staring at me.
“Do you regret what you did to your former wives.” I asked.
“I tried not to but there’s this guilt in me eating up, so yeah I do regret it.”
“If you really do regret it then join me in this fight, join me and get rid of these law, Henry.” I said surprising myself and Henry.
Author’s Pov:
Jason paced around the living room, holding on to Cara’s phone worriedly. He had woken up this morning to an empty bed, at first he wasn’t worried that was until he couldn’t see one of his car.
“Jason, can you please quit spacing around.” Cheryl yells at him, really worried for Cara’s disappearance. Jason stopped pacing only to continue the routine again. He stopped once he spot Cara walking into the living room.
“Cara, where the… What is he doing here.” He questioned once his eyes falls on Henry. Every other person in the room stands up and looks at the unwanted guest.
“Calm your horses everyone his with me.” Cara says.
“Yeah we get that but why is he here.” Ethan asked.
“Well if you’ll all sit down then I’ll explain.” Cara says causally and takes a sit.
“You all should listen to her and sit.” Martha instructs and everybody sits back. Once everyone had their sits Cara went on and explain what happened in the last few hours.
“And you believe him.” Jason asks once Cara was done with her tell.
“Yeah I do.”
“Seriously this man here is a manipulative sadistic bastard, he’s not going to change.” Jason yells out angrily.
“Seriously change what’s wrong with you, you also hurt me but I forgave you didn’t I, people change Jason and I believe him and besides we need him, his the president son after all.” Cara says adamant.
“Fine!!.” Jason says and sits down and Cara let go of the breath she was holding in.
“Now that, that’s taken care of. Mum I want you and Miss Juliet to go pick up Mrs Helen.”
“And the rest of us to get prepared cause we are going to France.”
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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