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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 31

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Chapter Thirty One



Theme: Dinner with Mr President (1)











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Date: 3rd, April, 2029.


Time: 3:30pm


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


I couldn’t stop thinking about Jason outburst the other day. Every single word still rings in my ear.



*Wow. You know I always admire you, I saw you as a smart woman, but I’m disappointed to see I was terribly wrong. So you really think your husband really care for you, that he is genuinely changed. Well your husband hasn’t changed one bit, his still the manipulative bastard he is. If I were you Mrs Williams I would watch my back*


And now have been thinking very much about what he said and have come to some conclusion.


I’ve never ever mentioned my husband to Jason before, but with his outburst yesterday it felt like he was really well acquainted to Henry.

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I have never mentioned the fact that my husband was a monster who suddenly developed feelings for me, but Jason seems to know that.


The words Jason used to describe Henry, conniving & manipulative is not the kind of words I’ll ever use in describing Henry, I could go with the word; heartless bastard, sadist and egonistic.


And now I just have only 3 questions on my mind.


Is Henry really manipulating me into falling in love with him?.


was the story henry told me about his self, you know the one that made me go all pity party on him, is it really true or just a lie?.


The date, the show of affection he had put on, was it all a lie??.


And there’s only one person in this room thas has answers to all my questions and is no other person but Jason.


“Cara! Cara! Cara!.” Ethan calls my name interrupting me from my train of thoughts.


“Yes.” I answered blinking my eyes.



“We were just going through the plan one more time and I wanted to know if you have anything to say.” Ethan explains.




“Okay, then we are good to go.” Ethan announced.


“Well I wish you all success.” My mother said and pecks me on the cheek and left. Today the Chinese Mr Wang would be having a meeting with Mr President and my honorable father, Frederick. And since Mr Wang and his son with of course his secretary is currently tied up in a little room right now, I and the rest would just have to help them by attending the meeting.


Steve would be impersonating Mr Wang. He has a wide knowledge of business than any of us. We had to stash some clothes in his stomach so he could have the round bulging stomach of Mr Wang.


Ethan is impersonating Mr Wang personal bodyguard, there’s a little different in his body structure, but if you haven’t met Mr Wang’s bodyguard there is no way you can tell it’s not him.


Evan would be impersonating Mr Wang’s son, thought it was supposed to be Jason playing that part but for some reason unknown to me he bailed out this morning.


And the last but not the least, which is me by the way, I’ll be playing the role of Mr Wang secretary and thanks to Evan warnings, I’m wearing a skin, but unfortunately I’m not a thin as Miss Li but since Mr President and my father hasn’t see Miss Li, so it will be impossible to notice.


While Jason would be our gateway driver and Cheryl is in the electronic department (she learnt a great deal of things from Evan)






We all walked into the VVIP lounge of celestial hotel made for only the men of power in the country and across, today Mr President has reserved the whole area for this meeting. Mr President stands up on seeing us, my father follows.


“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr Wang.” Mr President says strecthing forth his hands for an hand shake, which Steve gladly accept saying, “The pleasure it’s all mine Mr President.”


“Please meet my partner Mr Wilson running for vice president in the election.” President Williams introduce, and my father beaming with smiles comes forward and shakes Steve hand(Wang), My father takes longer than I expect looking at Steve very closely, well that wasn’t so much of a surprise, because my father already met with Mr Wang, but thank God for the small device Evan fixed on our throat, with the help of that little thing our voice can be disguise into the voice of the person we are impersonating.


After a while my father let go of Steve hands and step back.


“Well this is my son Wang Fang Mingyu.”


“Hen goaxing renshi ni.” Evan says shaking Mr Williams who looks at him in confusion, Evan not minding the confuse stare of Mr Williams still went on repeating the same exact words to my Father.


“What he wants to say that it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Steve explain while he discreetly shoots Evan a glare. I’ve made it clear to him that there was absolutely no need for him to speak Chinese, like common he’s meeting with an American president who knows how to perfectly speak English. But Evan being Evan feels he needs to speak a little Chinese to assure them that we are really Chinese. Internal eye roll.


“Ha ha , I see, well Hen gaoxon ren..shi to you too to.” Mr Williams says, laughing slightly.


“It’s pronounced as.. ouch.” Evan yells out a little as Steve pinched him a little to stop him from correcting Mr Williams.


“Is everything okay.” Mr Williams asks knitting his brows together.


“Yeah everything is okay.” Steve reassures.


“Okay I say we all go have lunch, I’ve ordered quite the delicacies Mr Wang.” Mr Williams says beaming with smiles as he leads us to the table. Once at the table everybody takes their sits except I and Ethan, Ethan is bodyguard so he can’t wine and dine with his boss, and as for me I can’t sit with them unless asked to by my boss, if I was a male employee I would have been allowed to sit and dine with them, but I’m not so I stand.


Mr Williams takes a wine glass and use a spoon to hit it slightly making a sound, soon enough waiter and waitresses comes in briskly pushing carts with different kinds of delicacies on it. Now I wish I didn’t tell Steve not ask me sit with them. Ouch.


A very nice sliced perking roasted duck with sugar and garlic sauce, spring onions and sweet bean sauce is placed on the table, braised pork balls follows, Kung Pao chicken, ma po tufo, hotpot, shchuan pork, chow mein, shrimp with vermicelli and garlic was all placed down by the waiters in a blink of an eye and should I say they all so eatable. I’ve got to say Mr Williams really went out of his comfort zone to order only chinese food, he must really want this deal to go through.


Once the food has been eating, and plates of leftovers was cleared away which I’m still grieving over by the way, dessert got rolled in. Now for desserts, moon cake, red bean bun, egg tarts, pumpkin pancake, and last but not the least almond jelly.


At this moment I can say my taste buds are really begging for even a tiny taste of those sweet deliciousness.


Another minutes of suffering and Evan didn’t help my case at all cause he just kept on moaning at every single spoon he takes, sending me his signature grin knowing how well I want to throw all composure into the winds and munch down on every single dessert placed on this table. I take in sharp intake of breath and glare at Evan. Idiot.


“Well now that we are done eating I hoped we could talk business over this nice bottle of changyu dry red wine.” Mr Williams says gracefully.



“I don’t see why not.” Steve(Wang) replies.


And as if on cue a waiter wheels in a cart with changyu dry red wine on it. Great now they are drinking wine and my poor soul would watch them feel the silky mesmerizing, lovely taste of the wine. The waiter uncorks the wine pours the fine liquid into four glasses and takes his leave.


“Miss Li.” Steve says and I take out my laptop out of my bag and place it right in front of Mr Williams and my father.


While searching for the file needed, I noticed my father giving my hand a weird look. “I never knew you were married Miss Li.” He says still looking at the ring on my finger. Oh shit I forgot to pull off my wedding ring,I hope he can’t tell it’s the same as his daughter which is literally still me, I hope this won’t blow my cover, cause if he does then not only me but entirely everybody is screwed. *




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