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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 28

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Chapter Twenty Eight



Theme: Phase Two











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Date: 02, April, 2029.


Time: 5:35am


Location: Celestial Hotel.


Author’s Pov:


In room 203, two men could be seen hanging around restlessly waiting for someone. A movie played on the flat screen television, but no one paid attention to it.


Soon a knock was heard on the door and Ethan stands up immediately to open the door.


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“Who is that.” He asked carefully, his hand resting on the door knob.


“Room service sir.” The person behind the door answered his voice a little bit high. Ethan opened the door immediately knowing he didn’t order for room service and knowing the person behind the door.


Jason walks inside pushing a cart which unexpectedly has weapons in it. “Why are you not wearing your face.” Jason asked eyeing Evan wearily.


“I hate it.” Evan answers shrugging.


“Evan anything can happen right now, I don’t think you would have the luxury of time to put on the face.” Jason lectures.


“Fine I’ll wear it, you and Ethan can relax.” Evan grumbles and put on the face.


“Okay guys, let’s get to work (Jason says and gestured for Ethan and Evan to sit) I’ve been able to lay my hands on the hotel blue print, and from what I gathered Mr young and his son is located at room 25 royal suite. He has two guards positioned at the front of his hotel room, his personal bodyguard Zang Kang Junjie is with him in the room.” Jason explains and unfolds the hotel blue print on the table.


“Wait where is Li xu Ying. Mr Wang secretary, you did not mention her.” Ethan questioned.


“Well she’s at room 201, presidential suite, I believe it’s just a room away from us, and that’s where you come in Evan. You’ll be taking care of miss Li.” Evan grins widely on hearing that.


“Calm your horses man, I’m not asking you to have sex with her. Get the lady and meet with us at the parking lot.” Jason instructs.


“Yeah, I heard you now get off my back.”


“Ethan let’s get moving.” Jason says and placed his guns in the hotel cart and leads Ethan out of the hotel room. They took the the elevator to the top floor, where Mr Yang is located.



Jason asked Ethan to wait behind until he hears the signal, then he push the cart to room 25 and just as expected 2 guards were outside the hotel room guarding Mr Yang.


“Room service.” Jason says to the tall huge guard holding a QBZ-95-1 Assualt Riffle (Black).



“Changpu call the boss, ask him if he ordered for room service.” The bodyguard with the Riffle instructs.


“Common that would only be a waste of my time and your boss, would I be here if he didn’t really order for room service.” Jason questions smugly. Changpu looks at his instructor for signal to call the boss, none came.


“You can go in.” The guard with the Riffle says and steps aside.


Once the guard has slide in the card for Jason to go in, and Jason was sure the door has been opened, Jason pushed his troll so hard it hit the guard on the knee, before changpu could reach out for his Glock 22 G44, Jason a round high kick on neck that knocked him out.



The guard hit with the cart, stands up grunting, he tries to pick up his Riffle that fell off his hand, but Jason did not give him that much time to before ending his life.


Jason whistle with his mouth, giving Ethan the signal to show up.


Ethan walks over to Jason and together they quickly pull the two hefty dead body into Mr Yang hotel room.


“Who are you guys and what are you doing in my hotel room.” Mr Yang asked shocked seeing the unwanted guest in his room.



“Wait a minute, are those my body guards.” Mr Yang asked.


“I would answer your question in a minute.” Jason says smiling and walks out of the hotel room to clean up the blood splattered on the floor and the door.


“I’m back, and for your first question, I cant really answer that, I can’t tell you who we are, but I can tell you why we are here, which is to kidnap you. And yes those are your bodyguard, just in case for future occurrences, I would advice you to higher competent men.” Jason answers smiling lovely like he just said the most normal thing in the world.


“Zang get them, while I call the hotel management.” Mr Yang a large bulky men, with a round sagging stomach, wearing a white Chinese shirt and black trouser, instructs.


“If I were you I wouldn’t do that, you see every call that you make would be diverted to my phone, and you’re not listening to what i’m saying, yep you’re definitely not listening and that’s why I’m having a call right now from you.” Jason says coolly showing mr Yang his phone screen.


“Take them out Zang.” My Yang instructs.


“If I were you I wouldn’t do that.” Ethan steps into the room with Mr Yang son on his arm, a gun pointed to his head. Mr Yang face pales at seeing his son on the arms of his unknown enemy.


“Father please don’t let me die.” Mingyu cries out been the daddy boy he has always been. Mr Yang heart cries out to his son due to the fact he cares too much for his only son.


“What do you want.” Mr Yang asks.


“Good question, order your body guard down, then we’ll talk.” Jason answers his hand in his pocket.



Mr Yang quickly orders his guard to step down, then Jason ties him up and lock him up in the bathroom.


“Now you’re going to come with us and be good, cause you see there’s a bomb on your son and the minute you make one wrong move, your son here will pay the price, do you understand what I just said Mr Yang.” Mr Yang quickly nods, in an attempt to answer Jason question.




Phase 2 completed.

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