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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 27

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Chapter Twenty Seven
Theme: Date Night
Date: 01, April, 2029.
Time: 7:25pm.
Location: Cinema.
Cara’s Pov:
One more minute in this goddam cinema and I’ll run mad, of all the movies Henry brought me to watch, it has to be A man of power. The movie is the most boriest movie have ever watched, is all about an egonistic bastard who fights crime with the help of no one. The movie has no plot, no twist, the movie is centered only on the man, and he can never make a mistake. Boring. Life is all about twist and turns.
“What do you think of the movie so far.” Henry asks me.
Swallowing the urge to hurl insult at him, I said “The movie it’s nice, really interesting.” I answered with a dishonest smile.
“I knew you would love it.” He smiles at me happily. Are you for real, which insane person would want to watch this rubbish thing called movie.
Erm everybody who’s in the cinema right now. My inner self replies.
Well that means there all insane. I replied back and shut her out.
“I’ll go get us more popcorn.” Henry informs me and left.
Author’s Pov:
“Why the hell are you calling Henry, you’re supposed to be enjoying your date.” Francis complains into his phone, getting down from paradise.
“Why does you your voice sounds like you were having sex.” Henry asked.
“Good you get it, now leave me the fu.ck alone.” Francis yells slightly.
“Shut the fu.ck up, I need your help.”
“Fine, with what.” Francis says grumbling a little.
“Cara doesn’t seem to like the movie you recommended.” Henry sighs a little even though Cara had said she love it, he could see through that dishonest smile of hers.
“What do you mean all girls loves a good romantic comedy movie.”
“Guy there’s nothing romantic or laughable about that movie.”
“I don’t understand a man and a woman it’s the best trendy romantic comedy now, nobody ever watch that movie and says something bad about it.”
“Did you say a man and a woman.” Henry questions confused.
“Shit, I thought you said a man of power.”
“Dude!! That movie it’s like the most boriest movie ever filmed, such movie are for people like your father and it’s mostly watched by men. If you were not so sure about what I said you should have just asked, now we have to change the situation.”
“And what do I do to change the situation.”.
“Simple take her for dinner in a romantic restaurant that’s not to expensive or five star rated. Ahh right there Tessa, oh godddddd.” Francis moan into the phone.
“Are you fu.cking moaning right now.”
“Guy I was getting it before you called, so what did you expect. Now back to saving your date, there’s popular restaurant among the less richer people, it’s called emino dinner, take her there.” Francis not waiting for his friend reply end the call and went back to business.
Henry sighs and walks back into the cinema.
Cara’s Pov:
Henry came back but he didn’t have any popcorn in his hand, which got me surprise.
“Where is the pop corn.” I asked.
“I didn’t buy it.” He answers.
“Why??” I asked confused.
“Because I know you don’t like the movie.”
“But I never said so.”
“I can tell by your expression even though you tried to hide it. Come I’ll take you somewhere else, and you’ll love it I promise.”
“Okay, if you say so.” I gave in and allowed him to lead me out of the cinema.
“Henry, where are you taking me to.” I asked impatient, henry has been driving for a while now and I’m really curious.
“Be patient love.” Henry state calmly, I slump back into the car sit defeated.
“And here we are.” Henry announced. Finally, he got down from the car, and did a u-turn to my car door and opened it for me, like a real gentle man. If anyone had told me I would ever refer to Henry as gentle, I’ll not believe it.
“You brought me to emino dinner.” I uttered surprised.
“You don’t like it.” Henry asked scratching the back of his head nervously.
“I love it.” I yelled excitedly. Whenever dad it’s not so grumpy he let’s mum take us here (he never wanted to spend his money on an expensive restaurant. Well the jokes on him, cause we all grew to love this place).
Emino dinner it’s a rooftop garden restaurant, mostly for lovers, it’s a romantic gate way.

“I’m glad you love it. Shall we.” Henry puts out his hand for me to take it and I did, smiling brightly. “Yes we shall.”
Henry and I walked into the elevator holding hands, with a big smile on our faces. Henry press the button(3) and the elevator carries us to the top floor, emino dinner is a two storey building, the last floor is a hotel, second floor is the kitchen and the management office, there’s also a small boutique there. The top floor is where the rooftop restaurant is located.
“Here tell me what you want and I’ll go buy it.” I said to Henry once I noticed he wasn’t making any move to get us something to eat.
“Why would you do that.” He asked looking confused.
“Henry look around do you see any waiter or waitresses taking order. Honey your in a not so fancy restaurant, so you have to get your food yourself.” I explained smiling at his foolishness, how could he not have done his research fully before bringing me here.
“Ohh.” A look of recognition came across his face. “Okay then I’ll go get our food, tell me what do you want to eat.”
“Are you sure about that, why don’t you let me get the food.” I suggested, Henry do not fit in such a place, I can tell his uneasy even though his trying to hide it behind that cool demeanour of his.
“No I’ll do it. So can I have this beautiful lady order please.” Henry says with a charming smile.
“Fine I’ll have clam chowder .”
“I’ll let you surprise me.” I answered with a grin.
“Hmm okay.”
A little while later, Henry comes back placing a tray with two bowls of clam chowder in it, and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. For desert he brought Baklava.”
“Wow I should let you order for me whenever we go out to eat.” I said happily.
“Glad you like it.” He said letting out a nervous breath.
And that’s how my date with Henry went from boring to exciting. Thankfully Henry never let the conversation get bored, whenever u ran out of topic he would always come up with a topic that would interest me.
After dinner, Henry and I went for a walk at the park, he brought me ice cream and gave me a rose flower. The night breeze blows sweetly on my face, why do I suddenly feel so giddy??, why those the night feel so romantic??, and lastly why did my heart skipped a beat whenever I look at my husband face glowing in the moonlight.
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I know the answer to those questions, my feelings for my husband is expanding, maybe if he had remained the monstorious beast he was then I wouldn’t be inhabiting this feelings for him, then my heart wouldn’t be so torn between two men.

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