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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 42

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Chapter Forty Two
Theme: Training (1)
Date: 27th, April, 2029.
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Tamara’s Hideout.
Cara’s Pov:
I stared at everyone in shock, that bastard. How dare him declare us National threat.
“Okay I’ll admit this is a little set back on the plan but we won’t let this stop us. We just have to keep our head down and make sure we don’t get caught, so the first step will still be carried out which is training.” I said and everyone nods in agreement.
“Erm excuse me Cara, but I don’t think we can train here.” Jason says drawing my attention.
“And why can’t we.” I asked frowning a little.
“Henry knows about this place.” Jason informs quietly.
“Shit. Tamara I don’t suppose you have another hideout.” I asked staring at Tamara pleading.
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“Nope I don’t.” She replies. Okay no hideout means we’re officially fu.cked up.
“I have somewhere in mind.” Jason says and I turn to him.
“Well that’s great, everybody pack up and be fast about it we wouldn’t want Henry to pay us a visit.” I said and hurried everyone to go pack except Miss Juliet and uncle George of course.
In an hour time everyone was done packing, and we load everything into the van. Mr George takes the wheel and under Jason directions he was able to drive us straight to Jason’s hideout.
“Wow this is so cool. No offence Tamara.” I said looking around the highly beautifully decorated sitting room. The walls are painted white, the chairs are all brown with a touch of gold just like it’s owner eyes. There a highly stocked bar at the side if the living room, a widescreen television that’s really really big, a glass center table and a beautiful crimson chandelier hanging above it.
“What’s there to not like about this place, we have our own high tech meeting room and not to mention the cool spy gadgets, I so love this place.” Evan gushed like a high school girl.
“Allow me to show you your room Cara.” Jason says and leads me to my room.
“Wow It’s so comfy and beautiful. This is exactly what I need.” I said in awe. Everything in the room is white, the bed sheet, couch, walls, wardrobe, curtains, basically everything.

“Well I’m glad you like it. I just kind of guess that after everything that has happened the past few weeks you would love some peace and calmness.” Jason explains.
“Well I love it and thanks.” I said giving him a big smile and then plop down on the bed. Sooo soft.
“Well you’re welcome, I’ll leave you to do your thing.” Jason says and left.
My hands run along the soft matress and a wave of calmness wash over me, soon enough I fell into a deep slumber.
Date: 28th, April, 2029.
Time: 4:52pm
Location: Jason’s Hideout.
Cara’s Pov:
“Cara you should know how to assess your opponent weaknesses that would give you an upper hand.” Tamara says and I nod.
“Good, now fight.” Tamara oders and Evan immediately charge at me and I waited once i saw an opening I kicked him on where the sun doesn’t shine.
“What the hell Cara.” Evan grunts in pain on the ground.
“Tamara was pretty clear when she said asses your opponent weaknesses. That’s all I did, Evan.” I said sweetly staring down at him and he gave me the middle finger.
“Hey that’s cheating.” I heard Steve yell out and I looked at him. Steve is currently on the floor grunting in pain and Cheryl towers above him.
“What, all I did was kiss you and then knee you on your lower abdomen. How is that cheating.” Cheryl says innocently.
“You distracted me and that’s cheating.” Steve says hoarsely.
“All is fair in love and war, Steve.” I said walking over to them.
“Thank you.” Cheryl exclaims and fist bump me.
“Rule number 2 don’t ever waste your time gloating over a little win, if this was a real tight and real opponent, your opponent would have gotten on their feet and knock you down.” Tamara chides and then orders Evan and Steve to get up.
We started training today, Tamara is teaching Steve, Evan , Cheryl and me how to fight. Ethan and Mr George is teaching my mum and Miss Juliet some basics defend technique. Later on Jason will be teaching us how to use most of his spy gadgets.
“This dummy here is your opponent, I want you to think of someone you hate so much and then punch the living daylight out of it.” Tamara instructs and we all nod standing in front of the dummies. I pictured Henry and Frederick face on it simultaneously, let’s just say I gave them a very good beating.
“I love the enthusiasm Cara, keep this up and in no time your enemies will be grovelling on the floor begging for mercy.” Tamara says and I grinned.
“Both you too Cheryl and Evan. Erm Steve did you actually punch this thing.” Tamara staring at Steve’s dummy.
“Don’t look at me like that, I’m a hugger not a puncher. And as a lawyer I believe every issues can be solve peacefully.” Steve says and Tamara shakes her head.
“Yeah keep on believing that. Well we’re done with training for today.” Tamara says and then leaves. Ethan slumps on the ground and exhale tiredly, I joined him on the ground and so did Steve and Cheryl.
“Cara who did you imagine.” Cheryl asks.
“Henry and Frederick.” I answered simply and Cheryl giggles.
“What about you Evan.” Cheryl asks and I crank my head to look at him.
“Frederick, that idiot shot me.” Evan says annoyed.
“You know the bullet was for me and you got in the way of it so yeah technically he tried to shoot me.” I said.
“Well that doesn’t change the fact that he shot me.” Evan says deadpan and I roll my eyes at him.
“What about you Cheryl.” I asked looking at her curiously.
“George Martin.” Cheryl answers simply.
“You imagined the man who wrote the final ending of games of thrones.” I asked looking at her in surprise.
“Well I still hate the way the movie came to an end, Jon snow shouldn’t have been banished and it’s all Martins fault.” She says frowning.
“Girl we watched that movie like 10 tears ago.” I utter in surprise.
“Wait a minute you guys watched games of thrones I thought mum seize it from you guys.” Ethan questions looking at us bewildered and I faced palm myself.
“Can we go back to where Cheryl biggest enemy is George Martin.” I said trying to change the subject but classic Evan wouldn’t let me, he even threatened to tell mum, like I watched that movie ten years ago and now I’m 25 years old, is not like my mum would ground me or something. Classic Evan. Chuckle.
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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