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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 43

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Chapter Forty Three



Theme: Training (2)











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Date: 25th, May, 2029.


Time: 2:56pm


Location: Highway.


Cara’s Pov:


“Ahhh.” I yell out in pain, damn you Jason. That idiot connected a device on me that whenever I get spotted it will shock the hell out of me. Right now Jason is teaching me how to sneak around without getting caught and all I can say is that I feel pain.


“Cara you have to stop getting caught or you’ll continue getting shocked.” Jason lectures.


“You know I only asked to be teached how to fight not this.” I grumbled annoyed.


“Cara don’t be a baby and just do what you’re told.” Evan mocked and I give him the middle finger.

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“You can’t be the fighter if you don’t know how to sneak around, Cara.” Jason chides and my shoulder slumps in defeat.




Date: 3rd, June, 2029.


“You have to drive faster Cara, the police is gaining on us.” Tamara yells at me.



“You know what I still don’t understand the reason for this lesson, I’m not even the designated driver in the plan.” I yell at her as i take another route trying to shake the police off my trail.


“Well you never know what will happen in the future.” She answers shrugging her shoulders eating from the bowl of Chinese noodles, how can she be eating while I have up to 5 police van after us. Just in case you want to know she made me show myself to some bunch of police men and now they won’t stop chasing us. Ugh.




Date: 10th, June, 2029.


“Cara you have only five more seconds left to deactivate this bomb. IT’S GONNA BLOW, IT’S GONNA BLOW.” Evan yells in to my ear, distracting me.


“Jason, how I’m I suppose to dissemble this with Evan shouting in my ear, he’s distracting me.” I complained angrily.


“Well that’s the the whole point of the lesson, you have to know how to work under pressure.” Jason says shrugging.


“OMG THE BOMB JUST BLEW UP. Wow thanks so much Cara, now we’re all dead.” Evan says and dramatically falls on the floor playing dead.


“Idiot.” I mutter.




Date: 16, June, 2029


“Cara rule number 3, don’t you ever trust your opponent to play fair.” Tamara says towering over me, while I grunt in pain on the ground holding on to my stomach that was just sliced with a freaking blade.


“It’s supposed to be a friendly fight.” I yell exasperated.



“Well even a friendly fight can become more. Lesson number 4 Don’t trust anyone. Now go meet Mrs Juliet and take care of that wound.” She says and walks out, leaving me on the floor. She can’t even help me get up. Ugh.




Date: 29, July, 2029.


“Well how did I do.” I ask Jason, staring at him nervously.


“Well you only got shocked about five times, so yeah you did great.” Jason smiling then pecks me on my cheek, while I did an internal dance inside if me, Tamara always says don’t always rejoice over a little victory, it’s a waste of time.




Date: 3rd, August, 2029.


“So……..” I said giving Tamara a questioning stare, resting on the the car bonent.


“Well I only had to come to your aid after five hours of driving, you handled the situation much more better this time around, you didn’t freak out.” Tamara says and i waited for her to talk more but instead she just walked off.


“Not even a ‘you did well Cara’ for fu.ck sake they were Fifteen police car chasing us.” I yelled after her and she replies with a ‘so fu.cking what.’ ahhh I hate her.




Date: 21, August, 2029.


“CARA!!!, IT’S GONNA BLOW, IT’S GONNA BLOW, OMG WE ARE SO FUCKING DEAD.” Evan yells in my ear and my hand balls into a fist as I tried to concentrate on the detonator in front of me, sweat trickles down my face, my eyes bloodshot.


“OMG, THE BOMB JUST BLEW UP. And now I’m dead again for the 21 time, thanks Cara.” Evan says dramatically and falls to the floor playing dead.



“Well you did good today, considering the fact you didn’t yell at Evan.” Jason says smiling.




Date: 5th, September, 2029


“Rule number 6, don’t always expect your opponent to always use the same technique all the time, just because I’ve been playing dirty doesn’t mean I can’t play fair Cara.” Tamara chides looking down at me as I lay on the floor groaning on pain. I thought she would be using the knob again and that’s why I spent the whole of last week planning on how to not get sliced, but the idiot did not use it.




Date: 8th, September, 2029.


“Yay, Jason I did not get shock not even once I did it and not to brag but you couldn’t even see me coming, I’m a fu.cking spy now.” I grinned doing a slow break dance.


“I’m not sure that’s what it takes to be a spy but nevertheless congratulation you did it, you are almost as good as me.” Jason says and I roll my eyes at him, he ignores the rolling of my eyes and kissed me.




Date: 12th, September, 2029.


“Yayyyyyy, I did it, I fu.cking did it.” I celebrate jumping in happiness, I just outrun about 20 police cars can you believe it.


“Congratulations Cara, you’re ready.” Tamara says grinning at me.




Date: 18, September, 2029


“CARA IT’S GONNA BLOW, OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE.” Evan yells in my ear and I ignored him and cut the wire.



“YAY, WE ARE SAVE, I’M NOT GONNA DIE.” Evan yells dramatically.


“You did it Cara.” Jason’s says and Pat’s me on my back, then gave me a quick kiss on my lips.




Date: 23rd, September, 2029.


“Finally I got the great Tamara Ellis Hall on her back, yay I need a pat on my back.” I said happily as I stare at Tamara on the floor but unlike me she wasn’t groaning in pain.


She stands up from the floor and says, “you’re ready.” And I smile at her.




Date: 25th, September, 2029


“Okay I don’t get why this is even a training.” I said for the eleventh time sighing.


“Well because if you’re gonna go fight, you have to do so looking good and stylish.” Cheryl says smiling putting the final touch to my now dyed pink hair.


“And what does it have to do with me being pink all over, I look like…… I don’t


have a name to say how hideous and horrible I look.” I said with a look of horror staring at my pink self in the big mirror.


“Oh this is not the training, I’ve always wondered what you would like in only pink and girl you look so hilarious.” Cheryl says laughing and I frown at her.


“Yeah laugh, it’s funny.” I said dryly.




Date: 26, September, 2029



“I don’t get it, should I be more surprise that you own a freaking helicopter or that you guys want me to jump off it.” I yelled looking down, gosh the ground feels so far away.


“Common don’t be a baby Cara, all we want is to celebrate your success and we also want to do this.” Evan says and without warning pushed me off the helicopter.


“Ahhhh.” I screamed in surprise, oh I’m so gonna pay you guys back but first I have to make sure I don’t break a bone while landing. Chuckle.




A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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