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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 23

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Chapter Twenty Three



Theme: Plan











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Date: 27th, March, 2029.


Time: 4:00pm


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:



“Has everyone gone through the memo for today.” I question, staring at each one of their faces. After the rescue of Tamron, the whole show down has become an international news.


Mr Rutherford has promised the public to do everything within his power to catch us and lock us up in prison. I’m currently laughing him in English.


“Yeah but I don’t understand what’s in it.” Steven state.


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“Steve come on the next step in the plan is to ruin all chances for my father to win the election and what better way to do it than getting my father on the bad side of Mr Williams.”


“Cara I don’t think impersonating other people it’s a good idea.” Ahh damn Steve and his whole lawyer etiquette.


“Steve the plan is not bad, it’s a really good plan.” Evan chirps in.


“I’m not talking about the plan, I’m talking about us breaking the law, ‘again’.” Steven laid more emphasis on the again.


“Steve if we want to win this game against men then we are gonna have to break a lot of rule.” Tamron butts in.


“There has to be other way. I might have joined you guys in your little jail break but I will not support this plan of yours.” Steve yells angrily. Now that’s it.


“That’s it, I’ve had enough of your good lawyer etiquette, oh you think there are other ways right, okay why don’t you walk up to president Williams and ask him to free the women, and I’m pretty sure he will gladly except. See Steven if you don’t want get your hands a little dirty for a good cause then leave!!!!” I place my hands on my chest trying to calm myself down.


“Cara It’s okay, Steve why don’t we head out for a little fresh air.” Evan takes a sorry Steve out of the sitting room. Ugh.


“Sis, are you okay.” Ethan asks concerned.


“Yeah I’m good.” I sigh.


“Okay, I guess I’ll be leaving now, do you want me to drop you off.”


“No, I have some stuff to sort out with Jason.”


“Okay then bye sis.” Ethan pecks me on my cheek and walks out. My mum couldn’t be present at the meeting today, and Cheryl had to take care of little Sam (baby).


“Do you guys want anything as you work on your master plan.” Tamron asks warmly.


“I’ll have a cup of coffee, thanks Tam.”


“I still don’t like the nick name, sugar or milk.” I roll my eyes at her first statement.


“Both. Thanks Tam.” She shakes her head and directs her attention on Jason.


“I’m good, thanks.” Jason says casually. His eyes bores deep into Tamron’s for a while, what’s going on between the both of them.


“Okay.” Tamron gives Jason one last look and leaves.


“Is there something I should I know.” I ask.


“No, let’s go.” Jason answers leading the, something is wrong, I can feel it. I followed Jason into Tamron secret room, only I and Jason is allowed in here and actually knows about the room, according to Tamron the room won’t be a secret anymore if everyone finds about it.


The room is pretty small, a desk and a chair in the corner of the room, a big white marker board with pictures of influential men pinned on it. A very big portrait of Tamron’s mother covers half the wall on my right.



“She must really adore her mother.” Jason comments. Yeah his right her mum’s portrait is practically every corner I turn.


“Well if you’re don’t studying the picture then can we get to work.” I ask solemnly.


“Yeah, of course.” He walks over to the front of white marker board where I’m standing.


“Here’s your coffee Cara.” Tamron announce strolling into the room with a tray on her hand. She sets my coffee down on the desk.


“I’ll leave your guys to do your thing, call me if you need anything.” Tamron says and leaves.


I take my coffee and sip from it, I’ve got to say this Tamron knows how to make a good coffee.


“So the man with the bad haircut is chairman Yang Wei Chao. Chairman of Wang iron steel but his company is just a front, he runs an illegal casino below his company. The man standing at the left side of chairman Wang, is his son, Yang Fang Mingyu, also president of Wang iron steel. If there’s anybody Mr Wang loves more than his stomach is his own dear son. The lady standing next to Mr Wang on his right side is Li Xiu Ying, personal assistant to Mr Yang, she’s more like is his mistress, (not like his wife doesn’t know, but what can the poor woman do, we women can not cheat but the men could have as much women they won’t, they could even bring them to your matrimonial bed. Thank God Henry doesn’t bring back Jane home. Wait why do I care, whatever). The man with the broad shoulders, standing at the back of Mr Wang, is Zang Kang Junjie, Mr Yang’s bodyguard. Jason are you listening to what I’m saying.” I ask abruptly, noticing Jason hasn’t said a word and that’s unlike him. I turn around, only to meet his brown eyes with a touch of gold gazing at me. Seriously.


“Jason.” My voice comes out gruff damn my body, acting all giddy up.


“Yes Cara.” He smirks, knowing fully well the effect he has on me.


“You have to listen.” I mutter, glaring holes into his head.



“How can i, when I have such a distraction in front of me, common I’m a man Cara, not a log of wood.” He whines coming closer to me. What is he doing.


“Jason I’m married and I will not cheat on Henry.” I said firmly, looking at Jason squarely.


“Are you sure about that.” Jason says, his eyes glint in mischief. Now I would do anything to know what’s going on this man’s mind.


Well I didn’t need to do anything before knowing what was in his mind, because the idiot kissed me and the worst part of this whole story is that I kissed the bloody idiot back. Fuck.


Gaining my sense back, I try my best to get out of his hold but he only ends up tightening his grip. I squirm in his arms trying to get myself out.


“You’re only making me want you more, Cara.” He groans biting my lower lip. He push his body on me, and his hard on pokes at the entrance of my va.gina, thank God for the skirt in between, though I somehow wished my skirt wasn’t blocking the way.


“You feel that, that’s what your body does to me, babe.” He whispers hotly into my ears, goddddd.


And one by one my walls breaks down leaving me defenseless,and I saw myself kissing Jason, my tongue lash out in his mouth tasting every corner. I want him, all of him.


“Jason……..” His hands travels underneath my skirt, he use his finger to brush


against my clits, causing a friction with my panties. Ohhhhh, I feel hot all over my body. Jason what are you doing to me.


Jason got rid of my skirt and shirt leaving me in my bra and panties and to return the favor, I pull off his shirt, then Jason carries me up and place me on top of the desk, he smirks at me, before lowering his head downwards. His cold tongue lash out on my clitoris, causing me to shiver. His tongue did wonders to me, my body



bucks wildly, shaken to it’s very core. Jason use his hands to hold me firmly in place, till he laps every single juice seeping out of me.


Oh God what have I done, my sense returns to me, my eyes goes big, how could I have let my guard down.


“Oh come on don’t tell me you’re regretting it already. We haven’t even got to the good part yet.” Jason says keenly. I stand up from the desk quickly not meeting his eyes, with a walk of shame I put on my shirt and skirt, Jason watch me silently.


I stride over to the door, my hand reached out for the knob, turning it, I open the door, then pause.


“This never happened Jason, stay away from me and keep your hands to yourself.” I say my voice firm.


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“Fine if that’s what you want.” He answers back calmly. Why did I want him to rush over to me and kiss me senseless, stopping me from leaving.


“That’s what i want.” I reply and left the room with a question lingering at the back of my head, is that what I really want??

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