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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 35

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Chapter Thirty Five
Theme: Coma
Date: 23rd, April, 2029.
Time: 10:00am
Location: Hospital.
Cara: Pov:
Five days, five freaking days in this damn hospital room and I’m losing it already, after Frederick (yeah I called him based on first name basics, that man is no longer my father) literally shot his own son he had left both of us there to die but lucky me Ethan came to the rescue though I might had gone into a world of total darkness once I laid my eyes on Ethan, and that’s why I’m freaking out, because I know nothing, like really nothing about what happened to Evan, I don’t know if his dead, if his alive, or maybe between life and death, I know nothing at all and the whole silence of Ethan is killing me. Ugh.
“I see you’re awake, already.” Evan says poking his head into my room before walking in entirely. Ever since I woke up in the hospital, Evan has been the only one visiting me, I made sure Cheryl and little Sam is kept safe at Tamara’s hideout, I can’t take any chances and for Steven he had occasionally stopped by to cheer me and then there’s Jason, jason hasn’t visited me and for some reason I’m okay with it, and finally my husband Henry, henry had tried visiting me but I’ve refuse to let him in, I really haven’t come up with a better explanation about Frederick’s allegations.
“I did not even close my eyes for a second.” I answered truthfully, I really can’t sleep.
“Hmph. I bought you food, pizza to be exact. Doctor Joe finally gave his mark of stamp to let you eat real food.” Ethan says grinning and setting the box of pizza in front of me.
“I’m not eating anything unless you tell me what happened to Evan. If his dead just let me know already, I promise I can handle it” I snapped angrily at him.
“Hey his not dead, why would you ever think his dead.”
“Well forgive me for thinking his dead since you’ve…., Wait did you just said he is
not dead, like Evan is alive!!!.” I exclaim in surprise, right now I can literally feel my soul jumping out of from my body.
“Yes, Evan is alive, his just two rooms away, so why don’t you dig into the pizza, and I’ll take you to Evan once you’re done.” Evan replies grinning brightly at me and without further request I chewed my pizza forgetting what my mum thought me about etiquette. Like seriously who cares.
Once I’m done eating, I made sure Ethan leads me to Evans room straightaway, not giving him any slight chance to have a change of mind and right now I’m in front of Evan’s room and I can’t bring myself to open the door. Like I’ve always wanted this, I’ve wanted nothing else but to lay my eyes on Evan again but now I can’t bring my nervous self to open the damn door.
“Hey, you’re okay.” Ethan asks giving me a worried look.
“Yeah, I’m good.” I reply smiling a little bit.
“It’s okay if you’re not ready to see him, you can always go back to your room.” Ethan offers.
“No, I can do this, I want to see him.” I said with resolution and twist the door knob, the door gives way and I walked inside with my heart literally on my hand, if that’s even possible.
Once I got inside the first thing or should I say person my eyes landed on was my brother looking so lifeless on top of the hospital bed, the only sign that shows his still alive is the cardiac monitor making a beeping sound. My fist tightens as I take in the view, I really want to murder a particular someone right now.
“He looks so different, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I kind of miss his annoying charming smile.” I whispered to Ethan, my eyes a little tearful.
“I want to make Frederick pay, I want to rip his fu.cking brain from his body. I want him dead Ethan.” I said spitting out so much venom, my hatred for father has just increased to a higher level.
“That sounds like a good plan but don’t let revenge cloud your reasoning Cara, don’t forget what we are fighting for.” Evan advice cautiously, but I’m far from been cautious.
“I don’t bloody care anymore, all I want right now is to see Frederick die, I want him dead for what he has done, that vile man does not deserve to walk the face of this earth even for a day.”
“Cara!! I also want Frederick to pay, hell i want his head on a golden platter right now for breakfast. I also want him dead as much as you do, but don’t you think if will sacrifice everything for revenge, Evan risking his life for yours will all be a waste, Cara Evan is my twin brother and watching him on that bed right now really tear my heart apart, that I so much want to put a fu.cking bullet in Frederick’s head, but now is not the time, but I promise you we will get our revenge but not now, okay.” Ethan says and pulls me into a hug and I let the tears fall.
Not now Frederick but very soon.
Date: 23rd, April, 2029.
Time: 1:33pm.
Location: Henry’s Mansion.
Author’s Pov:
“What have you done you old fool.” Henry snaps at Frederick, hurling a vase on the next possible wall close to him.
“Calm down Henry.” Francis says trying to calm down his raging friend.
“Don’t.” Henry warns Francis when he tried to touch him.
“I don’t understand I just reveal that your wife has been working behind your back and all you can do is yell at me.” Frederick asks incredulously shocked.
“And who told you I didn’t know about her little scheme from the very beginning, I was the one who planted her first evidence, I let her break Tamara out of prison, every step she took, I knew about it. I’m not stupid Frederick, don’t you ever think that.”
“But if you did know about it then why let her succeed.” Frederick ask confused.
“For the fun of it Frederick, for the fun. Your daughter Cara somehow believes she can change the whole system of the world, starting from America and I her husband would love to give her that feeling of winning and then only to take it back. Your daughter thinks she is the one calling all the shots in this game but what she doesn’t know is she’s merely a pawn in it.” Henry laughs in freakish manner that scares Frederick.
“Your daughter Cara is a very strong and smart woman I must say, but you see I hate smart and strong women and that’s why I find pleasure in breaking them, you see Frederick your daughter thinks she has no weakness but of course she does, Love was and still is her number one weakness. She craves for it, she never had one while growing with a father like you and that’s why she looks for it at other places and that father in-law is your daughter downfall.” Henry says and smiles broadly at Frederick and then continued his speech. “And now because of your stupid interference, I now have to salvage the whole situation.” Henry says grimly, thinking about how he had to continue acting as a love sick puppy, buying her flowers and treating her nice.
“But there’s something I don’t get, how come do you know her every move.” Frederick asks still confuse on the whole revelation.
“That’s simple, I hired a trained a spy to watch her every move and I have to say he really did great job at gaining her trust, Kenneth!.” Henry calls out and a man with long curly brown hair, deep brown eyes with a touch of gold walks into the room.
“Frederick meet Kenneth the spy I hired also know as Jason to Cara.” Henry introduce with a smirk on his face.
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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