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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 41

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Chapter Forty One



Theme: Finally some peace











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Date: 26th, April, 2029.


Time: 5:55pm


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


I took a deep breath and pick up the phone.


“Ohh my love thank God you picked up the phone, have been looking everywhere for you, you’re not in your hospital room, where are you my love.” Henry desperate voice comes through my speaker and my hands balls into a fist. The manipulative bastard is unaware of the fact that I know of his sick games.



“Oh please stop the act, your spy decided to come clean so I know all about you’re twisted game you bastard and I just want to let you know that you might have won the last round but you only won because I didn’t know you were in the game Henry and now that I know I just want to let you know that you’ll never feel the taste of winning ever again.” I said harshly into the phone my voice low, I don’t want to alert the others.


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“And what make you think you can win against me Cara, you’re just like every other woman out there, you’re weak, useless, you’re nothing. Cara I thought I made that clear to you already.” Henry says and chuckle, I had to control myself from hurling my phone at the wall.


“Oh Henry I know you expect me to be crying right now and utter insult at myself for being so stupid and maybe even give up but I’m not doing that, instead I’m grateful for what you did, if not for you planting does evidence or helping me rescue Tamara from prison, I would never had gone this far in my plans, neither would I have beaten Frederick so Henry your help is duly noted. Good bye husband.” I giggled into the phone and hung up without waiting for his reply. A smirk graced the corner of my lips knowing Henry would be fuming wherever he is right now.


Oh I feel so damn good that I immediately sent Jason a text. In no time I heard a knock on my door, wow.


“Come in.” I said, knowing it’s Jason at the door.


“Hey I got your text.” Jason says staring at me attentively.


“Yeah, I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep.” I asked.


“No, not at all. I can’t possibly sleep with Ethan snoring.” Jason replies and I smile. Tamara’s hideout has only four rooms, Steve and Cheryl is occupying one, Tamara also is occupying one, mum and I is supposed to be sharing this one I’m in but mum had to go back to Frederick’s Mansion to get some of her stuff that are really important to her, Ethan and Jason would go get her in the morning. And finally the last room which is actually the biggest is occupied by Evan, Ethan and Jason.



“Oh I see. I called you here because I wanted to do this.” I said and without warning I slapped Jason hard on the face.


“Fuck, what…” I place my lips on Jason’s aggressively cutting him off. My tongue swirl in his dominantly and I greedily kiss him, godddddd I miss him so fu.cking much. My nerves burns with desires, desire that won’t be taken care of tonight. I want to take things slow, so with a little grumbling I separate myself from him.


“Wow, Steve was right I do feel a lot better.” I said placing a hand on my racing heart.


“Well if I get such kisses anytime you slap me then I’m happy to say my face is at your service whenever you want.” Jason grins and I chuckle.


“Be careful of what you say, Jason, I might take you up on that.” I grinned back.


“So does this mean we’re good.” Jason asks a little bit nervous.


“Yeah.” I answered simply, smiling and a huge smile graced Jason and without wary he picks me up and twirls me around making me laugh in delight, Jason place down and pulls me into a long sensual kiss leaving me breathless.


“So…… I guess I should be going.” Jason says, and I could see he was really


reluctant to leave, well that makes the two of us. I don’t want him to go.


“You could stay, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to get a good night sleep with Ethan snoring very loudly and that would not be good for your brain. It’s really really good to always have a good night sleep.” I blab on.


“Yeah, yeah, you’re definitely right, I should really stay, you know to have a good really good night sleep.” Jason says blabbing with me and we both realize ourselves and start to laugh.


“All I’m saying is you’re welcome to spend the night here, Jason.” I said once I’m calm.



“And all I’m saying is yes I would really love to spend the night here.” Jason replies and we both smile at each other, God I feel like a teenager in love.


Well you’re in love. My inner self says and shut her up.


“And we could also cuddle.” I suggest.


“Yeah we should totally do that.” Jason agrees and we both climb on the bed and of course cuddle.


I settle into Jason arms, smiling. I can finally say for the first time in my life I’m genuinely happy, hmph, finally some peace.


“Night night Jason.” I whisper.


“Night night Cara.” Jason replies and I let sleep take over me.




Date: 27th, March, 2029.


Time: 7:26am


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


“I can see everyone is settled, I can now say we’re officially back in business people.” I said happily staring at everybody right now sitting in the room with me.


“Yayyy, what are we selling, I didn’t even know we had a shop.” Cheryl exclaims wide eye and I faced palm myself.


“Cheryl it’s like a figure of speech, like what I’m trying to say is that we are all together and we can start the mission again.” I explain in a duh tone.


“Oh I see, well carry on.” Cheryl says bowing a little chivalrously and I chuckle, drama queen.



“Well thank you Cheryl, now before I go on with the plans I cooked up, first I would like you all to meet the newest addition to the crew.” I said smiling and Miss Juliet(librarian) and her uncle walks in.




On this particular day which is accurately few days after Stephanie death, I had to gather some more information on Tamara so I had gone to the library, the restricted area to be exact.


I was still searching for more information about Tamara when miss Juliet walked in.


“You know have been working in this library for long and I’ve never heard of a restricted area.” She says walking in and actually startlingly me


“Oh hi Cara.” She greeted like she’s just seeing me.


“Uhm hi Miss Juliet.” I said fidgeting with my the hem of my skirt.


“Oh don’t be nervous Cara your secret is safe with me, you see Cara I’m a very really observant and from what I’ve observe so far you’re on a mission to free the women.” She says and I looked at her not knowing if I should respond with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ but I decided to stay quiet instead and watch her.


“I want to be part of this mission Cara.” She says surprising me.


“And why should I trust you.” I ask eyeing her.


“Because I killed my husband and I hate men except from my uncle of course.” She answers simply.


“You’re responsible for the death of your husband.” I asked surprised.


“I know right men are foolish but I didn’t think you’ll be that foolish to believe a rare poisonous bee could just fly into my home on it’s own.” She states looking at me disapprovingly.


“But your uncle backed your claim.” I utter surprise.


“Yeah he did, because he was in support of my plan, why do you think he gave me the permission to own asset’s and properties and to live my life the way I want to. I was going to say this later but he also want in on the mission.” She informs me.


I looked at her for a while before stretching my hand for a hand shake, a smile tug at the side of my mouth.


“I don’t know if there’s a part for you and your uncle yet but I’ll inform you when there is.” I said, shaking her hand firmly.


“Well that works for me, carry on with whatever you were doing, don’t let me get in the way.” She says and left.


End of flashback.


“Miss Li here was once a nurse and her knowledge on drugs and poison would really help us a lot. Mr George here, miss Juliet uncle has a lot of connections and has a wide scope of knowledge on politicians and there inner circle. Mr George, Miss Juliet, please meet my mum, Tamara, Ethan, Evan, Jason, Steve and Cherly and everyone please meet Mr George and his niece Miss Juliet.” I introduced getting everybody acquainted.


“Great, now that everybody is now familiar with each other, I say we can now officially move to the agenda of the day.” I said and clasped my hand tightly in delight.


I went on to brief them on my newest plan. “And for this plan we all need to train on how to defend ourselves. That’s why Mrs Tamara, Jason and Ethan will teach us on how to defend ourselves.” I said then all of a sudden everybody phones vibrates including mine, we all shared a look. I take my phone from the table next to me and unlock it. I had one video notification, I clicked on it to check it out, once I was done watching the video I raise my head up in surprise looking at everyone in the room shocked.


President Williams just freaking declare us National Threat and with our faces on it. Damn.







A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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