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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 33

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Chapter Thirty Three



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Date: 11th, April, 2029.


Time: 3:00pm


Location: Frederick’s Mansion.


Author Pov:


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After the success of the mission, Cara release Mr Wang and his son with his secretary, she had no use for him anymore, and once Mr Wang got his freedom he paid Frederick a visit.


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“You what do you want in my house.” Frederick asks angrily walking into his office.


“Why the angry face, I should be the one angry not the other way around, Mr Frederick.” Mr Yang replies angrily.


“And why should you be, when you betrayed me, even after the agreement we made.” Frederick asked icily.



“What I didn’t betray you, I got kidnapped even after you assured me the celestial hotel has the best security.”


“What do you mean you got kidnapped.” Mr Frederick ask, his face contorted into a pile of confusion.


“Exactly what I said, Frederick.” Mr Yang replies and narrates the past event to Frederick.


“So these means you were not the one at the meeting we had with the President and if you’re not the one, it means you were impersonated.” Frederick explains doing the maths in his brain.


“I’m so sorry for the attack on you Mr Wang, but for now I think it’s best you play along with the President, pretend you were the one there on that day, and since it’s not your signature on that contract paper, I believe there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Frederick said.


“Actually they made me sign the papers before the meeting.” Mr Wang explains not to happily.


“Then we just have to figure a way out, for now we have to find out who these people are, and deal seriously with them.” Frederick says tightening his fist, there’s no way he will let them off the hook so easily, they will pay for making him lose his election.


“Okay, I’ll take my leave now, if anything ever turns up give me a call.” Mr Wang says and files out if Frederick’s office.


Frederick picks up his phone and dials a number, the line rings for a just about 5 seconds before whoever Frederick is calling picked up.


“Lucas I want you to carry out an investigation on those idiots responsible for my failed election, I don’t care what you have to do but make sure you find them. Is that clear.” Frederick ask, and Lucas who’s at the other end of the line replies with a ‘yes’.


“Good.” Frederick says and hung up.






Date: 16th, April, 2029.


Time: 4:33pm


Location: Frederick’s Mansion, Frederick’s office.


Author Pov


No matter what Lucas tries or whatever he does, he still couldn’t trace the imposters responsible for his boss failure.


First of all the stupid receptionist forgot to take money for the room, so he couldn’t get hold of the account statement, he was hoping he could get a name to start with cause apparently Matthew Everest was a fake name.


Secondly, the bloody securities at the hotel were busy sleeping due to some stupid drugged wine, and now there’s is no video record from that day.


Thirdly, the description of the imposters matched with the group who rescued Tamara from jail, and the police has no lead on it yet, neither does he.


Lucas had tried lucking for finger print but he could swear that the bloody imposters came back and wiped every single thing in the room. And since he hasn’t been able to come with anything worthy of calling an information, his dreading the fact that in a minute he would be meeting with his boss, Lucas has always hated been a failure. when he was still a child, his father and is brothers always made fun of him, even his little sister who was nothing but a weak girl was always placed above him and that’s why at the age of fourteen he burnt down his house with his family in it. And he doesn’t regret a single thing, those bastard deserve it.


“Any leads yet.” Frederick asks Lucas the minute he walked in, not raising his head up from the piles of documents on his office table.


“No sir.” Lucas answered solemnly.



“Well work hard Lucas, those people who dared trespass me must pay, and they can’t pay if you don’t bring them to me.” Frederick yells banging his fist on the table.


“I’m sorry sir, I’ll find them this time.” Lucas says, reassuring both his boss and his self.


“Well don’t just stand there go and bring them to me now!!” Frederick yells, Lucas quickly walks out the door hoping to get his hands on something this time around.


Frederick sighs heavily rubbing his forehead, now his to angry to go back to the paper works. I’ll just have to attend to them another day. He thinks and walks out of his office, he made sure to lock the door before going to the dinning room, maybe some mouth watering grilled steak will take his mind off things. When it comes to cooking Martha is the best cook he has ever know. Now he just hope Martha has serve his food already, or he will lash out all his anger on her, luckily for Martha when he did indeed get there the food has already been serve.


“Welcome my Lord.” Martha greets, Frederick ignores.


“Where is my wine.” Frederick asks noticing his favorite Penfolds Grange Hermitage Red wine isn’t on the table.


“Cara went to get it.” Martha answers placing a well grilled steak on his plate, then she placed well cooked sweet potatoes next to it, Henry loves them soft.



“Cara, she’s here.”Frederick questions surprised, since the death of Stephanie she has never stepped foot in the house again, what change. He thinks.


Yes, that exactly what I said. Martha thinks and rolls her perfect round blue eyes internally, but regardless of the fact that she didn’t want to answer his stupid question, she still did. “Yes my Lord.” Martha answers solemnly, and as if on cue Cara chose that particular time to stroll into the dinning room, having a Penfolds Grange Hermitage Red wine champagne in hand.


“Good evening Father.” Cara greets, Frederick ignores, Cara didn’t care.


She walks over to him briskly and sets down the wine, holding back a smile she pours wine into her father wine glass. As she pours him the wine something caught Frederick attentions, the ring on his daughter finger, it looks so familiar to him but he couldn’t place were he saw it. But then it clicks this was the same ring the person impersonating Miss Li wore.


Yes there’s no way I’m mistaking. Frederick thoughts, and suddenly anger burst into his head, and all he wants right there and there is to kill his daughter, because she was indeed the impersonator, and that also means she caused him his election.


With an angry look he got his face closer and whispers to Cara, “Tell father how you want to die.”










Okay guys it looks like Cara is officially caught.






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