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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 3

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Chapter Three

Theme: Married

Date: 24, January, 2029.

Time: 10:00am.

Location: Outside the Magistrate office.

Cara’s Pov:

Weddings weddings, I hate weddings, I hate seeing the fear in the bride’s eyes, the tears on the bride’s mother face, I hate to witness the farewell. But sadly this time I’m the bride, though there’s no fear in my eyes but determination, but my mum had tears in her eyes, and now is time for my farewell.

“Hey sis, just know I would always be here for you, if you ever need me. Ohh and make sure you don’t run off without informing me.” Ethan whispered to my hearing. I smiled. “yes I will.”I replied gazing into his eyes, looking at him always gives me courage, my brother has always been there for me, he always hates the way women were been treated. I pull him closer to me and hugged him for comfort.

“Ohh please, Ethan leave the farewell to the women, stop disgracing father and I,” Evan twin brother to Ethan mocked.

I looked at him and then at Ethan and wondered how two people that looks so alike, could be the opposite of each other. Evan is just like my dad, despising women, thereby earning himself as father’s favourites. We used to be so closed to each other when we were still kids, but I guess Evan did not only grew up but also changed.

I separated myself from Ethan, and hugged my mum. “Be good.” She said into my ear, caressing my back.

“Please don’t go Cara, I would be so lonely.” Stephanie cries holding unto my leg. I bent low to her height and hug her, my hearth breaks to see her in tears. “Stephanie, look at me, I will make sure, I come see you whenever I can, okay, and

if the big bad wolf ever gets angry, make sure you lock your door, okay.” I whispered loud enough only to her hearing. “And if it’s gets to serious, go to Ethan okay,” .”okay sis,”

“Promise me, you will do what i just told you,”

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“I promise sis.”

“Good.” I kissed the top of her forehead and stands up.

My dad walks over to me next, I thought he would hug me, but he loves to disappoint me. “You better be good Cara.” He threatens. I don’t know why i expected a hug, I hate him remember. I guess there’s still this little part of me that still wish for a caring father.

I slide into the sleek black audi r8 convertible waving at my family through the open car window. “That’s enough,” Henry barks and I cursed him internally. “I’m sorry my lord.” I apologized meekly, my caring father already taught me on how to address Henry.

The car came to an halt outside a huge black gate, the gate mechanically opened and the car drove in, revealing a very big grey mansion. Henry came down. I did not, father also told me not to move unless I’m asked to.

“Come down,” Henry ordered, I did immediately, since he is looking for an obedient slave, I will just have to show him how good I am at acting.

I got into the house, it felt cold, colder than my father’s house, this house is not just void of comfort, but any other emotion, it’s just blank. He noticed my stare and mistook it for admire.

“I knew you would like it.” He said proudly. I would love to really bring him down from his high chair, but I refrained myself.

“Yes my lord it’s so magnificent,” I said with much enthusiasm.

He grinned obviously pleased with my praise.

Henry led me through a spiral of stair case, I felt so exhausted when we got to the top.

“This is the Masters bedroom,” He said leading me into a room that’s ten times bigger than my own room back at my father’s mansion.

“There’s a walk in closet at your left and don’t bother about clothes, I already brought you new ones, they are also expensive, wife,”

“I’m sorry my lord, but I brought some clothes from home, what am i to do with them.” I asked confused. I never did really ask you to buy me clothes, what a complete show off.

“I asked the maid to get rid of them, they are not fit for my wife, and besides you should be grateful, is that not what you female species love, new clothes, shoes bags, fancy stuff, money,” he says proudly. Sadly enough he is right. But am not one of those females.

“My lord I’m so sorry if I sounded so ungrateful, I’m really thankful for the new sets of clothes,” I gushed smiling so brightly, my lips could get torn.
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“That’s good to hear.” He says walking over to me, taking slow steps like a predator, obviously I’m the prey.

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For now I’ll be the one that got caught, but in a matter of time the roles would be changed.

18 plus read at your own risks


I did not move. I stood there, watching.

“did I tell you, how stunning you looked today.”

“No my Lord.”

“Well you look gorgeously stunning.”

“thank you my lord.”

I felt his lip on my neck. his hot breath fanned my neck. “so beautiful.” he moaned lustfuly.

He trails his hands down my body curves. every touch, burnt me with sheer disgust.

He turns me around, claiming my lip. I feel nauseasous.

you know it’s weird how every girl wished their first kiss would be with their one true love, some charming prince that sweeps you off your feet. I also wished the same. Wished I would find my one true love in this world of heartless men.

But I guess in this case, am being kissed by a president son, his suppose to be my one true love. Sadly his my one true hate, if there’s anything like that.

I kissed him back, trying to shove my disgust down the drain. I act like I’m truly

involve in the damn kissing game.

“Hmm.” I faked a moan.

He used his hands and tears my million dollar gown to pieces. So sad.

I land on the soft matress, after Henry pushed me. He looked down on me, pulling his suit trouser, undid all the buttons on his white sleeve shirt, then pulled his brief’s. His manhood stand, the veins bulging out.

I was a little bit shy, since it’s my first time seeing a guy na.ked.

The next thing he did, knocked the air out of me. He jumps on me like a possessed beast, tearing of my lingerie. He growled, digging his fingers into my breast. I screamed not in pleasure but sheer pain. I watched the affected area swell, with little bit of blood showing. He use his toungue to lick my blood, moaning in pleasure. Then and there I realise this is not a man but a beast.

I gasp in pain, when I felt his manhood thrust into me. he forced me to take in all his length at once, to accommodate him in my virgin pussy. Which is now disvirgin.

He thrust into me in quick space. Not stopping, burying his fingers into my body. I screamed in pain. I realize the more I scream, the more he grunts in pleasure. My screens were music to his ears. He basked in it, every bit of it.

This man riding me is a saddist. He enjoys other people in pains. I thought my dad is a maniac, this man proves me wrong. Henry is the real manaic.

With a final loud growl from Henry, he pours his seed all over my body, making sure his sperm hit every part of my body, my face, my stomach, my legs.

He looks at me, admiring his work of art in my body, then slumped next to me, snoring loudly.

I let there on the bed, tears seeping out of my eyes. My whole body is on fire. If anyone ask me what pain is, I will tell them this is pain. Fucked by your husband is pain.

I cried for the days ahead.

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I winced at the thought of me going through this every night, for how many days, or months, maybe years. Sigh.

I guess I have to ensure few months of slavery, maybe a year. But I won’t stop, I will not stop until every woman in this world is free, free from those bastard call men.

And there goes the third chapter, I hope you all love it. Don’t forget to comments your thought on the story.

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