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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 22

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Chapter Twenty Two
Theme: Hideout
Date: 24th, March 2029.
Time: 6:00pm.
Location: uncertain.
Cara’s Pov:
“Evan move this van faster.” I yelled panicked, the police is gaining up on us, like real fast.
“I’m driving as fast as I can.” Evan yells back at me.
“Well is not enough, Evan we need to lose them before the helicopter gets here.” If the helicopter gets here, we are all gonna be roasted alive.
“Evan let’s switch places.” Tamron says standing up from her sits. Evan looks at me and I nod. Evan quickly exchange places with Tamron.
“Now let me show how it’s done.” Tamron steps on the peddle, sending the car into a very high acceleration.
“Cara I think we are gonna die.” Cheryl held my hand squeezing it really tight.
“Calm down baby girl, nobody is dieing today. Wait why I’m I the one calming you down, Steve!!!! Get your ass here and calm your wife down.” Steve glares at me and comes to the back of the car where I and Cheryl is sitted.
“Baby shhhh, I’m here now. hey it’s okay, it’s okay.” Cheryl holds unto Steve really tight, while Steve rubs her back calming her down.
“Fuck you.” Steve mouthed, and I smirk back at him, what, he is the husband so he should do the whole calming stuff.
“Tamron, why are you going off the road.” I ask once I noticed the van taking an unfamiliar road.
“One of my many hideout is located here, it will be a perfect place to hide from the police.” Tamron explains going deep down into a bushy path.
“We all have to get down, from here and we go by foot, but first we have to hide the car.”
“You know if we go on foot, we are only making it possible for the police to catch us.” Evan state.
“I know we have only know each other about two to three hours ago, but you have to trust me.” Evan still looks uneasy despite Tamron speech.
“Evan have you forgotten the reason we got her out of prison, and just like we all expected she’s playing her part, common we don’t have enough time.
“I guess you’re right.” Evan gave a weak smile.
“Okay let’s do this.” We all got down from the car and picked pieces of three branches and covered the car, soon enough we had the car well hidden away from eyes.
“Okay follow me.” Tamron says ands leads us through a very thick bush.
“Stop, if I remember very correctly this is the place.” Tamron says scanning the area, but all I can see is bush and more bush. Then she start to stomp her legs on the floor, thud, thud, thud, then the sound change, it sounds more like her feet hit something metalic.
“Found it.” She grins happily, bends down and use her hands to uproot the grasses growing on it. An underground hide out, smart.
“A secret hideout, amazing. I could just scream already.” I placed my hands quickly on Cheryl mouth in time to stop her from alerting the police.
“I really don’t think screaming out is a good idea, how about you silent scream.” I suggest, knowing Cheryl very well, I know she would be restless untill she got out the excitement in her.
“That’s a good idea.” She says, opening her mouth and scream silently.
“Are you guys coming or what.” Tamron head pokes out of the ground.
“Well let’s go.” Cheryl got in first, then I followed, once my whole body is in, Tamron instruct me to lock the latch with the padlock on it. After getting that done I climb down with the help of the ladder.
My feet touched the floor and I look around my surroundings, nothing except a faint light coming from the door on my left, I walk towards the direction of the left, once there I open the door and got in.
“How great of you to join us, Cara, welcome to my mini home or should I say my hide out.” Tamron says grinning, stepping out the way for me to get in.
“Wow, you really have a lovely place here.” I say in all honesty, looking at the cozy sitting room, the furnitures are the kinds have never seen before. A portrait of a beautiful woman that’s looks just like Tamron hangs losely above what is called a fireplace (nobody builds a fire place anymore, or so I thought) made with of bricks and stone. “That’s my mum.” Tamron says standing next to me, there’s is hint of sadness in her voice.
“I know. You look just like her.”
Next to the fireplace is a rocking chair. A white vase containing beautiful multicolored gerbera daisies is placed on top of the center table made of fine wood. Two beautiful couch made of animal skin is position at the both sides of the center table.
The floor is made of strong brown woods, all in all it’s a lovely hideout.
“Glad you like it, and do you want to know what’s more beautiful and calm.” Tamron asks, grinning from ear to ear.
“What could be more beautiful and calm than this.” Cheryl question admiring the multicolored gerbera daisies.
“Come with me if you want to know.” Tamron grins the more, walking away, and we all followed.
“Wow, this is beautiful.” Cheryl cooes. And she’s right, to my own surprise Tamron underground hideout leads to an amazing blue waterfall. I can literally hear birds singing in my head.
“I know right, I call it my little heaven.” Tamron says her deep black eyes reflect her happiness.
“It’s really beautiful.” I say in admiration.
“Yes it is.” Jason says. But I had this feeling he’s not talking about Tamron little heaven.
Date: 25th, March, 2029.
Time: 8:00am
Location: Henry’s Mansion.
Cara’s Pov:
“Hi darling.” I place a chaste kiss on Henry lips, smiling at him. Ever since Henry confession we have grown pretty close.
“Hey love, you are just in time for breakfast. And you will just fall in love with the taste of Italian Brunch Torte.” Henry takes my hand and leads me to the dinning room.
“That’s it, you’re not going to ask me were I spent the night??. Why I didn’t come back home last night??” I look at Henry shocked to the bones.
“Why should I, I trust you honey and beside i told you already that I want be a change man for you, I don’t want to be possessive of you, you’re my wife not my property. This whole rule of placing the women folks under the complete mercy of men is wrong, so come to the dinning table and eat some Italian Brunch Torte and when you’re ready to talk then we will talk. Okay.” I nod my head, dazed by Henry action.
My heart pounds heavily, I’m afraid that with each passing day my feelings for Henry keeps on growing, now I only have one question for myself, is this a good thing??

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