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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 38

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Chapter Thirty Eight



Theme: Let love be your source of energy











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Date: 25th, April, 2029.


Time: 11:25pm


Location: Forest.


Cara’s Pov:


“Hey sis.” A little voice I know so well wakes me out of my slumber, I opened my eyes slowly to see Stephanie in a beautiful white dress, sitting close to me.


“Stephanie is this really you.” I said and tried to adjust my eyes to daylight.


“Yeah, you called me here.” She replies smiling down at me.


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“What do you mean, I didn’t call you here.” I said confused.



“Of course you didn’t silly, your tears called me here. Sis why are you crying.” She asks sweetly, her beautiful blue eyes gaze into mine.


“I’m not, I wasn’t crying.” I lied through my teeth.


“Oh sis, I can tell you’re lying, have you forgotten I’m dead, I know everything.” My face falls at the mention of dead, I was just beginning to let myself believe that she was real and healthy. I wish I could turn the hands of time, then maybe, just maybe I could have save her.


“Oh no don’t you think that, if you do turn back the hands of time, you will only watch me die again sis, nobody not even you can do anything about that, so stop blaming yourself and just in case you’re asking, yes I can read your mind.” She giggles a little bit then said. “Hey sis I want to show you something.” Stephanie says and stretch her hands in front of me and I take it and immediately I wasn’t in the forest anymore, I’m standing on freaking air, looking down at some old factory, in fronts of it is a lot of people gathered.


“Let’s take a closer look sis.” She says and the next thing I know I’m standing right in the middle of the gathering and what I saw next made my heart ache. A man is actually whipping a woman with a twisted wire, and none of the spectacular move and inch to come to the lady’s rescue, they all just stare and watch the poor lady beg for her life.


“You see this sis this what women are going through everyday and if you quit and don’t put a stop to this more women, young ladies would go through this. This man can murder this lady right here and nobody, nobody will say a thing, instead they will sing his worship and call him a real man. I died sis and my burial became a business meeting for father. You can’t quit Cara, you have to stop this, you can’t give up.” Stephanie pleads and I turn my back away from her, I wiped away a single tear sliding down my cheeks. “I can’t do it Stephanie, I thought I could but I can’t.”


“Who are you and what have you done to my sister, cause the sister I grew up to respect is not a quitter.”



“Well maybe I am a quitter and I made myself believe that I I’m strong, I’m neither strong or smart, Stephanie, I’ve Lost to Frederick and Henry, I have lost to all men. I’m just another weak woman out there Stephanie, I’m just another weak woman.” I slump my shoulder in defeat.


“Cara everybody has a weakness, even the men that act all strong and mighty also has weakness but is what you do about it that matters, some people cut off their weaknesses, they hide it so no one can see it, some are oblivious to their weaknesses, and some people find there weaknesses and turns it to a weapon. Been weak is not a bad a thing, that’s a way of God reminding us that we all humans Cara.” Stephanie advice smiling warmly at me and now the only thing I could wonder Ii how did my sister gets so good at giving advice.


“So what if you yearn for love and care, so what if love is your biggest weakness, you could make it your greatest weapons, let love be your source of energy and strength, don’t let revenge be the source. Revenge would only burn your enemy with you together. Well I have to go now but before I do I just want you to know that you shouldn’t let a hot mess like Jason go, I want my niece and nephew to have that brown golden eyes. Goodbye sis.” Stephanie smiles at me one more time and before I could protest she was already gone.


“Stephanie.” I cry out, my voice hoarse, I opened my eyes and I had to close it back immediately cause of the blinding daylight. Once I got my eyes to readjust to the light, I scanned my surrounding and notice I’m in the forest and utterly alone


“Thank you Stephanie.” I whisper, smiling, my face looking upward. All I can tell you guys right now is that I just had the most reassuring dream ever and it kind of feels real and I’m happy to say it stopped me from giving up, it’s time I head back to Tamara’s hideout.




I walk into Tamara’s hideout, and the moment Tam sees me she stands up immediately and walks up to me.


“Girl where the hell have you been, you got everyone worried.” Tam asks eyeing my dirty body.



“I didn’t mean to make everybody worried and where have been doesn’t really matter anymore.” I said smirking


“If that’s not important then what is.” She says, raising an eyebrow.


“I want you to teach me how to fight, I don’t want to ever feel weak in front of my enemies ever again.” I said coldly, my eyes blank, my fist tightened.


“Well finally someone is speaking my language, violence.”








A Man’s World/A Woman’s World



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