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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 37

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Chapter Thirty seven



Theme: Caroline











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Date: 25th, April, 2029.


Time: 10:55pm.


Location: Forest.


Author’s Pov:


Ethan felt so scared and work out, he had no idea where his sis could be, after Jason had narrated what happened between the both of them, Cara had gone missing. He just hoped she hasn’t done anything stupid to herself, he knows his sister more than everyone, he knows for a fact that she acts strong in front of everyone but deep down she’s just a little girl yearning for love and care and that’s why Jason betrayal would be a really big blow on her.


“Any luck.” Ethan asks Jason the minute he appears, Jason shakes his head sideways signifying a ‘no’ Ethan heaves a sigh in disappointment. He turns his attention to Steve that just walks in and he also shakes his head sideways.


Jason groans in frustration, he would never forgive himself if anything happens to Cara. “Hey, we are gonna find her.” Ethan says placing a hand on Jason shoulders, giving it a reassuring squeeze. When Ethan had found about Jason betrayal he has made sure to give him a good beaten, once he was done getting out all his anger, he


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had strecth a hand and helped Jason with a smile on his face, now he could say Jason is not gonna die by his hands at least not anymore.


“We won’t be able to cover any more ground thus night, I say we all go home and hope she’s okay then by tommorow we could continue with the search.” Steve advice, Ethan and Jason nods their heads in agreement each of them praying Cara is fine wherever she is.






Date: 25th, April, 2029.


Time: 10:55pm.


Location: Caroline’s Apartment.


Author’s Pov:


Caroline walks into her apartment and close the door behind her. She sighs and flings her Louis Vuitton bag on her couch and plops down next to it.


“What a hectic day.” Her clients today were really demanding, wanting all such of styles on bed, but the ones she has never heard of but being a sex worker she had no choice but to deliver, she wouldn’t want to get her master angry, her master is the devil know to everybody as Frederick.


Frederick had walked into her life when she had no means of survival, her parents died in a car accident, her two brothers was taken in by her relatives but none of them wanted her, if she was a male child, she would have also been taken along but in this world were she grew up in female child are considered worthless. Her relatives had sold her off to be a sex worker and that was were she met Frederick, he brought her and fed her took care for her but only if she had know she was going from fire to hell she wouldn’t have rejoiced back then. Though life is more good now, she lives in a comfortable house, sleep comfortably and eat comfortably, what else could she ask for but now she realized money without happiness is nothing.


Her life had been meaningless, the same routine every blessed day, have sex with at least 5 men a day, and then come back home, a lot of time she had toy with the



decision to take her life but everything change when her master Frederick gave her a new mission to seduce his son, Ethan. At first she did what she was told, she not only seduce Ethan but also gained his trust and love and time without time she feeds Frederick information about his daily life but all that change when she fell in love with him, she tried not to but she did eventually, falling so deeply in love with him, she knew they were consequences for action, Frederick does not forgive double-crossers. He never did.


She sighs exasperated, and pulls off her black coat and throws it to the floor she’s not one for tidiness another reason why she’s lucky to have Ethan in her life, she walks over to her room and walks inside dreaming of soaking herself inside her hot tub, she sighs wistfully, only to stop in her tracks ones she sees Frederick in the room sitting on her bed, drinking a glass of red wine. She stiffens in place, afraid of him.


“Now don’t tell me you’re not happy to see me Caroline.” Frederick taunts standing up from the bed and walks over to her.


“I’m more that happy to see you sir.” Caroline answers passive.


“Now that’s what I expected to hear, now can you tell me why I haven’t heard from you in a while, and how come you didn’t know my children were forming an attack against me.” Frederick says coolly, standing right in front of her.


“I’m sorry sir but your son doesn’t tell me everything.” Caroline replies trying not to shake in fright.


“And so tell me to what use are you too me if you can’t seduce information out of my foolish son.” He asked glaring at her.


“Sir.. I.. I promise I’ll find out something, I’ll get more informa..” her words were cut off with a gun shot, her eyes widen in disbelief as she stares at killer in shock, she cradles her stomach as she falls to the floor in a loud thud.


Caroline stares at her ceiling, eyes wide open, this is her end and her end had no happy ending, she always secretly hoped for.




Ethan walks into his girlfriend apartment looking so tired, right now all he wants is to cuddle up with his girlfriend. He chuckles seeing her bag and coat lying not so nicely on the couch and the floor, no matter what he tried he still couldn’t initiate her into tidiness. He picks up her hand bag and the coat and head straight to her room.


“Baby, I’m home” he says cheekily walking in to her room only to be stopped on his track at the sight of his girlfriend lying on the floor, dead.


“Oh my God Caroline, Caroline, Caroline!!” He calls out tapping her, he cradles her face and checks her pulse, no sign of life.


Ethan tries not to panic and calls 911 immediately, once he was sure help was coming he went back and kneels down next to his girlfriend, that’s when he noticed she was holding something in her hand, he unclasps her hand and sees a piece of paper in it.


Ethan unfolds the paper and reads what’s in it.


Hey babe, I just want to say I’m sorry and I hope you forgive me. I’ve been working for your father since I was a teenager, and I’m the reason why he always knew about every business plan you had, yes I’ve been giving your father information about your every move.


I did not plan on falling in love with you, but I did anyway and that made my loyalty to Frederick waver, I just couldn’t keep on betraying you, so I chose not give Frederick information on anything about you anymore and Frederick hates double crossers, but if I had a chance again to go back in time I would still choose you cause you brought happiness and laughter, joy and love in to my dark life and that’s why even if I had a chance to go back in time I would still have chose you over that vile man named Frederick.


My love don’t waste your tears on someone like me cause I don’t deserve it, learn to live happy, please for me, you must be happy and lastly don’t let revenge cloud your sense of judgement.


Yours truly.




Ethan weeps sorrowfully reading the pieces of paper over and over again, his heart shatters into may pieces. Why him? Why his love?






A Man’s World/A Woman’s World



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