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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 4

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Chapter Four



Theme: New life











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Date: 5, February, 2029


Time: 12:00pm


Location: Henry’s Mansion, Master bedroom.








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Cara Pov:






I lay on the king sized bed, in pain. All over my body arched in pains, all thanks to Henry’s freakish way of making love.



With each passing day i let myself, drown in this pain, I realize lots of time is being wasted and I continue living like this, with a little bit of strength I forced my aching body up, groaning in pain, i refuse to stay in bed today. I





I walk downstairs, through the stairs. Mrs Helen gasped on seeing me. “Oh no dear, what are you doing, you should be in bed, your body is not fully heal from yesterday assault’s.” Mrs. Helen is the oldest woman in Henry’s house. She’s the house keeper, and responsible for any mishap in the running of the house hold, be it her fault or not.



I smiled to her, grateful for the care, “oh no, I’m fine, I just need you stop fretting over me, and maybe some of those your special scones, hmm how about that.” I tried convincing her, there’s no way I would spend the rest of the rolling in pain on my bed.



After a little bit, I was able to convince Mrs Helen, to let come spend the rest of the day with her. We talked ana gist on different topics, while eating chocolate scones with tea. Mrs Helen had a lot of stories to share about her early childhood, some were funny, and some where just plain sad.



Instead of sitting down idly, I decided to help her with some of the house chores, though I had to fight her on that one and of course I won. Later on we both had tea in the kitchen with Mrs. Helen special chocolate cookies.



My eyes trails over to the wall clock at the kitchen, 6:10pm, henry would be back by 7pm, I better go get ready, I said my final goodbye to Mrs Helen and went upstairs to get ready.



Once in the strip down to nothing remained on my body, wearing my bathrobe, I walked into the bathroom.


I took my bath with Henry’s favorite gentle rose.







“Welcome master.” I said on my kneeling down dutifully.


I was asked by henry to call him master at all times.



He nods his head at me recognizing my greeting and that was my cue to stand-up, so I did, turned around slowly. I stood there nervously waiting for him to be done with his inspection.


“Hmm, good” he murmured, anf walked past me into the room.



I’m actually grateful, I don’t have to greet him at the door downstairs, with only a pair of bra and pant. If he ever wants me downstairs, he makes me do that fully clothed, said something about not wanting other men or women to behold what is his.



I walked behind, once he sat on the bed, I helped him out of his shoes, took his suitcases and suit jacket.


After disposing them, I prepared his bath. “Master the bath is ready.” I informed.



“Hmm,” he striped off the remaining cloth he has on, then walked into the bathroom. I joined him.



I scrubbed all over his body, henry always says a slave( yes, that’s exactly what I am, not a wife, I repeat not a wife) duty is to take good care of her master. He also said whenever I reached his instrument(manhood) I should always wash it with great care.


The whole bathing section, ends with me sucking henry off. (Gross) We both left the bathroom together, (me behind) after drying him off, I knelt down waiting for him to be done dressing.



The next task, was for me to massage his back, and relieve him of all the stress of today, once am done, I sit down on the floor and listen to him talk, mostly about how his day went, who annoyed him, and I just react, when am expected to.



Next order of the day, dinning room, I kneel down beside him, while he sits majestically on his chair, and again I’m thankful for the fact that no one is here to witness my humiliation. Henry made it a rule that nobody should be seen around the mansion from 5pm to the next morning, except Mrs Helen. “Master thank you for letting me eat from from the floor, i’m grateful master,” I said thankfully and he smiles at me, I wondered how a man as handsome as he could actually be a beast



After eating, I went back to the room, pulled off my underwear, and wait on henry, shooting my ass up and my head down.


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After a while I heard the room door open and close, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 my left hand is locked in chain. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 my right hand is locked up.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the first strike hit my left ass cheek, then the right, left, right, and it continues.


I thought I should be use to this by now, but I’m not, it felt more painful than the first.



“Thank you master, for whipping my ass.” Who the hell is grateful for been whipped. On her ass.



Without warning he thrust his manly instrument in my ass, I gripped the bedsheet harder.


Sometimes I wonder how his big fat 10 inches instrument all gets inside of me.


“You’re so tight for me slave.” He growls.


“Yes master,”


He Produce a nearly like growl, pushing his lengthy instrument in and out of me.


Henry digs his nails in my back, causing me to scream, drags my hairs forcing me to watch his face, this man I realize is not human. Men are not human.


With every thrust into me, I felt pain, immeasurable pain. I wondered if my mum ever went through this, if she ever did, then she hides it pretty good. Henry massaged my ass cheeks, I got ready for what’s coming next, soon enough his whip made of sharp thorns hits my ass cheeks.



“Ahhhh.” I cried out in pain, my tormentor let out a sadistic laugh.


“Yes scream slave, scream for your master,” he yells at me like a possessed person.


With a final beastly growl, he filled me up.


With a loud thud, he falls to the other side of the bed, and fell asleep, maniac.



I stare at the ceiling, tears streamed down my face, Cara just a little more time and this would be over.


Sigh, I crept out of bed dragging my wounded body with me.


This is my life now, with lots of rules in it.




*Always address henry as your master or lord.


*You are never allowed to eat on the dinning table, unless master says so.


Slaves are meant to eat on the floor.


*You are never allowed to choose what to wear. Unless I say so.


*You’re not allowed to get pregnant(he said something about not wanting a child to disrupt me from serving him efficiently. His first wife had a child, he killed them both, his fourth wife got pregnant, he killed her in a fit of rage, like common he should have just asked her to abort it, so am very much careful by taking pills)

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*You must take my permission, before going anywhere. *Disobedience to any of this rules, would get you seriously punished.(though I know he hates it when I obey all the rules, he loves it when I’m a little disobedient, that way he gets immense pleasure in beating the day



light out of me. So once in a blue moon I pay no attention to the rules, and I know he knows am doing it on purpose) (Sigh) this is life.














A Mans World/A Woman’s World


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