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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 34

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Chapter Thirty Four
Theme: Caught(2)
Date: 16th, April, 2029.
Time: 5:36pm
Location: Frederick’s Mansion.
Author’s Pov:
Cara pours her father a glass of wine completely unaware of the thoughts twirling in his mind, neither did she noticed when he got his face closer to her’s and whispers, “Tell father how you want to die.”
“What.” Cara utters confused looking at her father.
“You bitch you think I won’t find out you went behind my back and cause me my vice president, position.” Mr Frederick yells and takes a handful of Cara hairs, and then bang her poor head unexpectedly on the glass dinning table.
“Frederick!! You’ll kill her.” Martha screams at her husband.
“That’s what I bloody want to do. Guards!!.” Frederick calls his voice really high, two guards walks in.
“Take her away.” Frederick orders pointing at Martha, the guards comes forward and pick up Mrs Martha plump body and place on his shoulder. Mrs Martha yells at the obnoxious bodyguard to put her down, hitting him as hard as she could, but it felt nothing more than a tap to the bodyguard carrying her on his shoulder.
The guard takes Martha to her room, and locks her in, Mrs Martha cries and begs them to open the door but they didn’t.
Mrs Martha panics, she couldn’t leave her daughter alone with that beast, what if he ends up killing her the same way he did to Stephanie, No!! She can’t allow that to happen, she has to think of something anything. But what can she do here, she’s locked up in her bedroom, there’s no way she can leave. Then it clicks her phone, and luckily for her the last placed she actually used her phone was in here, in her own room. She could call one of the twins, Ethan preferably, Evan knows nothing about saving his own ass if he ever needs to.
Martha searched for her phone and luckily for her, she found it at the exact place she knows it would be, on top her vanity. She didn’t have to search for his number, cause all her children’s number are on the fast dial. She calls the number and it rings for awhile and nobody picks the call, she tries again and again but still yet nobody answers. Thinking on what her next step should be, she decides to send Ethan a message, and hope for the best.
Martha held her phone wondering what to do next, then she decides to call Evan next, Evan might not know how to save his ass, but she would do anything right now to save her daughter’s life, so she calls Evan next, and luckily for her he picks up on the first ring.
“Hello mu..”
“Evan you have to come to the house right now.” Martha yells a little not giving her son the chance to complete his greeting, she frantically stares at the door hoping she wasn’t too loud.
“Calm down mum and tell me what’s going on.” Evan asks on noticing the panic in his mum voice.
“It’s your father, Evan, he will kill her just like he killed Stephanie, Evan you have to come before he does that, please Evan you have to stop him.” Martha says to quickly fumbling with her words, hysterical.
“Mum I don’t get what you’re saying, who does Father wants to kill.” Evan asks apprehensive.
“Cara.” Martha whispers slowly, like if she called the name too loud, the worst would happen.
“Mum I’ll be there in a minute.” Evan says at once, Martha could hear him shuffling around, probably putting on his clothes. “Mum where are you right now.”
“Your bloody father has me locked up in my own room, and as if that wasn’t enough he actually stationed two body guards right outside my door.” Martha exclaims.
“Mum everything will be fine, I promise okay. Just hold on okay, I have to cut the call right now.” Evan says, and Martha here a beep sound signifying he just unlocked his car.
“Okay son.” Mrs Martha whispers into the phone and ends the call, she holds the phone close to heart and prays everything will be alright.
God please don’t let me lose another child, not another one. She whispers over and over as tears streams down her face.
Cara’s Pov:
I feel so dizzy right now, due to the way father keeps on dragging me by my hair, he wouldn’t even give me a sec to catch my breath, and on top of that my head really hurts right now, father didn’t do me enough justice when he banged my head on the glass dinning table, I could literally see my forehead swelling right now.
Seriously girl is that all you think of a swell in your forehead, girl!!!!!! You have been find out. My subconsciousness yells at me. Well she’s actually right I’ve been find out and all thanks to this stupid ring Henry brought for me.
Father takes a turn, that I’m so familar with, the bloody man Is taking me to Lucas toture room. “I’ll teach you how to respect me your father, you little snake.” Father says with venom at the tip of his tongue ready to poison me with it, normally this where I spit on his face and tell him his beatings does nothing to me, but for some reason unknown to me I feel so terrified, afraid of what my father would do to me, this feeling, the feeling of fear is all new to me, I just couldn’t understand it.
I watch as father goes over the weapon and then choose the whip with thorns, I grimaced at the sight of it, which I must say is totally new to me, since I was a kid I had visited this room more than I can count and soon enough I got use to the beatings, to every single whip, that I actually saw pains as my friend. No matter how hard father flogged me, I would always just lay there and keep quiet but now
I’m terribly terrified of having that whip use on me, so I backed away slowly, hoping I could save myself from that whip, but I couldn’t, nothing could save me now. There’s no way out.
“I…. I… Didn’t do anything father. I rea….lly have….. have no… no idea of what
you’re talking about.” I stutter tears spilling out from my eyes, why I’m I suddenly so weak.
“How stupid do you think am i, daughter.” Father says in a taunting voice, coming closer to me, with each stepped he takes, I take a step back, we comtinued like this till my back hits the cold wall of Lucas layer.
“I…I really didn’t… didn’t….. do anything father.” I stutter and more tears pours out of my eyes.
“You really think I’m stupid.” Father bellows and whips me. The thorns inflicts wounds on my body and blood oozed out of it. But that didn’t stoped my beast-like father from whipping,
I scream in pain as he consistently whips me, I cried, yell, pleaded, rolled in pain begging for my dear life. A time came I couldn’t scream anymore, so I laid down there almost lifeless, my whole body clothed with blood, but even the sore sight of me didn’t stop father from taking his revenge, now I realize he wants to whip me to death, and that breaks my heart a thousand time, this man I call my father doesn’t even has a slight affection, feeling, care, not even an ounce of it.
God please don’t let me die, at least not untill i rip this man head off his disgusting body, I pray slightly inside of me, and my prayer got answered as Evan rushed into the torture room shouting like a crazed man, “Father stop, you will kill her.”
“Oh how nice of you to join us Evan. You know I had high hopes for you but you foolishly decide to work against me and now you’ll pay for it Evan, by watching her die.” Father says and brings out a gun, Evan eyes grows largely staring at the gun unbelievably.
“She’s your daughter, you won’t really use that on her.” Evan whispers shocked, oh how naive you are brother.
Father only smirks to Evan statement and points the gun at me and fires the bullet, everything that takes place next all happened in a twitch of my eyelids, one minute father fires a bullet at me and the next Evan is on top of me.
“Evan.” I whisper frightened, refusing to believe everything going on in my head right now, Evan wouldn’t do that right??
“Yes sis.” He answers raising his head slightly to stare at me, his eyes held that same michevious glint that I’ve always hated.
“Evan what did you do.” I asks, my voice cracks and tears threatens to spill out if my eyes.
“I did what I had to do, now don’t let my death be a waste. Sis you’ve to fight till the end.” He says and tries to smile but I can feel his in deep pain.
“No!! Evan you can’t fu.cking die on me, Evan!! DON’T YOU FUCKING DIE ON ME. You still owe me an ice cream you idiot!!.” Evan chuckles slightly and smile lightly at me before blacking out and I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as tears spurt out my eyes. Evan you’re bloody fu.cking idiot.
A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World

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