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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 32

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Chapter Thirty Two



Theme: Dinner with Mr President (2)


Date: 3, April, 2029


Time: 5:35pm


Location: Celestial Hotel.


Cara Pov:


I calm my raging panick mode down, and graced my face with a slight plastic smile and answer my father, “it’s just for fashion.” I said, and my father seems to buy my story as he shakes his head. Beside why won’t he believe me, most women buy ring just for fashion, they say it completes their looks, whatever.

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With the intending failure in my plan taken care of, I went back to business and in no time I found the file I was looking for.


“This here Mr President is the design for the company Mr Wang wants to build.” I explain, shuffling through the different part of the designs.


“The building already looks promising but one question where would the casino be located.” Mr Williams asks, staring at the laptop screen intently.


“That would be located right under the company.” Steve(Wang) says grinning like he just won a billion dollar.


“Well that’s good, I love it already, so when does construction start.” Mr Williams asks, sipping his wine.


“Once you sign deal. Miss Li.” Steve(Wang) says and I take out the contract that Steve and I made, yep this is not the original contract Mr Wang made. I placed the contract in front of Mr Williams and He opens it and reads through it, once he’s done with reading, he looks up smiling and asks, “Where should I sign.”


I skimmed through the file and points out where he should sign, once his done, I gave him his own copy and placed our copy back into my bag.


“Well…” Whatever my father was about to say got caught off by the ringing of his phone, father answers the call and placed it on his ear. “Hello.” Whatever was the

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discussion that took place in between the caller and my father, I don’t think was really that much good, cause father had an upsetting face on.


“What do you mean my car is been tolled away, that’s a fu.cking Cadillac Escalade, if it has much of a little scratch on it, you and your entire family is dead.” Father yells and bang his fist on the table, and I had to stop myself from laughing. Gosh I wonder what nosense Cheryl is saying right now.


“Is everything alright, Wilson.” Mr Williams asks concerned.


“Yes, I just have to sort a little issue right now, I’m so sorry for my outburst.” Father apologize getting up and leaves, once Frederick was no more in sight, I sent a signal to Steve to do his job.


“I would love to ask you a question Mr President, if you don’t mind.” Steve says cautiously.


“I don’t see why not.” President Williams replies.


“Mr Wilson is your right hand man, right??” Steve asked, still cautious.


“Yes.” President Williams answers casting Steve a confused glance.


“I don’t think you should trust a man who goes behind your back and works against you.” Steve says simply, giving President Williams a pointed look.


“What do you mean.” President Williams asked taken aback by the seriousness in Steve tone. Dumbass he means my father is betraying you, like how is that so hard to process in your brain, I had to resist the serious urge to roll my eyes at his slow brain.


“Li.” Steve calls, not looking at me, his eyes on President Williams. I take out a brown envelope, it contains a flash drive, I insect it in my laptop and play the only video in it.


In the video you can see Frederick walk into a dim light club(one of the not so expensive club in the country, perfect for a secret meeting) exotic dancers swaying



their hips to the upbeat music played by the dj, people screaming to the music, father stares at the place in disgust and walks over to the back far away from prying eyes and takes a sit.


After a little while Mr Wang walks in and scans the club, probably for father, he shuffles through the crowd, placing his phone on his ear, probably calling my father cause father also picks up his phone immediately and place it on his left ear. After a little bit of searching Mr Wang finds my father and goes to him then sits on the opposite sit in front of my father.


They talked for a little while, then they both stands up and shakes hands and go their separate way.


President Williams eyes bulged out in shock, he doesn’t need an interpreter to tell him, his right hand man just made a deal behind his back.


“If you’re wondering what I and your right hand man discuss I’ll tell you, he asked me to decline the contract with you, and sign a contract with him behind your back, and the wide range of land located next to the bayou will be mine.”


“And what made you change your mind.” President Williams asks curiously.


“Because you’re the president and I believe you can also get me that land, so just take it as a start of friendship.” Steve says, just like we rehearse, one wrong word and Mr President would get suspicious.


“Hmph.” President Williams stares at the laptop screen, a little bit shock, probably can’t believe my father could betrayed him. My father decides to walk back inside at this particular time, good timing Frederick.


“I’m so sorry, it was just a stupid prank call, some kid playing around.” Father rambles off, not taking notice of the temperature in the room.


“I’ll take my leave now Mr President, it’s nice doing business with you.” Steve says standing up, President Williams does the same and shakes Steve outstretched hand.



“The feeling is mutual.” President Williams says shaking his hands. Once the whole shaking thing came to an end, we all filed out of the restaurant and the hotel with a victourous smirk on each of our faces.




Date: 10th, April, 2029.


Time: 6:00pm


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


“Jason can we talk.” I said standing next to Jason, we are in the Tam’s hideout, celebrating the huge success of our mission, cause today my father rival was made vice president instead of him, and I’m so happy.


Jason stares at me for a while contemplating if he should talk to me, after about 20 seconds of thinking he nods at me and I lead him to the fountain of fall.


“So…” He drawls staring straight at the fountain, there is something about him today he looks so different. There’s this distance look in his eyes, like he would love to be anywhere else but here, with me. It’s this the reason why he chose to not impersonate Mr Wang’s son anymore.


“I want to talk to you concerning your outburst about my husband the other time.”


“It was nothing, I was angry, so I said stuff just to make your husband look bad,


besides it’s no secret that 90 percent of married women in the world are suffering in


their marriages. So yours was just a lucky guess.” He explains and walks out not


waiting for my reply. But why do I feel that whatever he just said is all a rehearsed


line, why do i feel that he’s hiding something from me, something I wouldn’t like if












Now I’m curious, I so badly want to know what Jason his hiding.





A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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