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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 45

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Chapter Forty Five



Theme: will you stand by me.











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Date: 28, September, 2029.


Time: 4:35pm.


Location: Jason’s Hideout.


Cara’s Pov


Plans has been made, everything has been set for tomorrow, yeah tomorrow is the day I take the world by surprise, tommorow is the day I change this damn law.


In every seven years since the first law(the law that place women under the complete mercy of men) was first made, every president in the world gathers together in a secret location and renew the laws again, making sure it’s stays efficient and luckily for us tommorow is that day.


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Luckily for us Evan has been able to track down the secret location and it turns out it’s in France, yeah baby I’m going to France.


“I just can’t believe I’ll be holed up in here while you all go to France.” Cheryl mutters sadly. You see Cheryl can’t come because she’s one month pregnant, we all found out last week so she’s going to stay back with my mum and Miss Juliet.


“Aww baby I promise when this is all over I’ll take you to France, we could go for shopping, you could eat all the magnificent French cuisine your stomach want.” Steve says pecking Cheryl on her cheeks.


“Promise.” Cherly asks meekly.


“Yeah babe I promise.”



“Great, now can we eat.” I said rolling my eyes at her pregnancy hormones, like seriously she cries at every little thing.


“Wait!.” Evan yells out of the blue and we all stare at him in surprise.


“What .” I questioned dropping my spoon.


“Well I think Cara should give us a speech.” Evan says and we all stare at him like he’s some kind of alien.


“Common they do these in the movies and it’s really kind of cool and since all these is Cara’s idea then she should give a speech.” Evan says grinning.


“No I don’t think that’s a great idea.” I said glaring at Evan, I suck at speech.


“Well I think it’s a great idea, Cara give us a speech.” My mum says.


“What no way, I’m not doing that.” I said exasperated.


“Speech! Speech! Speech!” My mum starts yelling and then everyone follows, seriously.


“Fine, I’ll do it just stop chanting it’s annoying.” I yelled frowning and they all stop their madness.


“Oh my little sis is giving her own very first speech.” Evan says dramatic.


“Is hard to think that just yesterday she was taking her very own first baby step and now she’s giving her very on first speech.” My mum says joining Evan in his drama.


“You guys actually forced me to do it, so can the both of you keep quiet so I can get this over with. Good, now I’ll like to first of all thank you all for being here, for your support. I wouldn’t have gone this far without all of you. I also want to say thank you to Mr George and Miss Juliet for also being here today.” I paused, emotion overwhelming me.


“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Mr George says.


“Same here.” Miss Juliet says smiling.


“Thank you, I also want to let everyone know that tommorow might not be successful, we might be put in prison, we might get killed.” I said dead serious. (Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com


“Jeez Cara, way to spoil the mood.” Evan says rolling his eyes at me, I ignored him and continue.


“But nevertheless I know if we all work together, we will emerge victorious and that’s why i want to ask everyone of you to make a choice, do you want to stand by me in this fight or not, you can back out now and nobody would call you names or hold you accountable.” I stopped and look at every face in the room with me and they all had look of determination.


“Tamara, you’re lucky to be out of prison, do you want to throw the little freedom you have for these.” I ask staring at her intently, she returns my stare and replies. “I’ve always wanted to fight for women, these is a dream come.” She replies putting more emphasis on the ‘these.’


“Mr George you have friends in high places you’re equally a well know man in the country, do you want to ruin all that for these.” I asked.


“I’m ready for anything life throws at me, Cara.” He replies simply.


“Steve are you sure you want to break another law for these, you could always stay behind with your wife.”


“Yeah and have her beat me, nice try Cara.” Steve says and I chuckle.


“Evan??” I called his name giving him a questioning stare.


“Seriously just Evan, you said a lot of stuff to each person, why is mine different. You know you could say something like Evan you just got shot are you ready to risk your life again.” Evan says dramatic and I had to resist the strong urge to hit him at the back if his head.



“But anyway I’m not going anywhere, who knows you might need someone to be a bullet proof again.” He says laying more emphasis on the again. Idiot.


“Ethan??” I called giving him a questioning stare.


“Yayyy, you also didn’t get the talk, is this like a twin thing now.” Ethan says happily like a child and I roll my eyes at him.


“Quit acting like a baby and you’re not getting rid of me little sis.” Ethan says simply.


“What about you Jason.” I ask staring into his brown eyes.


“I told you Cara I’ll stand by your side for better or for worse.” Jason says and takes my hand squeezing it reassuringly.


“Aww, wedding bells are ringing.” Cherly says sweetly and I fu.cking blush and then cleared my throat.


“Well everyone thank you for your support, I’m grateful.”


“Don’t thank us Cara, we are doing this for the women folks and the generations to come.” Miss Juliet says warmly and everybody nods their head.


“Well then I say let’s make a toast, to the future.” I said enthusiastic and raise my glass of wine.





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